I’m Sorry Shakugan no Shana, I’ve Been Cheating On You

I love you Shakugan no Shana, I really do. I think you have great characters, and your third season is sexy as hell, but the truth is, I’ve found someone more attractive, and I’ve been sleeping with her non-stop. I know you’re probably angry at me,  but realize, it’s not a problem with you. You’re still a great girl, it’s just… Fate/Zero….she provides me with so much more.

No. Don’t look at me with that sad face. I’m sorry, I truly am. I had no idea that this would happen. I mean, I was excited to see Fate, it’d been a long time, but I was always more excited for you, Shakugan no Shana. Things just…I put you on hold, watched 4 episodes, and then started Fate/Zero, and to be honest, I just would rather spend time with her than you.

I’m sorry Shakugan no Shana. But we need to break up, at least for a little bit.

Yours Truly,

Glo the Legend


27 thoughts on “I’m Sorry Shakugan no Shana, I’ve Been Cheating On You

  1. Waiting weekly for the next shana episode is a pain in the ass since Shana III is getting really good at this point.
    I somehow wish I had waited until all episodes are out and then marathon it, but, it’s already too late.
    The waiting for new episodes is killing me.

  2. So many questions yet to be answered (everyone’s Noble Phantasms, the relics used to summon them, backstory, who is Berserker, etc.)This season-long wait for the next 13 episodes is going to be painful. It’s going to be a struggle not to break down and read the LN.

  3. You’re interesting, dirty and disturbing at the same time. I see now why you’re so popular. I’m wondering whether you’ve already seen Fate/Stay Night or not. In any case, Fate/Zero is undoubtedly one of the best action shows this year so I can understand how it can be strong enough to pull you away from one of your favorite anime series of all time…or anime that helped solidify your #1 seiyuu.

      • It’s brilliant strategy as far as I’m concerned. Make the public want more. Same thing happened when Morita-san wa Mukuchi season 1 ended. I was very sad. Then season 2 began immediately 1 week after. Screw them for cock teasing me. Bastards. It eventually did end and I was sad to see the yuri subtext harem come to an end.

        Point is, like it or not, it’s an effective marketing ploy.

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