Top Ten Female Manga Characters

There is ONE picture in here that is NSFW. Yeah, I screwed you like that, sorry.

I thought of this post the other day when I was catching up on Hajumete no Aku, and remarked via twitter (I’m so hip) that Kyouko was fucking awesome.!/Glothelegend/status/117077919242780674

Okay, so I actually said I loved her. Keep in mind, I don’t actually love characters from animations. They’re not real. Instead, I love their seiyuu (RK4EVER).

Okay, so I don’t actually love them either, I just like them a lot in a non-sexual, purely respect driven obsession. We’ve all been there though get over yourself. Oh, and sorry Mushy, no all caps this time.!/Mushyrulez/status/117077987777720321

Yeah, that’s write, people all over the internet are tweetin me. That’s just how it is when you’re hip and “with the times”. I’m no square, man.

At this point, it should be known that I stopped writing for an entire hour trying to find a show that had some square kind of pac man thing in is. If you followed me on twitter during this time, you might have been able to see my duress. WELL GUESS WHAT BITCHES!!!???? GLO THE FUCKING ASSHOLE LEGEND AIN’T A LEGEND FOR NO REASON!!!! I ALWAYS FIND MY SHIT!!!!


Without more time wasting, here’s the list (NOTE: If I’ve seen the anime as well, then the manga doesn’t count, these characters are from things where I have ONLY read the manga……you know, unless the manga was completely different from the anime):

10. Sakurako Tenmaku – Ai Kora


If you haven’t read Ai Kora, then shit man, fuck it.

Ai Kora is best categorized as a harem with a twist. In most harems, I feel like the main protagonist is a pussy, and somehow gets hot girls simply by being alive. Yet, since he never actually asked for any of the hot girls to like him, he usually shrugs them off because he’s an IDIOT. This is almost the opposite. Our main protagonist is the man, and goes to Tokyo with the hope to collect parts. That means, he wants a girl with the perfect legs, a girl with the perfect boobs, a girl with the perfect voice and so on and so forth.

Tenmaku happens to be the first girl he sees (therefore, the main girl), and keeper of the perfect eyes. I like eyes as well, but that’s not why she’s my favorite. It’s actually pretty simple (I’m a man with simple tastes). She’s a tsundere who completely second guesses herself. She treats Hachibei (main male lead) like SHIT and IMMEDIATELY feels bad for him afterward. It’s kinda funny to see, and always enjoyable to read.

Maybe it’s just me, but she feels different from other tsunderes. Maybe it’s her awesome eyes. Great manga either way I recommend it to all.

9. Adachi Hana – Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

Yankee kun FUCK yankee-kun-to-megane-chan-899684

I included 2 pictures just because I liked these two pictures.

If you haven’t read Yankee-kun to Megane-chan then I’ll tell you, it’s good, and the only reason I picked it up was because it had “megane” in the title.

Do I have a glasses fetish? Kinda. Sexual? No, I just really like hot girls in glasses anime and 3D alike. Luckily, the manga turned out pretty awesome (fell reaaaal far behind on it though).

Basically, we have Daichi, a high school delinquent. He’s taking a shit, when all of a sudden Adachi, the class president who clearly does not know what personal space is, pops her head over the stall to question him about some thing or another I forget. Anyway, as it turns out, Adachi was a former delinquent who basically ran shit all over town and killed everyone, and she’s trying to go straight by becoming the acting class rep (which she is). I just ruined the surprise for you, but Adachi is fucking awesome. She’s like……a nice, innocent class rep for a while, then she kills everyone and her only response was “Oops, I said I wasn’t going to get violent anymore.” I don’t know why I stopped reading this.

8. Akko – Girlfriends


I just finished reading this, so I had to update this list a bit, but Akko and Mari from Girlfriends are both awesome characters. In the end, I like Akko’s crazy, zaniness and incredibly outgoing/carefree/airhead in a non-Orihime way attitude. What did I write about her in my review? Oh yeah:

…Akko, who is kind of nuts sometimes, and has the ability to get flustered at times and jump to random conclusions…

She has awesome flusterability. I had to make that word up. But not only do I like her flusterability, but I also like how she got confessed to first, and THEN thought about it, and then the tables kind of flipped on her where she was put iin Mari’s shoes and had to be the one confessing. Fucking awesome manga yuri is the best shit.

7. Sakurako Amamiya – Psyren


Okay, can you say split-personality-of-awesomeness-with-glasses-and-samurai-swords-who-usually-has-a-cold-personality? If you can, then I don’t need to explain why Sakurako is fucking awesome.

6. Watari Kyouko – Hajimete no Aku


Well, glasses sure has been a theme here today. In all honestly, there’s not much special about Kyouko, except for her special circumstances. She’s got an evil society living in her home now in the form of cousins (from an actual like….take over the world evil society) and her cousin, Jiro, wants to operate on her body. But for the most part, I like her because she’s a normal girl, who is still fucking awesome.

