Manga Monday: Girl Friends

It’s been a lonnnggggg time. Manga Mondays are back (sporadically).

I was having a small chat on twitter the other day about yuri manga. I used to read a bit of it (not like……a ton, but a fair amount). Recently, I started reading it again, but realized that one of the more popular yuri manga, Girl Friends, had remained completely unread by yours truly.

Thus, I began reading it, and now I’m going to talk about how awesome it is.


Some yuri is good. A lot of it is kinda stupid and shoujo-ish. I’m not a fan of shoujo-ish anything (though there are a few exceptions……probably).

I feel like a lot of lesbian manga are one-shots. They’re okay, but not really all that interesting most of the time. The main reason is because they lack character progression.

I like character progression. That’s because I like characters. Characters are what make a story interesting. Likewise, Girl Friends had some of the best character and story progression I’ve ever seen in any type of manga/anime/story/dream. Here’s a premise that I copied and pasted from manga fox (where I read this awesome lesbian shit):

At first glance, Mari Kumakura is a rather plain, ordinary looking girl who’s grades are at the top of her class. She has very few friends, is normally rather shy, and eats lunch by herself. One day, she is approached by the super cute, super popular Akko Oohashi, who claims she wants to be friends. Mari is at first very suspicious of her true intentions, but eventually comes to realize she’s not a bad person. After a hair cut and some fashion tips, Akko quickly transforms Mari into one of the cutest girls in the school. In no time, Mari and Akko are best friends, but unbeknownst to Akko, Mari starts to develop feelings that are more than just "friends."

Looks pretty dumb and generic right? WRONG.

Girl Friends gets nuts and awesome in a way that I can’t explain, lest I ruin every single BAM moment involved, and believe me, THERE ARE A LOT OF THEM.


That picture serves no real purpose. I just thought it was a funny scene for some reason. I’m going to leave you with this though:

Mari is fucking awesome. Akko is the best character ever. I like Mari because she’s level headed, but she does gradually separate from her incredibly shy personality to a level headed, slghtly sarcastic, still slightly shy personality that is……really fun to watch when she’s contrasted to Akko, who is kind of nuts sometimes, and has the ability to get flustered at times and jump to random conclusions.

The pair of them is just perfect to watch.


FINAL GRADE = 5^^^^^^^^^^^^^

(See what I did with the ^s? It’s like in A Christmas Story when the teacher gives Ralphe an A+++++++++++ in his dream. This manga is that good.)

hmakimaki_girl_friends_vol5omake.gfom5_001 (1)

I want to see an ANIMEEEEEEE!!!!