Manga Tuesday: Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

I’ve already wrote one post praising this manga series, and I’m sure this won’t be my last, but seriously, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan kicks FUCKING ASS.



The characters are just too fun to not like. I’m sure, just like with every series, some douchebag will complain that the characters are cliche or something, but don’t worry, as I stated, they’re all douchebags, and should be treated as such. The characters are awesome.


Adachi Hana


The class rep. She’s got glasses and is pretty much a retard. She lacks all forms of common sense, but she tries really hard to be a good class rep (though she sucks at school and shit). Unbeknownst to all, she used to be one of the most feared delinquents in the fucking world (so it seems to me), and sometimes she’ll display some of this violence.

Shinagawa Daichi


Just your average delinquent who somehow got roped into hanging out with Adachi against his will ever since Adachi starting visiting him in the bathroom stall when he took a shit. Yup. Funny as fuck.

Rinka Himeji


She just got introduced into the manga (I’m only up to chapter 22 or something), and I already love her. She’s kind of a tsundere except instead of getting embarrassed about her real feelings, she masks them with blatant forwardness/no common sense. Either way, she never gets embarrassed, so she’s not really a tsundere character. That’s how I see it anyway, and I love it.

Seiya Chiba


A tall freak of nature. Good at math and antisocial.

That’s all of the characters I’ve been introduced to, but how bout the AWESOME INTRODUCTIONS THAT THE MANGA HAS!?

An introduction to Adachi Hana to a couple of bad guys:



The classic smoke-clearing-to-show-bad-ass-character introduction? ALWAYS awesome. Especially when the smoke was cause by the character in question, after kicking everyone’s ass.

Rinko Himeji’s first introduction, being introduced as a transfer student on her first day:




Kicking down a door on her first day in a new school and not thinking twice about it? AWESOME. Not to mention that there was even some smoke clearing action going on toward the end (she DID kick down a door with a sick ass spinning kick). Even that Albert Einstein wannabe fucker couldn’t finish the introduction, because he shit his pants (theoretically).

At this point, I’d have to say that Rinko Himeji is my favorite character, simply because of her tsundere-like character. The best is that she hates Shinagawa right off the bat (which means she likes him right off the bat). And she’s a bad-ass. And she argues with cats for no reason. She rules. (but all the characters do, really).

I could talk for hours about why this manga kicks ass, but instead, I’m going to read the fuckin thing. BYE.

Manga Monday – Hot Blooded Woman

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I wrote a post explaining my views on shoujo manga.

Isn’t life funny? The last two manga that I’ve read since that post have both been shoujo manga. What the fuck is up with that?

The first one was Akuma to Love Song, which was okay, but I’ve already forgotten most of it. Since I finished it, I watched a bit of anime but not much, and then we had the snowstorm and everything got fucked up. Then, a few days ago, I decided to visit mangareader, and randomly choose something that was completed. I stumbled on Hot Blooded Woman (the title seemed to imply a girl who could kick ass), and decided to read it.

Indeed it is about a girl who can kick ass. In fact, the first half of this manga was really pretty damn good.


Ha Li Kang is a girl who can kick ass. She’s worked hard to become unnaturally strong, and is the leader of a gang that kicks equally as much ass.

Then she gets hit by a truck…whoops!

When she wakes up, she’s in the body of a hot girl named Aram who’s weak,  fragile, and (before Ha Li took her body), hopelessly in love with the schools gang leader (or whatever…apparently every school has a gang leader). She’s pissed off at the whole thing, and then a bunch of shit happens and it’s awesome.

I know many of you may see the synopsis and say, “This is just the same bullshit body switch plot that everything has!”

In response, I will kindly tell you to go fuck yourself, and stop reading manga/watching anime/movies/shows/etc, because everything borrows or copies from something else. It was executed very well.

What makes this manga good is Ha Li. Or I should say her personality. It’s interesting to me that once her personality switched bodies, I didn’t have any problem with identifying her, despite her entire image had changed. (this becomes better to see later in the manga, after an event that separates this “body switch” story from others, but I’m not telling why).

Ha Li is very blunt and completely clueless. She can always be bribed with food, and so there’s misconceptions and hilarity going on at a constant speed throughout the manga. For example. Person A think that he’s going to be taking Ha Li (who is in Aram’s body) out on a date, but Ha Li assumes they are meeting for a fight, and kicks Person A’s ass. This exact scenario doesn’t happen, but it’s a good example (I’m trying to be spoiler free!)

One thing that sets this manga apart from all others is that Ha Li gets back to her body only 7 volumes into the 24 volume manga series. So for most of the series. You could say that her being in Aram’s body was only the introduction to the main storyline, and to me, that became the main problem with this manga.

The first half was awesome. Ha Li was in Aram’s body, and we got to see her classmates astounded of Aram’s apparent change from a frail, quiet girl into a loud, obnoxious, violent girl with a voracious appetite. Of course, this was just Ha Li’s personality taking over, but know one else knew that.

Throughout this section of the manga, the Bringer of Death proved to be a good side character, and he actually kept the series intriguing and fun. I noticed this not until he had been gone from the story for a good long time.