This one is indeed tough to explain. She’s got awesome hair and glasses, yes, but other than that, not much else to bring to the table. She’s kind of cold toward Jiro (evil scientist), but nice other times, still, not tsundere at all. You gotta read this awesome piece of manga lore to really understand, and I’m going to leave it at that.

5. Veronica – Franken Fran


Honestly, I’m surprised this one got so low on the countdown. I originally expected Veronica to be somewhere around 7 or 8. But, here she is cracking the top five.

By now almost everyone should have at least read a few chapters of Franken Fran, but for those of you who don’t know, Franken Fran is about two main things: Irony, and surgeries that are fucking impossible. You see, Fran is a doctor who can perform any surgery (once, here head was stabbed off, and she performed surgery on herself while she had no head, because he body is augmented in insane ways), and so she does, sometimes on a whim, to people who think they’ll be happier with the surgery. Of course, most of the time the surgery ends up causing misfortune for the ones getting augmented, and their lives become ironically opposite of what they wanted. It’s fucking awesome.

As is such, Veronica is an augmentee of Fran’s mentor, Dr. Madaraki. What’s special about her? She fucking kills everyone.

She’s an assassin, but she still shows emotions like embarrassment and stuff, and that’s why she’ kicks ass. (the gore this girl creates….where’s a Franken Fran anime? Too gory? It’s not that bad come on!)

4. Emiru Ikuno – Nozoki Ana


I already wrote a WHOLE POST DEDICATED TO HER. My laziness thanks me that I don’t have to write anything more here.

3. Serika – Choku!


I once or twice wrote a post about Choku!, which I consider to be the funniest manga currently running. The only problem with it is it’s slow release pace. Really, really, slow.

It should be known that the humor in Choku! is NOT for everyone. The humor in Choku! appeals only to those who are FUCKING AWESOME. So don’t feel bad if you don’t like the humor in Choku!, it only means that you suck as a person.

The humor in Choku (and, well, EVERYTHING in Choku!) is made possible by Serika’s complete lack of knowledge about real life. She’s like……I don’t want to say a fucking moron, but she does……err……express her feelings differently?

She’s very blunt, has no censor or filter, has no facial expression, has never had a friend in her life, and is completely socially inept. But the best thing about her is her bloody noses. I’m gonna need another picture here.


There’s too many awesome picture of hilariousness to choose from from the second chapter alone. Do yourself a favor and read at least the first two chapters because they’re fucking awesome. There’s a reason she’s number 3 on the long list of female manga characters.

2. Pariya – Otoyomegatari

otoyomegatari-2587115 This is another one that is gonna be though to explain. Otoyomegatari is an excellent manga. The art is amazingly beautiful and it’s very easy to grasp a hold of the settings and how the world works for the characters.

Where most characters seem to be serious, focusing on marriages between families and other tasks at hand, we have Pariya.

She is not married. In fact, she has a bit of a problem in finding a suitor due to her temper and awkwardness around men. She’s almost tsundere like, except not fake and dumb (even though I like tsunderes). Just like the rest of the characters, there is a genuineness about her that makes her temper, tomboyish appeal, and tsundereish-but-not-really attitude realistic. And honestly, she’s batting 1000 right now. There hasn’t been a single frame that had her in it that I didn’t like her. Can’t really say that about anyone else on the list.

1. Urabe Mikoto – Mysterious Girlfriend X


No surprises here. At least not from me. Mysterious Girlfriend X is probably my favorite manga at the moment. It’s got it’s own weirdness: a girl and her boyfriend (both keeping their relationship a secret from everyone) taste each other’s drool (and are able to get the exact feelings that the other person is feeling at that moment) on a daily basis.

Urabe is especially awesome because of her:

A) Scissor Abilities: She keeps scissors tucked into her underwear (this isn’t an ecchi manga though) at all times. Whenever she gets riled up, she’ll pull them out and slice things like signs, houses, and small children (well, signs at least) into small bits in about 0.9 seconds.

B) Awesome Hair: I really like her hair…… End.

C) Slight Awkwardness: If the whole drool thing isn’t enough, Urabe is slightly awkward. Not in terms of speaking to people, but she almost never smiles, she’s got a cold stare, and doesn’t joke. That being said, she still gets pretty emotional, she just does a great job of hiding it. I guess I like those types of characters, huh? Anyway, here’s more pics:




If you haven’t read Mysterious Girlfriend X, you’re dumb. It should have a fucking anime. Especially considering half the shit that’s out there. Bullshit.

Well, that’s that! (I did not check nor proofread this piece of shit)