Emiru Ikuno Is One Awesome Bitch (NSFW)

The other day (I feel like every post I write starts off with the same sentence), I decided to catch up on some good old Nozoki Ana, which translates to “A Peephole” (apparently).


Nozoki Ana, for those of you who have yet to check it out, is a completely awesome manga, that features a WHOLLLLLLEEEEE lot of sex scenes.

However, they’re never anything more than some boobs and ass (lots of boobs and ass), and……you know, sex. Keep in mind though, the sex scenes are NOT what makes this manga awesome. What makes this manga awesome are the following:

  1. The ever-changing plot, which throws you for more loops than goof troop fruit loops on a Zoomerang while spinning inside of a whirlwind sent from a Pidgey on crystal meth.
  2. The characters, who are filled with more twists and turns that a maze on acid.
  3. Emiru Ikuno

Emiru Ikuno is one of my top ten favorite female manga characters of all time (a post which is done, and just needs some fine tuning. Expect it in a few days). Why? Because she’s a crazy, scheming nympho when she needs to be, but kind when she needs to be, and she’s generally fucking awesome.

Emiru Ikuno starts off being awesome right  away. Kido notices that there is a hole in the wall of his apartment, and he feels uneasy about it. When he and his friend are getting smashed to celebrate his moving into said apartment, he notices that a light coming from the hole, and looks through it to see a girl vigorously masturbating. After a few seconds, the girl stops and peers back at him through the hole.

He goes to confront the girl right after. He knocks on the door and it opens, introducing us all to Emiru Ikuno. What does she do? She gets him to fall on her, takes a picture, and uses it to blackmail him.


Manipulation at it's finest. FINEST!


From this point on, she explains, they will take turns being able to peep on each other. She gets off on watching other people, and now she’s going to torment the shit out of his life for her pleasure, and there’s nothing Kido can do about it. The balls on this slut! (actually she’s a virgin).

But what makes her great is that for each of her crazy, sneaky actions (which aren’t just limited to the peephole, but to other people and their issues), she has a sort of soft side, and helps Kido out sometimes.

Then she goes back to being a sneaky sly sabatour. Fucking awesome. Hats off to you Emiru!

Evil Glare

Look at that glare. No one has a clue how nuts she really is!!!