Manga Monday – Hot Blooded Woman

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I wrote a post explaining my views on shoujo manga.

Isn’t life funny? The last two manga that I’ve read since that post have both been shoujo manga. What the fuck is up with that?

The first one was Akuma to Love Song, which was okay, but I’ve already forgotten most of it. Since I finished it, I watched a bit of anime but not much, and then we had the snowstorm and everything got fucked up. Then, a few days ago, I decided to visit mangareader, and randomly choose something that was completed. I stumbled on Hot Blooded Woman (the title seemed to imply a girl who could kick ass), and decided to read it.

Indeed it is about a girl who can kick ass. In fact, the first half of this manga was really pretty damn good.


Ha Li Kang is a girl who can kick ass. She’s worked hard to become unnaturally strong, and is the leader of a gang that kicks equally as much ass.

Then she gets hit by a truck…whoops!

When she wakes up, she’s in the body of a hot girl named Aram who’s weak,  fragile, and (before Ha Li took her body), hopelessly in love with the schools gang leader (or whatever…apparently every school has a gang leader). She’s pissed off at the whole thing, and then a bunch of shit happens and it’s awesome.

I know many of you may see the synopsis and say, “This is just the same bullshit body switch plot that everything has!”

In response, I will kindly tell you to go fuck yourself, and stop reading manga/watching anime/movies/shows/etc, because everything borrows or copies from something else. It was executed very well.

What makes this manga good is Ha Li. Or I should say her personality. It’s interesting to me that once her personality switched bodies, I didn’t have any problem with identifying her, despite her entire image had changed. (this becomes better to see later in the manga, after an event that separates this “body switch” story from others, but I’m not telling why).

Ha Li is very blunt and completely clueless. She can always be bribed with food, and so there’s misconceptions and hilarity going on at a constant speed throughout the manga. For example. Person A think that he’s going to be taking Ha Li (who is in Aram’s body) out on a date, but Ha Li assumes they are meeting for a fight, and kicks Person A’s ass. This exact scenario doesn’t happen, but it’s a good example (I’m trying to be spoiler free!)

One thing that sets this manga apart from all others is that Ha Li gets back to her body only 7 volumes into the 24 volume manga series. So for most of the series. You could say that her being in Aram’s body was only the introduction to the main storyline, and to me, that became the main problem with this manga.

The first half was awesome. Ha Li was in Aram’s body, and we got to see her classmates astounded of Aram’s apparent change from a frail, quiet girl into a loud, obnoxious, violent girl with a voracious appetite. Of course, this was just Ha Li’s personality taking over, but know one else knew that.

Throughout this section of the manga, the Bringer of Death proved to be a good side character, and he actually kept the series intriguing and fun. I noticed this not until he had been gone from the story for a good long time.

You see, after Ha Li goes back to her body, it’s fun for a little while, but then everything get’s old real fast, and becomes a boring, slowly paced piece of shit. It pulls a Ha Li and switches from an awesome manga that just happens to have the same art as a shoujo  to a generic, crappy shoujo with a few funny parts. In other words, shit.

Shit Shit Shit Poop Shit.

The manga story itself seems to change. Instead of funny scenes of Ha Li being Ha Li, we now have weird, obnoxiously tall guys with long hair looking stupid and vying for attention while Ha Li does the same shit over and over (punches Han whatever his name is). It gets old very fast, and the last many volumes become a chore to read (except when she was kidnapped. That was funny.)


Read the first 13 or so volumes, then skip the rest and read the last chapter….maybe read about her kidnapping cuz that was a funny chapter/volume whatever. Otherwise volumes 14 or so through 26  were all stupid bullshit.

I gave this shit a 4, which is probably higher than I should have (make sure to see my grading system)


Yankee-kun to Megane-chan is FUCKING AWESOME AS FUCK. NEEDS to become an anime.

10 thoughts on “Manga Monday – Hot Blooded Woman

  1. Ha Li sounds like a tropey gender-reversed shounen harem-lead mc (

    this is exemplified by what you say happens in the latter half, which I assume is because her personality doesn’t actually develop, leading to boring lameness. if you read the series in reverse order, I think you’d also think the first chapters would be boring and lame, but only because the mc seems so lame.

    I mean, kicking ass is cool and shit but not for thirteen volumes, unless you’re Onizuka, in which case it’s cool and shit.

  2. I fine this story so full of shit. How come Aram whatever name that bitch is get a second chance in life and ha ji have to suffer so much …unknowingly??? and all the main guy are not ever charismatic..They are like bunch of sadist gather at one place and it does not make sense how that guy with pony tail is not even expel from school.Is the teacher retarded or something <<< It should be a police case by now.And how naive can one person be. How can Ha ji be so naive and just damn stupid..NO offence but why do every fucking mangaka always make we girl look like some dumb shit!

  3. This manga or manwha whatever disappointed me as well 😦 The first half was really entertaining but then it just went to shit. I still cannot comprehend that whole tying her to a chair with a gun thing. How did it even get to that point…

    Also, fuck Aram and Sin Uoo’s hair in the ending.

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