As usual, I write a post requesting something, and low and behold, I get what I fucking want. This is the greatest news in the history of the world. Better than a clean bill of health and peace treaties, Mysterious Girlfriend X, the greatest manga ever, is getting a mother fucking anime, which I already am tempted to put into my top ten. God DAMN I’m so happy. I want to shout this news from a mountain, and buy everyone drinks and sex!

Unfortunately, I have no money, nor a mountain, so I am instead metaphorically masturbating with this post of happiness I can’t wait to give this anime a 5^^ even though it hasn’t even been made yet!!!! I hope it comes out by summer that would butter my bread!!!!

Most anticipated anime ever underrated this announcement, I’ve already forgotten about everything I’ve been watching this news is so exciting. The only news that could make this better is if it was announced that the Phoenix Coyotes would be moving to Hartford and becoming the Hartford Whalers.

Shout out to Sei for this awesome news.

23 thoughts on “I Just Came (MYSTERIOUSLY)

    • I assume this is severe sarcasm, seeing as Mysterious Girlfriend X is the best manga ever made (maybe besides Gantz). It’s the best ever. Urabe and Tsubaki BEST COUPLE (strangest yet most normal couple) EVER.

    • I’ve been begging for more Kuragehime. I’m sure more Working will be on the horizon don’t really need to beg for that. KURAGEHIME though….we gotta beg the shit out of everyone…..SAME WITH DURARARA!!!!

  1. AWWW YEA, I really love this manga too.
    Shame it got updated so slowly.
    Anyway this is really some good news, can’t wait for the adaption.

    I am really curious which Seiyuu will voice Urabe.

    • I know I stopped for a few months and only 1 new chapter has been released that can’t be right.

      I’d like to see Urabe portrayed with kind of a drab voice. She never smiles and rarely seems that impassioned, so I think it’d fit nicely. I don’t really have anyone specific in mind though. her voice must not be soft though.

      I wonder who what studio would be in on this? I don’t really want SHAFT, though many people seem to want them. They’re too visual and MGX doesn’t need all that shit.

  2. Dear Glo,
    If only I could be your latest stalker. Believe me when I say that I discovered your ISSS mere days ago, and already I have caught up from December of 2009. You are awesome!

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