Eye Can’t Believe It’s Been Three Years!

Eye Sedso was started three years ago today on the idea that I’d write some stuff for a few weeks, get board, and quit.

What the fuck went wrong?

Happy Day of Day of Reckoning


My greatest happiness about this is that I now officially become an anomaly to Scamps 2 year death mark theory. I didn’t die. I didn’t fall off (err……debatable). And I didn’t give up on anime. That’s because I’m not a pussy. Then again, it is anime we’re talking about, so maybe that actually MAKES me a pussy, but either way, here I am.

So what should I type about? Honestly, I’m at a loss for words, not because I’m pumped for lasting 3 years (which I can honestly say, I really don’t give a shit about it), but because I have nothing really good to say. I didn’t even realize that the aniversery of the first ever ISSS in creation (Eye Sedso) was coming up until today (Dec. 5th). Let’s look at my shittiness with some Then & Now’s:

THEN: I had plenty of commenters, who would post periodically.

NOW: Who the hell are these people? They don’t even have avatars, so they’re not real.

THEN: I averaged a cool 1000 hits per day which was BALLIN.

NOW: 500 on a good day. Dropped off by half.

THEN: Wrote posts each month.

NOW: Write post each month.

THEN: Didn’t give a shit.

NOW: Don’t give a shit.

Well, at least one thing stayed constant. To be honest, I’ve got too many hobbies now, what with anime, manga, ceramics, following sports teams, being far too obsessed with the Hartford Whalers/CT Whale for my own good, playing MW3, working out, and reading, it’s been a task trying to fit everything in between my classes and work schedule. Currently I’ve just been reading manga every so often. But WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT WHAT I’M DOING!?!?!?!?!

This shitty website might be turning into a blog, I’ve got to stop that shit and get my edge back. That means saying things like “fuck” and “ball hair” for no other reason besides sounding like a low intelligence asshole, (which I’m actually not, but like to pretend I am).

Fuck you guys.


PPS: Now that November is over, I can continue writing that story thing. Once I learned that November was some type of writing month I stopped immediately, refusing to become part of someone else’s idea.

PPPS: I almost forgot to post this on December 6th. Made it by less than an hour.

PPPPPPPPPPPPPPS: I can’t stop reading books… Just finished Eon. The writing wasn’t the best, but the ending kicked ass can’t wait for the sequel. I think it would make a really kick-ass movie too.


33 thoughts on “Eye Can’t Believe It’s Been Three Years!

    • But you’re comment is timed at December 6, 2011! Explain THAT! (My ISSS defies the laws of time!)

      Last summer I used to get 1000 hits on the regular, and for a few months after (until March I think) I got around 800 a day. Good times. This week, I’m averaging around 300, but I honestly don’t care like I used to about hits or comments….okay I care about comments a bit, but that’s it.

      I won’t get board even if I rob Home Depot for all it’s lumber.

  1. Happy birthday to your ISSS! Just a week or two after your real-life birthday, heh. Love the blog, keep up the awesome work.

    A toast to the ISSS. *raises glass of English ale*

      • Heh, our gift from the gods is cider, particularly in south-western England. Can’t beat a good tipple of Thatchers or Brothers. I’ll have to try Whaler Ale some day… if my hope of ever leaving this godawful (but historically beautiful and awesome) country of mine.

      • Only place to get Whaler Ale is in the great city of Hartford!

        (Note: Hartford has nothing to do, and I only like Whaler Ale because it is the brand of a hockey team I like.)

      • Ha, my dad knows a guy who went to every premier league soccer football club and tried every variety of pie from every shop… maybe I could do that with every premier league US hockey club, but with beer instead. :B

      • I don’t think that any other hockey team has their own beer. Sad thing is, the Whalers don’t even exist anymore since they were moved by their asshole owner Karmanos who I hope dies in hell. They aren’t drawing shit for attendance now so karma’s a bitch. Should’ve stayed in Hartford.

    • Hey hey hey…..I’m already a geezer over here I don’t have many more years left……


      But once I clone myself and implant all of my memories into the clone through use of dark magic, I will surly reach the mark at some point.

      • Cloning yourself does not necessarily make an identical version to yourself, you realize.
        But dark majik can fix that.
        maybe some voodoo….
        Also, it is very likely that you will live to a hundred years, due to improvements of medical science, and the general enlargement of humanities lifespans.

      • According to an article I read, I’m going to live a reaaaaaallly long time. The article (I can’t find it so just trust me on this) listed 8 ways to tell if you will live a long time, and 6 of the attributes defined me as a person perfectly (the other two attributes were being Asian and being a woman, of which I am neither).

        Fuck 100 years I’m headed for over 9000!

  2. 3 years huh? It feels like only yesterday did I discover your great ISSS. Come back with more brilliant posts that doesn’t make sense, Glo. I missed that a lot. Anime takes a lot from you in real life. Anime makes you have no (or limited) social life and takes up a lot of time so it’s either you watch anime and fucked everything else or the other way around.

    • I can’t fuck everything else…..I’d LIKE to fuck everything else (I mean, I’m a guy I’ll fuck a tree stump if I can), but by attention span is too small to focus on one thing too long. I want to write a post on drivers who suck at driving because it’s pissed me off forever. Every fucking day with these drivers who go 20 miles an hour I have fucking places to go SHIT.

  3. Congratz!
    I swear I can copy your ‘then and now’ comparison and paste that in my anniversary post and it would be perfectly fit (except for 1000 hits per day, I never had that much hit) ^^

  4. 3 years huh? Now you are in the “getting old and on the downswing” blog club, just like my blog… haha just joking! Congrats on 3 years.

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