Anime Battle: Gintama vs Nichijou

I recently got called out for mentioning Gintama and Nichijou, which I consider the best anime of 2011, in the same sentence. Here, look:

According to this post, I should never mention Gintama and Nichijou in the same sentence again. So what did I do?

Wrote a post comparing them. Because I’m an asshole.

But in all honesty, Taka brings up a point, and certainly a person as wise as Taka (Gintama increases brain mass) should be taken seriously. Gintama indeed does kick a whole lot of ass. But to be honest, Nichijou kicks a whole lot of ass too. They both kick ass in comedy. Who else in the anime blogosphere has the gall to pit two comedic juggernauts up against each other, or ANYTHING for that matter up against Gintama.

ME. And that’s the beauty of an ISSS… I can do what I want because






Fuck….(3:22 for relevance)

So then, let the battle commence….but first, I really have to shit.

Okay now that that’s done, I’m going to start with the anime I consider to be the challenger.


I was hesitant to start Nichijou. It looked like it might be your typical boring 4-koma (though, I’ve actually ended up liking a good amount of 4-koma based anime…not K-On though).

It wasn’t until I heard about fingers popping off of people and turning into rockets that I decided this anime was too wacky to ignore.

After 2 episodes I wasn’t that impressed, but after that, the show got progressivly better. Either I was becoming more in tune with the type of comedy, or the show was actually becoming better.

I like to think the latter.

Every single episode was better than the already awesome and hilarious episode preceding it. There were times where I had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard to hear what was going on. THAT is hard for an anime to do to me. Time to explode with a list of awesome:

Besides the fact that the art and animation was incredibly awesome (best of the year and arguably my favorite ever), the characters were a question mark for me.

I deliberated for about a good hour when trying to decide what character I liked the most. I switched back and forth. Sakamoto was a fucking awesome cat who could talk. Yuuko was a crazed slacker who was retarded in the best way. Mai was one of those characters with a listless expression, but who also was arguably the most insane character in the show. Koujirou the…hmm….refined noble-like rich kid who was a farmer and rode a goat. He was interesting. Hakase, the most interesting and hilarious mad scientist seen (asides to Okabe from Steins;Gate). Heck, even the principal was bad ass enough to wrestle a deer (can’t remember if there was a reason why though).

But in the end, the best character had to be Misato Tachibana.

Misato is a tsundere to the 5 millionth level….sort of. It’s incredibly obvious to everyone in the anime that she likes Koujirou, but she refuses to display these feelings. Instead, she routinely pulls large weapons, from machine guns to rocket launchers to I think even a tank, from nowhere, and blasts the shit out of Koujirou for no real reason.

This is funny.

This is awesome.

This anime, is wacky, zany, completely ridiculous and retarded and also fucking amazing in every way. The comedy probably isn’t for everyone though. How could you NOT love this!?

NOTE: They took the original video of this scene down, so I replaced it with a shorter, but better quality version here.

That’s all and good. Clearly a 5^^ show. But Gintama is no slouch.


I just built up Nichijou to seem like (at least in my opinion) the greatest comedic anime in all of anime history. It almost seems too good to beat.

Now I’m about to show you how infinitely insignificant it is to Gintama in every single way.

Nichijou is a hilarious and enjoyable watch. It is fun. It has a lot of pointlessness to it, but it’s all funny. However, even though it is INSANELY unique in it’s brand of comedy (what other show has a good 15 minutes devoted solely for the purpose of explaining a character’s hair accessories?), it’s still a bit one dimensional.

Gintama is not.


Gintama blends everything that is good and creates something unimaginably awesome. It breaks the 4th wall. It melds clever comedy with crude poop jokes. It parodies popular culture and anime, shows and music. It covers every possible brand of comedy you can think of, and it’s been going for more than 200 episodes why?

Because it keeps everything new and funny. It never gets boring, it never gets dull, and it’s an anime that you want to just sit and watch forever without stopping to pee or eat or drink or pee. (peeing is one of the leading causes of anime interruptions).

