When My Views on Chihayafuru Changed

I stated after the first episode that Chihayafuru was a pretty awesome anime, despite the fact that it’s a really annoying word to type out. I mean, Chihayafuru. It takes me forever. Chiyafuru is so much easier. I just can’t remember that “ha” that goes in the middle there. Annoying.

Anyway, part way through the 2nd episode, that changed. Sure, Karuta still seemed pretty bad ass, and as long as it does I’ll probably still watch, who knows, maybe this episode was a bump in the road, but besides the fact that the shoujouyness started showing up (violin music, stupid realizations about dreams and shit), there was this:

Honestly, this is fine. He's going to practice some Karuta with no cards. Everyone pretends to shoot a jumpshot with no baskeball, or take a golf swing with no club...not a big deal.

Okay....pretty sure that he needs his glasses. He has eyesight almost as bad as mine. Without them, he might do something like....I don't know, run into a door?

Enough said.

Okay, pretty sure that one would need CARDS to play a CARD game. Playing a card game without cards is like going boating with no boat....idiot.

First of all, it's a blank floor you idiot. There's nothing to see. It's blank. Also, if he could see, then his glasses being stolen during the tournament wouldn't have been a big deal at all.

I’m sorry, but this was fucking stupid, and typical of most shoujo shit (post completed and forthcoming on shoujo btw). The fact that Ayase was standing in awe, and the fact that the creators of this anime were playing it off as if were an awe inspiring event (they made it seem as though the kid was performing a miracle or something), was ridiculous, when the whole scene was basically:

  • Wataya was practicing because he lost/entertaining himself/no big deal (it’s like playing an air guitar or something).
  • They saw him.
Nothing special was going on. No one was performing miracles. Wataya isn’t Jesus Christ, nor is he making cards appear out of thin ai-
Oh shit! (sarcasm)
Yeah this anime just got dumb to me. All shoujo is shit, overraction, overdramatization done poorly, and bullshit. And what the fuck? Ayase goes to look for the glasses, but she doesn’t even look, she just runs:

Was any of that necessary? She HAD to run THROUGH the random branch?

Give the girl credit though, she actually was climbing all of the trees looking in crows nests for the glasses. (glasses are shiny and crows are attracted to shiny things….made me happy to hear that believe it or not. I always tell people this fact).
Though, other than the delicious crow statement, talk about a let down. I was actually really happy that I liked the first episode (and the first half of the second episode). I’ll still watch for the Karuta though…..for now. Let’s hope there’s no more stupidity though. You know, no more “my dreams” and “finding a lifelong friend” and all that shoujo-y garbage.
Was this post technically an episodic? I’d like to think no, but I still labeled it under “episode review.” I don;t even use those categories anymore really. They’ve pretty much become useless.
NOTE: Episode 3 was back to the usual greatness…..well…..the end has some sappy shit, but it was still an awesome episode.
And with that note, this is no longer an episodic, because I include 2 episodes (note that I didn’t actually review them though.

14 thoughts on “When My Views on Chihayafuru Changed

    • Plenty of good shows. High School of the Dead, Shakugan no Shana is out NOW awesome, Durarara, Kuragahime, Gintama is ongoing, Nichijou was awesome as fuck, The World God Only Knows, Hanasaku Iroha, Ao no Excorcist, Steins mother fucking GATE, Sket Dance, Working!!, Fate Zero….those are a few of the good ones and those only include ones I took from Crunchyroll.

  1. Get ahold of yourself, Glo.. Shana is awesome, but Chihayafuru is lame? That’s adorable! When you can admit that Shana is lame (but you still like it), then I’ll be able to take your opinion on Chihayafuru more seriously 😉

    Anyway, my blatant idiocy aside, the violins and kid drama really didn’t bother me – they’re kids, and it’s all standard “drama” technique in modern anime. But if the childish drama continues into their teenage years, then I’ll be ready to drop this.. it’s already tough to take it seriously when it’s about Karuta.

    • I will never agree that Shana isn’t awesome. I think the story is sick as fuck. I will agree that the second season had a lot of bullshit, but it also had a lot of awesome shit during the second half, and sick fighting (the whole first half can be thrown away as far as I’m concerned).

      Personally, the first season was the best for me. I liked how they fought different antagonists for maybe like 4 episodes, then moved to another. Simple, yet effective.

      After watch 3 episodes of ChiroOFJOfoij, I can safely say that this part of episode 2 was the only part that annoyed me. Episode 3 was awesome.

    • Gintama binge ended the other day. I don’t know when it will pick up again, but I’ve fallen behind in everything because my house is under repair and I can’t really get to my computer upstairs.

  2. This scene didn’t bother me because being able to play chess in your mind without an actual chess board isn’t uncommon. Even a lousy player like myself was able to do at one point. It was a handy skill to have on long car trips when I could challenge my younger sister to chess without having to set a board up in the car. (Saying that makes me feel incredibly old – Back in my day, kids didn’t have those fancy cellphones and portable video game machines, we played chess in our minds. 🙂 )

    • Yeah, I’ve played myself in Chess a few times. It’s tough to win when you know all the moves your opponent is going to make, and he knows all of yours.

      But as I said, it wasn’t really what Wataya was doing, but Ayase’s reaction (impression that he was some kind of God because he was smacking a floor) that I thought was stupid.

  3. Shoujo stuff is just too sappy. That guy can see “everything”, hmm? Kid’s got some issues to sort out, then. Shoujo is funny sometimes, in an onerreactant-teenage-girl way.

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