My One Problem With Shinryaku!? Ika Musume

I liked the first season a lot, and I’m really enjoying the second season, but there’s one problem:

It’s SQUIDDING fine!?


That’s……it doesn’t even make any sense! This anime would kick SO much more ass if they just changed to subtitles to make her say something like, “It’s FUCKING fine!” That would be FUCKING awesome. I don’t know where all these squid language substitutions came from (didn’t see them in the first season), but they’re getting on my nerves a bit.


20 thoughts on “My One Problem With Shinryaku!? Ika Musume

      • My definite idiocy notwithstanding, I just don’t see how another layer of bad puns will make this show that much worse? On one hand, the puns they’ve opted to use in translation are often terrible in the “wtf” way instead of the groan-worthy way. But on the other hand, the vocal-tic puns in the Japanese strike me as just as awful anyway. I guess I’m just desensitized to bad/failed puns.

      • I’m a guy who loves…..excuse me……LOVES bad puns. I think they’re awesome. But these things are so bad that I don’t even consider them puns. They’re just stupid.

        Granted, I thought they were funny one or two times, but then they just ran it into the ground.

        Then they drilled a whole deeper into the Earth, and ran it even farther into the ground.

        Then they hired Olympic Marathoners, gave them the puns, and that them run even farther into the ground.

        Then they drilled through the Earthen crust, revealing liquid hot magma, and ran the puns into that.

        Then, they took the bad “puns” and sprinted with them, spiral drill style, all around the Earth’s mantle, and that’s not even considered ground to my knowledge.

        They did to these puns what I just did to my explanation of what they did to their puns, except longer and more frequently.

        And it’s only episode 2.

      • That’s how I felt about de geso after a few episodes of the first season, but I’m weird that way I guess. Most of my friends who watch anime find it charming, no matter how many times it’s said in a given episode. It just reminds me too much of a certain older anime desu. And not in a particularly good way desu.

  1. Squidding serves as censorship and a form of abbreviation. For instance, ‘are you squidding me = are you fucking with me, squidding fine= fucking fine, et cetera.”

    • Okay, something like that would be a good pun. That is something I would like. But replacing words that work, like “are you KIDDING me” (replacing KIDDING with SQUIDDING) simply for the sake of replacing them, is stupid.

  2. It’s just Crunchyroll being sad over people stealin’ their subs, so they’re squiddling with their subs to squiddle everybody else’s subs.

    I think Underwater doesn’t use squid puns in their subs, even though they’re underwater, which is pretty funny.

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