It’s a MYSTERY To Me! (Thoughts on Manga and Anime Adaptations)

What manga do you want to see adapted most, regardless of how popular or publicized they are?

The mystery I’m referring to is the fact that Mysterious Girlfriend X (among other names), the highly touted and incredibly awesome manga by Ueshiba Riichi, still hasn’t been adapted into an anime.

And some of you may be saying, “Haven’t you said this before?” Well the answer is a clear and well defined “Yes,” but I don’t feel like looking for that post where I actually said things about Mysterious Girlfriend X. I’m pretty sure I only said “This manga is awesome!” like 50 times anyway ( it is very, very awesome).

Look at some of the shit that’s been adapted from manga. We’ve got shows like Boku was Tomodachi ga Sukunai, which is a good manga if you ask me, and is well deserving of an adaptation, but there’s only a little more than a dozen chapters out (as I write this). Comparatively, Mysterious Girlfriend X has over 60 chapters released, and far exceeds Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai in terms of….well…..everything?

Then we have all of that fanservice shit that comes out every season, and then the cutesey anime that comes out……you know, all of the generic, cliche anime.

Mysterious Girlfriend X is anything but cliche. It’s easily (to me) the most intriguing manga that I’ve read in recent memory (granted, I’ve stopped watching Gantz, Claymore, and Berserk because I want to wait until they’ve had a significant amount of chapters released). I mean, look at the main female character, who ranks number one on my top ten female manga character list. She could carry (oh wow I just farted smells TERRIBLE) any anime on her back, but in MGX, she doesn’t even need to, because the plot, while simple for the most part, is intriguing as a plot can be. And with a girl like this:

If I had no restrictions on how many awesome scenes from the manga that I was going to use on this post, I would end up putting every single page from the manga up.

I guess I’m just bitter. Truth is, there’s a lot of great manga out there that I would love to see become anime:

  • Inu Neko Jump
  • Ai Kora
  • Girlfriends
  • Onani Master Kurosawa
  • Franken  Fran
  • Gantz (again)
  • Claymore (again)
  • Iris Zero
  • The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer
  • Psyren
  • Otoyomegatari
  • Sankarea *Just found out that it got green lit for an anime adaptation!!! Can’t wait!!!
  • X-Blade
The list get’s pretty extensive, but even so, these could all make AWESOME shows that MAKE BANK$$$. And if it’s about money, why not? I mean, something like Claymore would be a GOLD MINE. Sometimes I just don’t understand people who decide what manga should be adapted. Like, who the hell would adapt Lotte’s Toy? What a piece of shit that was. They could have easily adapted something like Inu Neko Jump and made it fucking awesome. After all, the manga has been completed, you wouldn’t need any shitty filler episodes…..just makes no sense to me. If you ask me, it’s a mystery why, in a time where the anime industry could use a little originality, they continue making the same shit. Blah.

46 thoughts on “It’s a MYSTERY To Me! (Thoughts on Manga and Anime Adaptations)

  1. This is an educated guess on my part, but I think that the animation studios either have to pay an upfront cost to the publisher of the manga or give a portion of the anime’s profits, maybe even both. For something thats highly popular like claymore, the cost may be extremely high since the probable profits are large. At a time when animation budgets are small, those costs might be prohibitive.

    Darn, I haven’t read that manga for a while, but it was pretty damn creative and original. The female lead is absolutely awesome, a very unique character to, and as a plus, she is kind of hot to. 😛

    I really should go back and catch up on it. I should also go and finish The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer, which is arguably one of the most unique mangas I have ever read. It is also a great parody of the generic super hero/boy with powers Shonen.

    Ai Kora was a great manga, it would be nice to see a harem male character with spine get animated. Damn, I love Hachibei. Another great manga by the author of Ai Kora is Midori Days, I really like that manga.

    Psyren would be great as an anime, but unfortunately, I really didn’t like the direction the manga took after the halfway point, it kind of degenerated into a regular battle, powerup manga, and I didn’t like that.

    Onani Master Kurosaw was absolutely incredible. I would never have thought that a manga that frequently talks about masturbation could be so damn good. I don’t know if I would want that as anime, as a hipster, I’d like to keep this manga a secret between cool kids only.

    I don’t remember how much of Sankarea I read, but that to is a nice, original manga.
    I have been to read Otoyomegatari for a while, but I keep getting lazy, I really should read it and the other mangas on your list.

    Dude, after reading this post, and your top female characters post, I can only conclude that we have very similar tastes, why the hell was I not told of this fact earlier??????

    • I still have to finish The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer and Psyren as well. Psyren is awesome. I liked the power up stuff.

      Otoyomegatari is just awesome. The art is the best hands down.

      I feel like female characters have a lot to do with me liking an anime or disliking an anime. That’s cuz I’m weird. Cheers to me!