You see, after Ha Li goes back to her body, it’s fun for a little while, but then everything get’s old real fast, and becomes a boring, slowly paced piece of shit. It pulls a Ha Li and switches from an awesome manga that just happens to have the same art as a shoujo  to a generic, crappy shoujo with a few funny parts. In other words, shit.

Shit Shit Shit Poop Shit.

The manga story itself seems to change. Instead of funny scenes of Ha Li being Ha Li, we now have weird, obnoxiously tall guys with long hair looking stupid and vying for attention while Ha Li does the same shit over and over (punches Han whatever his name is). It gets old very fast, and the last many volumes become a chore to read (except when she was kidnapped. That was funny.)


Read the first 13 or so volumes, then skip the rest and read the last chapter….maybe read about her kidnapping cuz that was a funny chapter/volume whatever. Otherwise volumes 14 or so through 26  were all stupid bullshit.

I gave this shit a 4, which is probably higher than I should have (make sure to see my grading system)


Yankee-kun to Megane-chan is FUCKING AWESOME AS FUCK. NEEDS to become an anime.

So I’m 24 Years Old


Black Friday indeed 24 years since my birth still live at home still going to school still working at the fucking YMCA (which is a good job but pays shit).

Gonna go out tonight and get shitfaced.

If You Live In Connecticut…

Please Please PLEASE PLEASE mail our Governor and say that you APPROVE THE SHIT OUT OF THIS FUCKING AWESOME PLAN:,0,3405456.story

This would revitalize downtown Hartford, help the Hartford economy, and MAYBE GET THE FUCKING WHALERS BACK GOD DAMN IT!!!!! FUCKING CONNECTICUT MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!! FUCKING WHALERS BRING EM THE FUCK BACK!!!!!

Even if the taxpayers footed the ENTIRE 105 MILLION DOLLARS, it would still only cost about 20 buck per person, which is FUCKING NOTHING YOU CHEAP ASS FUCK HEADS. And it would probably be LESS THAN THAT when you subtract the amount of money being picked up like corporate supporters like Aetna, who are BIG on this shit. I’d say taxpayers would have to pay an extra 10 bucks in their taxes HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT’S LIKE A BIG MAC MEAL YOU WHINEY FUCKS!!!!

And a revamped XL Center (something that has to be done soon anyway), would do a lot more good to CT then say…..ohhhhh I don’t know, maybe a STUPID FUCKING HALF BILLION DOLLAR HIGHWAY JUST FOR BUSSES!!!!!! FUCKING STUPID SHIT MALLOY!!!!



A Forehead To Remember Me By

Holy shit. Look at this fucking forehead. So big that I felt it warranted a post, even one as small as this.


So yeah I’m all caught up with Chiyafurufuapfr or whatever it’s called. Looks like I can’t stay away from anime for very long huh? Bad news though, I get paid Thursday and plan on buying Modern Warfare 3, which means I’ll be fuckin OUT.

Finally Back From No Power…But……….

I’ve lost all interest in anime.

I caught up a little on Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai yesterday, and don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the anime adaptation so far. Dare I say it’s built on the manga and made it even better. However, since I’ve got power back, that’s all I’ve watched. This power outage has really fucked me up and put me off kilter. I mean, I haven’t even watched any new Shana since episode 3…WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?

Honestly, I’ve decided that since I fell behind so badly, I’m just going to wait for Eclipse to sub the whole damn thing and then watch it. I started Shana with Eclipse, and I’m going to finish it with them, I will watch nothing besides an Eclipse sub. I hope they sub Zero no Tsukaima too because it’s the same thing with that series. Looks like they’re only back for Shana though, then they’ll disappear again.

Currently, I really only care about reading. Or playing video games (I still haven’t gotten MW3 though, even though I’ve planned on doing getting it first day since summer….I might not even buy it now lol. Or listening to music. Or doing ceramics. Pretty much anything besides anime. Fuck, I ended up writing this pointless post instead of watching anime. Maybe I’ll see you guys in a few days. Maybe a month. Maybe a year. I honestly don’t know I’m a busy fucking guy.

I do still want to put up some reviews…..of books though. Not anime.

Where are my Hartford Whalers!? BRING THEM BACK!!!

UPDATE: Trying to watch some Chihayahuru….kinda hard when I’m listening to bangouts like this:

Bjork: The original Lady Gaga. Had shit music besides this song, but somehow I like her (not her music though, except this song which I LOVE).

I’m Back! – Escape from the Snowstorm of DEATH!

I wish I was wise enough to take some pictures of what this storm did. There’s still branches down all over the place, but the day after the STORM OF DEATH hit Southington, CT, there was no power for at least a week (some still powerless), and I only just got internet back on Sunday. Roads weren’t closed, because frankly, there weren’t enough cops and barriers to go around to close all the roads. Instead, people were driving around and even through trees. Every 15 feet a tree was leaning against a wire, and one wire near my neighborhood was on fire, ON FUCKING FIRE,  for over 4 days at least. Cops and shit were there, looking at it, but I guess it wasn’t a big deal because they just let it burn. Damage was everywhere, and roads sucked.

