500K: About F*ckin Time

I mean….fuck me right? Even kluxorious beat me. That’s right, my wife beats me. I should call domestic affairs, but what kind of pussy admits to a woman beating them?

Let’s get on with this…

With this milestone, Eye Sedso enters a select group of anime related websites. This group, to my knowledge, includes just kluxorious. Guess what? It’s a failure of a number.

I wanted to hit 500K BEFORE I reached three years. I didn’t make it. But that’s not my fault at all. No. In fact, that’s YOUR FAULT.

So I’d like to say FUCK YOU to all my readers out there, for not visiting Eye Sedso enough. You should have this  ISSS, the only one of it’s kind remaining, up on your browser 24/7, refreshing it every hour. With new technologies such as smart phones and shit, this should be EVEN EASIER to do.

So what gives? You guys are shitty readers and terrible, terrible people.

Thanks for nothing.

Woah, woah, woah. Calm down a second. Can’t you take criticism without getting all bent out of shape? Jesus Christ I’m just saying, my views aren’t counted as hits, yours are. okay, how about this.

My 6 year anniversary is coming up (in 3 years). I want to have 1 million hits BEFORE then. If I somehow do manage to pull off the impossible and last ANOTHER THREE FUCKING YEARS, then I expect you guys to be there with me. Make it your FUCKING JOB (without pay of course so more like volunteer work), to visit my beautiful, awesome, supreme, yet humble site 68 times a day. Why 68? Because I don’t like the number 67 and 69 is too perverted (yeah right  like anything is too perverted for me).

Thanks for the shoddy work though. 500K is pretty sweet considering I expected Eye Sedso to last 1 or 2 weeks originally. I’ll try and make my posts less shitty too, but actually I probably won’t.

Oh, and considering the amount of hits, some fucking comments would be nice. I want to get like 100 comments on a post at least once in my life. Go fuck yourself Danny Choo nobody likes you jump off a bridge (a small one. I don’t like you but I don’t want you dead you know?).

Thanks guys.

Hugs and kisses, fuckin bitches.

^ I literally JUST made that up as I typed it. It’s got intimacy with a hint badassary. Fucking awesome quote gotta patent that shit.

53 thoughts on “500K: About F*ckin Time

  1. I send my hubby to the battered husband shelter all the time… of course I do make him dinner all the time..

    and congrats on the half-a-mill.. I just managed to break a thousand a couple weeks ago.. (it’s pathetic I know, but I don’t really care)

    • If I get married, I will be the one making all the food I am the best cook on Earth.

      I wasn’t aware of your blog I suck.

      I am now though. Expect one comment from me every few months. That’s about how much I comment on other people’s sites (I’m trying to get better at that).

  2. I’ve a fifth of that in what, two thirds the time?

    At this rate, I’ll get 150k views in three years :v

    But that’s because my blog’s a blog and not an ISSS 😦 Damn you and your ISSSs.

  3. Congratulation Glo. If we are both still here in another 3 years, and both hit 1mil hits, we need to think of something to celebrate.

    On the other hand, fuck that. Lets fuck all. Rule 34 baby!

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  8. So you didn’t successfully hit 1 million as I had prognosticated. Ah well, you probably will soon enough. As for me, I’m happy to have even hit 700 views recently. not bad for a guy who only blogs as a hobby and not as a life accomplishment. Yay me!

    • 3 more years and I should hopefully be partying on the 1 million hit island.

      I write posts as a hobby as well (I mean, I don’t get paid). I’ve been known to disappear for months at a time too. To be honest, I’ve never really cared about Eye Sedso.

  9. Actually I only stop by once a moon, or when I feel the need to read about someone rotten to the core instead of getting my daily dosage of Thatguywiththeglasses cussing. Technically that doesn’t make me a stalker because I don’t frequent. Anyway I thank you kindly for your weekly dosage of rage dood.

  10. No, fuck YOU!

    That said, I’ll gladly refresh your site 68 times a day. We’ll achieve this dream… together.

    And by together, I mean alone, because I don’t see you doing shit, you fuck. YOU FUCK!

    Wait, has it been three years? I don’t maths.

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