      • Psshh, I knew female characters were important to anime before anyone else. I WAS WEIRD BEFORE YOU! But now, being weird is just too mainstream, so, I am no longer weird.

  3. I used to have a list of manga that should be adapted too but that was back when I was a manga whore. But you have a point, when shitty anime like bento/C3 could have been replaced by something awesome like those in your list.

  4. 1. Boku wa Tomodachi is based on a light novel series which has plenty of books out.

    2. The author of Mysterious Girlfriend X did a manga in the past called Yume Tsukai which was cancelled after 3 volumes, but got an anime adaption by Madhouse. From what I understand it wasn’t very good nor successful, so maybe adapting the author’s manga is seen as high-risk. Also, MGX is quite risque, so there may be trouble with getting it on TV (although we’ve got Atarotte no Omocha on TV, so I don’t see that stopping them).

    • 1. Yeah I know someone mentioned that in a previous post. From what I hear it’s funnier, so I want to get my hands on that.

      2. I don’t think that MGX is THAT risque, especially when you compare it to all the fanservice anime out there, and the perverted anime (a lot of them). I mean, you have the panty flashes when she takes out her scissors, and a few other scenes, but they’re not too frequent, and they’re usually pretty tasteful. It’s not as blatant as most of the other stuff that I’ve watched.

  5. Maybe they’re waiting for the manga to finish before the push ahead with an adaptation. You know, the way anime studios should be doing it, instead of adapting after only a few volumes and having a half-assed non-ending. People complained about Future Diary not having an anime, but that’s because they waited until it was over before making the anime

    • I hope they are, but that’s long time to wait, and I’m the most impatient man on the planet (literally, I have the awards to prove it…..or I WOULD have the awards, but they took so long writing my name on the trophy that I just up and left).

      I’ve been waiting for future diary to end so I could read it…..still haven’t started it. Maybe I’ll start with the anime….idk.

  6. “She could carry (oh wow I just farted smells TERRIBLE)”
    >LOL, TMI

    Anyways, Mysterious Girlfriend X looks interesting. Shall read it now. Also, I agree with Biscuit Hammer and Sankarea. Loved those manga. Ai Kora would be nice too, although I have the feeling that a bad studio will pick it up and ruin it ah crap

    I wish Witch Hunter was animated. Just cuz I love dual-wielding pistol protagonists. Yeah, it’s a manhwa, I know.

  7. It is a wonder to me how anything gets animated these days, but as long as their is the opportunity (and possibly popularity; if not the money aspect) various types of manga and LN’s will continue to get animated. I just wish I knew of the method of how they choice what gets animated. This is an example of what comes to mind (never heard of the title though):

    • I feel like light novels get more adaptations than anything. I really don’t deal with anything other than anime and manga. I don’t know any sites or places where you can get light novels and stuff….and like… is a visual novel. I’ve been in the anime world for 3049 years and I still know nothing!

  8. Akuka to Love Song. One of the few shojo that doesn’t have too many clichés and has an awesome main character who has the sharpest tongue ever, caught between your stereotypical nice guy and a guy who is just as brash as her.

      • Maria Kawai, the main character, is bloody awesome though. She just speaks her mind of everyone, the kind of person who snaps “What do you want!?” If someone is dilly-dallying with telling her something. Hehe.

      • Alas, she is indeed awesome, and I am intrigued now to the point of no return. I read 4 chapters without realizing it, and despite the fact that I hate everything about this manga (besides Maria, who, by the way, has a stupid name….kawaii? Cute Maria? DUMB), I will probably continue reading it to see what happens with her.

        I was actually thinking about it at work UGH.

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  10. I think her name is ‘kawai’ as in ‘river’. I always remember one of my Japanese teachers telling me of a student who went to Japan and told a girl she was really ‘kowai’. Then when she looked completely offended, he asked his teacher what he’d done wrong… he’d told her she looked ‘scary’ rather than ‘cute’. Oh language mishaps.

    Maria does indeed carry the story. Wait ’til you meet Anna and then see how much more you’ll hate it. 😛

    • hahahah that story is pretty funny….yeah the Japanese language isn’t easy I took one class of it and got a B, but still had no idea how to work my way around the language.

      • I love languages (I speak English, French, some Spanish, some Latin, and some Portuguese) and wish Japanese classes were available in my area. So far I’ve had to subsist on teaching myself hiragana and katakana and basic kanji, and importing magazines and such from Japan.

        Believe it or not, there’s a worse language mishap to be had. My French teacher told us of a woman who said to her Spanish host family ‘I like how the bread is made ‘sin preservativos’, unlike in England!’ Cue laughter from her host family who then explain to her that ‘preservativos’ means ‘condoms’ and not ‘preservatives’. 😛

  11. Yes, definitely Girlfriends and Franken Fran. Girlfriends for obvious reasons–it’s one of the best manga of the genre. And the same with Franken Fran, although I wonder how much gore they can put on TV.

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