Engrish At It’s Best……Or Worst……Or……I’m Not Really Sure

Finally caught up on some anime and wanted to talk about Engrish after watching an episode of Shinryaku!? Ika Musume. I think you know the episode in question.

[FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 04 [720p][3C6AFB6D].mkv_snapshot_06.52_[2011.12.11_14.29.17]

First off all, thanks to Mushyrulez for finding a sub group that doesn’t include all of the annoying squid puns. I LOVE puns, especially bad ones. The cornier they are the better. But all of the squid puns in Ika Musume are just unenjoyable (I liked them for about 5 minutes before I got seriously annoyed). So now I refuse to watch any subs other than FFFpeeps, who do a good job.

On to the episode. I forget what episode it was exactly, but in it, everyone decides that it would be a great idea to learn English. They get the science girl (Cyndi) to teach them, and somehow they all learn how to speak perfect English in about 1 minute, which was funny. When I say everyone, I of course mean everyone except Eiko, who goes on to converse in Japanese, but everyone seems to have suddenly forgotten Japanese all together, and assume everything she says is an attempt at English.

What insues is one of the stupidest, best, worst Engrish segments in all of anime. The whole thing is in English. Every character is speaking it. Cyndi speaks it so well that it sounds like an American dub. In fact, I haven’t looked it up because that takes time, but the voice of Cyndi seemed to have completely changed all together. I’m pretty sure they just brought an American in to voice her during the English segment. Let’s say that Cyndi was still voiced by her Japanese voice actress.  If that’s the case, then her Engrish was very good, but she still sounded unenthusiastic and bland. She reminded me of a lot of English dubbed characters. In fact, I swear I’ve heard her before on some English dub. Maybe Pani Poni Dash or Azumanga Diaoh or something. I usually hate most female dubbed voiced, with the exception of Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo) who I liked for whatever reason.

I love Engrish, but I’m not sure how I feel about all of this. It was beyond odd. What surprised me was that everyone suddenly seemed to become actually retarded with this change to English, especially Cyndi, who decided to spin around like an idiot, expecting an alligator after Eiko thanked her for water (arigatou).

[FFFpeeps] Shinryaku! Ika Musume S2 - 04 [720p][3C6AFB6D].mkv_snapshot_07.40_[2011.12.11_18.51.51]

Cyndi, you’re a fucking idiot. I’m going to pray that Engrish never lasts this long again. It was too much for me.

14 thoughts on “Engrish At It’s Best……Or Worst……Or……I’m Not Really Sure

  1. I haven’t watched this episode yet (I think it’s episode four) because I’m still not done my season preview post!

    But somewhat reminds me of [C], with that horrible engrish contrasted with the CIA/whatever-girl’s boss’s impeccable murican ‘ainglish

  2. Don’t remind me of Chrome Shelled Regios.. don’t remind me of Chrome Shelled Regios.. (damn!)

    This sketch was very odd, like something out of Twilight Zone. Cyndi, who speaks fluent Japanese, suddenly turns into a different character who doesn’t know any. You suspect she’s just messing with Eiko on purpose, but it becomes apparent that she’s just been replaced with a totally different person. I really don’t know how they could drop such a simple comedy ball so hard.

    And I’m the one who actually defended the squid puns earlier this season, until they even got the best of me. I could take some of them with Underwater’s slightly better translations, but inevitably I too jumped ship and went with FFFPeeps. It’s like they’re trying to be painful instead of funny this season, having given up on everything except the Mini-Ika segments.

      • Well, I think of CSR as one of those “missed opportunities”. It had a great setting that they turned into a pretty stock battle shounen series (still pretty interesting). It didn’t really go anywhere all that worthwhile though, and the Engrish in the “backstory” scenes was just atrocious. I also hear that a lot of people absolutely despised the OST, though that didn’t ruin it for me.

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