“Fest it up” Can Suck My D-

I know, it sounds stupid

Fest it Up (phrase)

  1. To work really hard at something
  2. To do your best
  3. A phrase used to make yourself sound like a FUCKING MORON.

Hanasaku Iroha is a great show. It’s got tons of BAM moments, good characters, a very solid, continuous yet not continuous plot, and absolutely fantastic art/animation. But unfortunately for Hanasaku Iroha, it also makes use of the self invented shit phrase: Fest it Up.

Now, I’m not sure if that’s the literal translation for whatever was said in the Japanese version, but the term “fest it up” pisses me off every time I’ hear it. On a side note, I wrote about 6 posts today alone, ever since I started drinking by myself, which is sometimes necessary for artists to get some inspiration (I’m going to throw clay right after this). I mean, for example (still talking about anime drunk….actually…..holy shit what a good idea for a post! [note: I put out that post a lonnnnng time ago….in fact, you can see how long it was since I started this post]).

Ignoring some of that previous paragraph, let me first talk about “fest it up”……oh wait, I already started that……holy shit I’m confused……let me start over.

Fest it up is just……lame. Really lame. I mean, hearing someone use it makes me immediately smack my forehead with a facepalm so hard, that for days I look like some native who painted their hand red and placed it on my face as war paint. Take into consideration how dumb it sounds in certain situations.

“President Obama, the economic situation hasn’t improved much in the past years. Jobs are thinning and businesses are failing. Not only that, but it looks like the US Dollar is going to be replaced as the world’s financial backing, which will cause the worst depression in US history (fact). What do you and your administration plan on doing to fix this?”

“Good question and I’m glad to address it. Basically, we’re going to FEST IT UP *wink* *peace sign*”

On second thought, that’s fucking hilarious. I wish that would actually happen. If I were President, I’d totally do that. Of course, the entire population would immediately throw their hands to their foreheads, and then call for impeachment, but it’d be worth it….yeah, don’t vote for me for President (In all honesty I cold turn this country around in a day). And another thing, fuck bailouts. Fucking stupid.

No one wants to fest it up

The bottomline is this: Fest it up is a stupid fucking saying. It’s like……when someone said Epic Fail. Everybody knows that if you use the term, “Epic Fail,” then you are a piece of shit. In fact, any of the following phrases piss me off:

  1. Win (ex: That’s so win.)
  2. Epic Win (ex: Well, you kinda just say it by itself.)
  3. Epic Fail (ex: OHHH EPIC FAIL!)
  4. Epic anything.
  5. Fail (ex: FAIL!)
  6. Fest it Up (ex: Let’s do our best to fest it up!)
  7. Calling anything that isn’t really epic epic.

Pretty much all of those types of things. Whenever I hear someone say any of the above terms, I just assume that they have a really low intelligence. I mean seriously, it’s not funny, it just sounds fucking stupid and makes me want to punch you in the throat as hard as I possibly can. Like, one clean shot. Right to the throat. Enough of this, here’s my actual review on Hana

My Actual Review On Hanasaku Iroha


Without question, the Heron is the best character in the show. I mean, he’s like the boss of the entire thing. A narrator who doesn’t speak. A God who watches over all and know all. I’ve liked the Heron since the episode with Heron in it……what was it called……Heron Rhapsody or something. The best thing about the Heron is that he demands respect, and he gets it as deserved.


The best human character, of course, is Minko, because fuck. I love tsunderes, and she’s a realistic one. Also, she created “Balut,” which is the coolest fucking word ever. I actually called someone a balut the other day without thinking. I was immediately embarrassed, but I don’t think anyone even heard me. As I say, I like to keep all anime related anythings secret from everyone. Can we get a picture of Minko?


WHAT DO YOU MEAN I DIDN’T TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF HER!? I GOT THE HERON FUCKING 3 TIMES! Shit. Looks like I’ll have to steal someone else’s screenshot then:


If you can successfully guess what site I stole this screenshot from, then I’ll……idk………let you write a guest post or interview me or something.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t want to do any of those things either. Moving on.

Hanasaku Iroha was fantastic in a lot of ways:

  • The animation was flawless and breathtaking. Budget must have been fucking huge.
  • The characters were dynamic. Though it’s a drama, so that’s kind of expected. Each one had their own story though, and I loved that. Very interesting characters.
  • The story was kind of simple. In other words, PERFECT.
  • I already talked about the Heron.
  • Ohana’s mom was a fucking MILF and a half.
  • It was a very easy series to watch. Episodes flew by in seconds. That’s when you really know a show is good.

Now, some spoilers:

The ending episode was……hmm……it wasn’t bad. It certainly rounded off the entire series nicely. In fact I don’t think I would change a thing, but it did seem really really real short. And not much happened after Ohana confessed to Ko (which was like…the first scene). I particularly liked how it showed what all the characters did after the Kississississississuiso closed.

Ohana moved back to Tokyo where she lived with her MILF mother and began banging Ko, who has aspirations to turn Ko into a MILF someday as well.


Nako (I LOVE that name) got a job where she wears a bathing suit all day, which is nice (cuz she has huge tits).

1111 kinda messed up Screen Shot

Minko got a job with Tohru at some shitty restaurant, where they soon got fired for having sex in the kitchen.

Just look at Minko's expression. That sexy whore face just screams "let's fuck." Man I need to stop watching porn.

Tarou became a mailman. He later was fired for opening up people’s porn and jerking off to it. You know, I hear a kid died from jerking off too many times (34).

Just put it in the slot.....that's what she said.

Sui (the old bitch) somehow didn’t die. She’ll die soon enough though she’s fucking old.

Ohana’s mom went on being a MILF and an ACILF.

Enishi got a job with his Engrish wife doing some stupid inn shit. Those two are a waste.

Ren got a job acting like a pussy.

Beanman was actually put to work by his ruthless family. I mean the guys like 100, you’re making him cut trees and shit? I hear they make him sleep in the shed too.

Tomoe got a job beating customers who dared to wear glasses in the “non-glasses section.”


Does anyone really care about Yunia?

All in all, it was a great show. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And for once again proving my theory that almost all 26 episode length anime (ones that aren’t Bee Train) are good, Hanasaku Iroha gets a


See grading system here

Even Bill fested it up a bit. Loser.