Damn snow hiatus

Okay here’s the deal. I’m currently tyPing out this post on my iPhone, in a YMCA gym locker room, in nothing but a towel, surrounded by a bunch of old naked guys. Why am I doing this? BEcause its one of the few places in town that actually has power and Internet. A snowstorm has hit ct and I probably won’t have power for a good long time, so don’t expect to see or hear anything from glothegend for a long time. Goes the same for responding to comments. Right now there are trees down on power lines every ten feet, and the roads are littered with trees and burning, yes, burning, power lines. It’s pretty cool.

17 thoughts on “Damn snow hiatus

  1. I hope you’ll get power back in your place soon. Hopefully CT will recover swiftly from this unexpected snowstorm. I await your future posts and return.

  2. You aren’t the only one. I live in Northern New Jersey and lost power around 2 PM Saturday and have been without power for over 48 hours now. College is the only way I can post anything or use the internet until the power is restored, which I expect pretty soon.

    Aside from that, stay safe.

    • I refuse to use college (which was also closed until this Thursday). Stay safe? I was driving all over the place under trees and shit the day after the storm hit. It was fun as fuck.

  3. Never been in a snow storm, but I can imagine it’s all kinds of awful. My country (England) is the kind who will cancel every single public service if three or four inches of snow falls overnight, but watching the US news… holy crap it’s crazy.

    Stay safe, dude. 🙂

  4. Jeebus. Good luck sir. I would die if we had that much snow around here…then again we won’t have snow at all for awhile yet. The gift of living in Ohio. (Then again we also have two seasons here…I call them construction with snow and construction without snow.)

    • Idk what there is to do in Ohio. Though I consider all states that aren’t Connecticut to be below average in everything, because I’m from CT and apparently we’re all snobby stuck up fucks.

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