And you know what? You can even take all of the comedy out, and you’re STILL left with a very good anime. Gintama, while being mainly episodic, also has a bit of a continuous plot (and archs and all that shit), so it’s not just good as a comedy, it’s good as a drama. Neither does it ever seem too overwhelmingly comedic or too overwhelmingly dramatic. As I said before, it’s a perfect blend.

As I said, I had a tough time choosing a favorite character for Nichijou, but the characters in Gintama are just as crazy and unique, and what’s more is that they all have a great deal more depth than the characters in Nichijou. I’m not even going to bother reminding you about the awesomeness of Gintoki, or Kagura or Shinpachi or his nutty sister or ANYONE in the Shinsengumi. But Ayame has to be my favorite.

She’s a stalker who is blind without her glasses and enjoys S&M. I do not enjoy S&M, but I love stalkers and glasses and assassins, and Ayame. So she’s  probably going to win hands down. But the cast is inscrutably outstanding.

Nichijou has great comedy. Gintama has literally EVERYTHING. Nothing is not covered, there is no where it won’t go, and it covers almost every single thing that you could find or want in an anime. And what’s more, it executes it PERFECTLY.

Gintama might be the perfect anime ever created.


44 thoughts on “Anime Battle: Gintama vs Nichijou

  1. Please, Gintama fans: don’t do that. It sounds like Trekkies at a convention infiltrated by Darth Vader cosplayers, not cutely tongue-in-cheek faux-fanboy rage.

    Really, glo, the only thing I felt when I read your statement was dismay that I couldn’t enjoy Nichijou as much as you.. just like I wish others could find Sunred as gut-busting as I do.

  2. Lol but I really hated Nichijou. It was seriously one of the most unfunny things I’ve ever watched. (Though I still did get minor enjoyment out of Mio kicking peoples asses) It just didn’t tickle my funny bone at all. The amazing animation didn’t do anything for me either because it always felt misplaced. When Yukko stabs herself on her pen and her scream penetrates through the planets, I just didn’t find funny because I didn’t think the overreaction was funny (even though Gintama frequently pulls out the overreactions). The anti-comedy did nothing for me. I’ll admit it did get better when they brought Nano together with the main cast but the humor in the show never made me laugh; smirk maybe but no guffaws. While I do think Gintama is amazing I would have had less a problem if someone compared it to say…Arakawa Under the Bridge or Working, but when it’s Nichijou….I just…it’s like someone elevating their Led Zeppelin cover band to the remotely near the status of the actual Led Zeppelin band.

    But yeah, nah, I really do believe there will never be a better comedy anime than Gintama. If there was we might end up with a World’s Funniest Joke situation on our hands.

    • >> While I do think Gintama is amazing I would have had less a problem if someone compared it to say…Arakawa Under the Bridge or Working, but when it’s Nichijo

      Are you fucking kidding me? Are you daft? I didn’t like Nichijou, but fucking Working in the same sentence as Gintama? You know what, I won’t bother reproducing your comment. This is enough: suck a bag of dicks.

  3. I think I’m with Taka for this one and you of all people should know how I feel about Gintama.

    With that said, I’m no longer interested to watch Nichijou now. I mean, I did watch the OVA and that didn’t sit well with me. It was like a bad cover of Gintama (I’m repeating what Taka already said here, aren’t I?) hence why I never bothered with the TV show.

  4. I have never encountered a good comedy anime, and believe me, it’s not for lack of trying. Nichijou and Gintama, by the way, are so painfully unfunny they make me want to cry. The best comedy is on Western TV. Community, The IT Crowd, The Office (American and British versions), Arrested Development, Fawlty Towers, and so many other great shows you could have watched in the hours you wasted with Nichijou.

    • Cromartie High School (dub)
      Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei
      Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san
      Ben-To (action-comedy)
      and the king of all comedy anime… Detroit Metal City

    • Reed has hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer made out of gold and plated with a titanium alloy. Community is funny. The Office bores me honestly, and I NEED to see Arrested Development because everyone I’ve talked to says it ridiculously funny.

      To not like Nichijou…..okay I guess I could sort of live with that….barely.

      To not like Gintama…’re actually doing harm to yourself by depriving your body of such an awesome show.

  5. I watched more episodes of Gintama than Nichijou has total, waiting for it to get interesting, believing against all odds that there’s something great coming because of the show’s rep…

    Didn’t happen.

