Finally Back From No Power…But……….

I’ve lost all interest in anime.

I caught up a little on Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai yesterday, and don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the anime adaptation so far. Dare I say it’s built on the manga and made it even better. However, since I’ve got power back, that’s all I’ve watched. This power outage has really fucked me up and put me off kilter. I mean, I haven’t even watched any new Shana since episode 3…WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!?

Honestly, I’ve decided that since I fell behind so badly, I’m just going to wait for Eclipse to sub the whole damn thing and then watch it. I started Shana with Eclipse, and I’m going to finish it with them, I will watch nothing besides an Eclipse sub. I hope they sub Zero no Tsukaima too because it’s the same thing with that series. Looks like they’re only back for Shana though, then they’ll disappear again.

Currently, I really only care about reading. Or playing video games (I still haven’t gotten MW3 though, even though I’ve planned on doing getting it first day since summer….I might not even buy it now lol. Or listening to music. Or doing ceramics. Pretty much anything besides anime. Fuck, I ended up writing this pointless post instead of watching anime. Maybe I’ll see you guys in a few days. Maybe a month. Maybe a year. I honestly don’t know I’m a busy fucking guy.

I do still want to put up some reviews…..of books though. Not anime.

Where are my Hartford Whalers!? BRING THEM BACK!!!

UPDATE: Trying to watch some Chihayahuru….kinda hard when I’m listening to bangouts like this:

Bjork: The original Lady Gaga. Had shit music besides this song, but somehow I like her (not her music though, except this song which I LOVE).

19 thoughts on “Finally Back From No Power…But……….

  1. I kind of feel the same way about anime. I am so behind on so many series that I don’t quite feel the drive to watch anime as much anymore. And, with all the things going on in life, anime has sort of been put on the backburner.

    • been there since february but Summer came and I’m slowly catching up again. It feels good actually to have some idea of what people are talking about in the twitter. With Madoka, I don’t have a fucking clue.

    • Fuck life eh? Well, not really, but you know what I mean….

      Madoka was awesome. Well, it was very good anyway (I feel like people are maybe a tad overzealous about it though). I’ve all but given up on tweeting. I’ll tweet once in a while about something random, just to show I exist.

  2. Watch completed anime. I’m glad I just started Stein;s Gate, because I’d probably lose interest watching only one episode of an anime a week.

    All it takes is one good anime to bring the spark back. And watching airing anime breaks momentum.

    We all have these patches, where we feel burnt out on anime.

    • I marathoned Stein;Gate too, and thank God. Usually I’ll pick out few shows that I think look really good and wait for them to finish. But fuck me I can’t wait for ALL of them to finish I need to indulge myself a little bit. I’ll agree though marathoning shit (BOOM!) just warmin up a little bit….err……….marathoning anime is way better.

  3. Also, Glo, about Bjork – you’re lucky you don’t live in England. For some reason, every Christmas an advertiser or two uses this song. And… it’s nice the first few times you hear it, then it seriously gets on your nerves. As in, wanting to go on a bloody rampage during late night gift shopping at the mall. D:

    I love the song any time except Christmas, but it’s so overplayed in shops and on TV and such.

    • I know that song. I actually was silly enough to download all her songs after I heard Army of Me, only to realize that I hated her music, and subsequently deleted her from my computer forever.


    In other news, seriously go pump out that novel! Get 50k words done in a month! It’s what I’m doing right now and I’m failing I’m failing HORRIBLY but I guess that’s also what’s adding to my backlog etc.

    Still, if you’re not going to be watching anime, write!

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