It was fucking awesome. The only thing that sucked was the lack of power, but that wasn’t even that bad because I was able to catch up on something that I had forgot about for a long time.

Reading actual books. In four days I read 4 books:

The Hunger Games – 10/10 stars

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games part II) – 9/10 stars

Mockingjay (The Hunger Games part III) – 6/10 stars

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – 9/10 stars

I’ve been trying hard as FUCK to borrow the next two books in the Dragon Tattoo series. My mom, who read all of them and reads every second of the day every day of her life she must have read a small library by now, told me the second book was far better than the first, which BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND.

Lisbeth Salander might be the most awesome character in book history. Of course I watched the Swedish version of the movie, and of course it was nowhere even close to the book (the ending was all fucked up and they left out a LOT of revenge that made the book an explosion of awesomeness), but the American version, set to hit theaters next year, looks like it stays much truer to the book (I can tell from the trailers alone).

I plan on writing review for these books, because frankly, if I don’t, I’m going to explode. They were all fucking awesome. The Hunger Games is without doubt the second best series I’ve read since Harry Potter, which is untouchable. If you have any other books that you think I should read, let me know in the comments. So far these are books I’ve been looking at:

  • Eon  (Read a few pages in the store and liked it. Also has a bad-ass girl main character with swords)
  • Eona
  • Caster Chronicles series (Looks like it might be good, as long as it isn’t a shitty piece sappy shit)
  • Reckoning (Has a cool cover. That’s literally the only reason.)
  • All those Percy Jackson books (To be honest, they look dumb, but I keep hearing they’re dumb…..I could easily read 3 of them in one sitting, they’re not big or hard reads, but there’s still like….20384943 of them, and that confused me.)
  • Elrich (recommended by Anon.)
What has this sudden reading explosion done to me? (I actually went to the bookstore and almost bought about 7 books on a whim I LOVE reading).
Remember a while back I mentioned that I had a really cool dream that I was going to put in a post? No? Well I’m pretty sure I mentioned it. Either way, I was going to just mention it breifly in a small paragraph as a side, but then I decided I’d tell my dream in a story form, which would make a post that I thought would even be as big as 15000 words (fucking LONG). Well, that is no longer happening…
…..because it’s already over 15000 words, and I haven’t even gotten past introducing the characters yet. After reading, I got into a SEVERE writing mode, and ended up changing a whole bunch of shit in my dream, so that what I’m writing now is only loosely based on the dream I had. In wordpress, the story is about 30 pages long, so it’s conceivable that when I’m done writing, going back, re-reading, re-writing, adding, and repeating, I could have well over 300 pages (if I had a week with nothing to do I could easily finish this). I’ve noticed after reading (especially after reading Hunger Games, which has simple yet very effective writing), I’ve been able to pump words out as easy as breathing. I threw in about 15 new developments and even did RESEARCH. I did research for something that doesn’t count for school, doesn’t get me any money, and probably won’t be read by more than 2 people, one of them being me.
I’ll give you one example of something I changed:
In my dream, the main female character was pretty much Shana from Shakugan no Shana, but with ears and a tail. I wrote her as such.
Then I changed everything. Well, not everything. A lot of it though (in terms of personality). I made her more complex, a bit more bad-ass, less of a tsundere (even gave her tits, so she’s not flat chested), and a few other tweaks. Gave her a slightly troubled past and made her personality reflect that. I’d say she’s more like Horo than Shana at this point in my writing, but that’s going to change as the story gets deeper.
I kept her name Shana, but I’m planning on changing that. I also don’t like the main character’s name. In fact, the names are what I hate the most, and they’re going to change. I thought of Shye for the female lead, but it seems to boyish.
Hmm….should I give you all a summary of the story? Nah, you wouldn’t want to hear that.
I’m not sure when I’m going to finish this short novel, but I’m going to try and actually finish it this time, unlike the last 5 times I started writing a story and stopped after 30 pages (of course, they were all lost in one of my many computer crashes). Here’s a list of them:
  • Seven Angels (shitty title) – I don’t have a fucking clue what this was about. Some kid named Rob who met a girl and ended up having to fight a bunch of people in order to change the government or something. Lots of swords and super powers. Really dumb.
  • Blood Drops (Or something. Couldn’t think of a good title. I suck at titles.) – A kid in a mental ward kills his doctor…again. Thinks he’s a vampire. Throughout the first many chapters, you think he’s a crazy person, but then you realize he’s actually a real vampire. Then, the end leaves a bit of doubt as to whether he was a vampire or actually mental. Then Twilight came out and I lost all interest in vampires and shit. Way to go and ruin vampires for me Twilight. Stupid plot anyway.
  • Life – 4 related short stories that all resulted in death of the main character. It was actually my best idea. Each main character somehow caused the death of another main character from another one of the short stories. Wish I finished that one. The title was still shitty, but I liked it because it was called life, and depicted many different lives, yet they all resulted in death, showing that death was life. Get it? It’s deep and I’m a pretentious asshole.
There were a couple others that I really can’t remember anything about, but I’ve always enjoyed writing, even when it doesn’t mean shit for me in terms of money or popularity (they’d probably make me less popular lol), so whatever. Fuck it.