Working!! – Episode 2

First of all, let me say that from what I can tell, the budget for this season seems much higher. Everything is much more vibrant than last season, and I don’t mean just a little bit. got a fat, dumb face. Probably more dumb than fat.

Everything about the animation has improved by leaps and bounds. There’s more facial expression, brighter colors, and much, MUCH more movement out of the characters. This season feels like a full length Disney feature compared to last season (Disney movies have great animation).

After viewing HALF of the episode, I can already say that so far this season is 2034858 times better than the original 1st season (which is saying a lot, seeing as the first season kicked ass). Personally, I like what the new director brings. I could tell right off the bat that it was someone different (I didn’t know beforehand). The different perspectives help out a lot. I’ve noticed that some scenes pack a much bigger punch then in the first season:

Get it? Pack a punch!? HA! No but seriously, the new perspectives keep the comedy fresh and I like it a lot. This was also the best scene in the episode actually watched it a couple times.

Besides the vast improvement in animation quality, this episode seems to be back to the regular awesome status that I remember (the first episode sucked). Other than that… Who the fuck is this girl!? (megane ka-thump)

I feel like I recognize her, but then again, I’ve seen a lot of bitches who tote glasses around their face like they’re going out of style. Instead of trying to figure out her name, I’ll choose to switch topics completely and talk about Inami’s apparent facial weight gain.

Inami isn’t fat at all. She’s skinny. But her face… Looks chubby as FUCK. She got muffins tucked in those cheeks or what? In fact, I just realized how ugly she really is. If she were a real life person, I wouldn’t touch her with a five foot pole. 6 foot pole, we’ll talk, but certainly not 5 foot.

That being said, I do like her character. Though I must admit, Yamada is slowly creeping up on Yachiyo as my favorite in this anime.

So what’s the final say? If this season continues to follow the trend of the second episode, it’s going to crush the first season into the ground, piss on it, and bone it’s girlfriend (I love using that analogy).