  6. I haven’t seen a single episode of Gintama in…ever but based on this showdown, I can tell its humor caters to me with its equal over the top and random humor, similar to Nichijou.

  7. Having watched Nichijou and not Gintama, I can’t compare the two. Which is why I’m not watching shows like Gintama or Cowboy Bebop or Utena or *insert good show here*, because I haven’t watched enough bad shows to be able to appreciate their goodness. Imagine somebody who watches Gintama first before anything else – they’d never find any comedy anime funny! Poor guy 😦

      • This has actually been a worry of mine lately. See my Spice and Wolf post. My New Year’s resolution is to finish Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I just hope it doesn’t ruin all other anime for me.

      • But yeah I refuse to ever touch LotGH no matter how good people say it is. I’m usually all about long anime, but I don’t like the genre much, so a long show of a genre I don’t particularly like….not feeling it.

        Plus I still have to finish Ranma 1/2. I’m averaging an episode a year now, so in about 20 years I should have finally finished it. I just hope they don’t decide to remake it or something or I’ll be fucked.

  8. After thinking for a while, I seem to find some similarity between 2 shows beside both being comedy. While they seem quite different on the surface, the characters in these anime work very well with the visual humour. They don’t really bother with explaining the background of the characters or filling on the details because the characters are there to make the jokes work. I thought both shows exceeded on that expectation. At least I watched fair bit of both shows, I know what made it good. For me visual humour gets tiring, that’s why I held Nichijou for a while.

    Gintama had some other jokes that I liked but nothing in particular stood out for me other than the good animation or a good vibe. Also I got tired of watching the anime that are too long. Like Citrus said, I guess I was also expecting something like shocking twist from Gintama because it seemed to have some sort of a plot.

    • Nichijou is constantly hilarious. Literally non-stop funniness. Gintama is a mix between hilariousness and plot and character development and awesomeness. If Nichijou comes out with a second season and it’s still as funny then I may change my tune, but for now Gintama is just better.

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  10. The irony is that there is now a new Nichijou that has a sense of humour like Gintama but better. At least that was my impression from the first episode… Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou / Daily Lives of Highschool Boys. Also, one of the main character’s has Gintoki’s voice actor.

    You have to watch Arrested Development and Sunred. And The Inbetweeners, Spaced and Peep Show.

    First I’ve ever heard of Community but now I’m going to watch it.

    Also, if you’re into some US shows you have to watch Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

    • I’ve just watched the first episode of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. It was decently funny. Some of the gags were a bit dumb (guys wouldn’t try on women’s clothes), but others were funny. I found the first episode enjoyable.

      • Maybe I was in a particularly humorous mood when watching it but I was impressed. Great comedic timing and fast paced (except the last segment which was great because of the Kyon-inner-monologue). I thought all of the skits worked well, which is rare in anime. I disagree with your point about the ‘dumb gags’ considering the ‘awesome’ Gintama vid you linked to above is wrong on more levels and Male Nichijou actually pulled it off quickly in a hilarious manner. Gintama in general makes use of lots of dumb gags and, my memory is a bit hazy on this, but cross-dressing is far from an unused plot device in the series, isn’t it? Japanese comedies really don’t mind using it despite how unrealistic it is.

        Nichijou’s awesome but I rarely found that it made me want to laugh. I haven’t watched Gintama since I caught up with the subs like three years or so ago. It was only at about episode 80 at the time and it seems like it got subbed really quickly after that. I find myself barely managing to keep up with my favourite shows each season so I’m rarely trying to go back and catch up on stuff that’s gotten way ahead.

      • Male Nichijou is okay, but it doesn’t even come close to holding a candle to either Nichijou or Gintama, or even half of Nichijou or half of Gintama. From episode 1, I’ll probably end up giving male Nichijou a 4.

        Watch Gintama on Crunchyroll great quality. I’m on episode 61 as of today. I take Gintama slow because someday it’s gonna be gone and I want to drag it out as long as possible to enjoy it for a longer time. Though I do feel the need for a Gintama binge right now, which can sometimes mean 10 episodes in a sitting, a break, then 10 more episodes.

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