Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – Episode 2

Well, the OP is finally up on youtube, so I can post it’s awesomeness here:


Anyway, this episode was kind of slow moving in terms of anything. I could go through ALL of the events and let you know what happened in the episode, but fuck, you’ve seen it already, and reviewing something by stating everything that happened is boring. Here’s my opinions, because they actually, matter:

First of all, the fight scenes. There’s been complaining about them. There’s been complaining about J.C. Staff (always). Personally, I love both of these things. The quick fight scene between the awesome girl and the General was short, but awesome. I love what J.C. Staff does with the visuals. I haven’t seen every J.C. Staff show, and some of them do suck, but I’d have to say that SnS is one of their most visually stunning shows.

2 1

What’s next? I don’t really have much to say, so I’ll throw in some bad ass pictures of Shana, who is becoming more and more bad ass as the episodes progress.

2 4

2 5

Shana is one of the coolest looking characters I’ve seen. I mean, the fire………just awesome. Yuji is kind of similar to her too. I mean, he used fire to get out of a very HAIRY situation:

2 2

It’s actually hard to figure out what the fuck is going on in that screenshot, but see if I care (I don’t). As I said before (or didn’t say), there wasn’t too much that happened in this episode, but the end was pretty awesome:

2 6

So Yuji is back in his body, and back in Misaki City (or he will be next episode). I assume that he’s going to be meeting up with Shana and all them at some point, and that shit’s gonna be awesome.

In other news, I might stop with these episodics. I really just don’t like doing them.