Boku wa tomodachi ga Sukunai: Bangout

Well, I finally am starting to finish a multitude of shows, and the most recent one is BhTgS. I just like how the acronym looks….BhTgS….cool.

Going into this season, I saw Boku wa Tomodachi as a show that most people would ignore, thinking that it was some sort of harem bullshit cliche thing. As someone who reads the manga, I knew mainly what to expect, and that this was not a typical harem. In fact, I would be hard pressed to consider this a harem, since most of the “love interests” for our main character, Kodaka, are more or less jokes of love interests, and none of them seem to be seriously in love with him or anything like that. For example:

Yozora: Signs of love are evident, but I feel more or less like she just wants him to be her friend again, like he used to be.

Sena: She’s a pedophile for Kodaka’s sister. But clearly she does want his cock.

Rika: She’s a slut. That being said, she seems to more or less like gays.

Maria: She’s a fucking child.

Kobata: Also a child, not to mention Kodaka’s sister.

Yukimura: Here’s a pairing that Rika would like….not gonna ever happen.

Now that I’ve said what I wanted to say there, let me say this:

This was a very good adaptation.

I had my doubts that this would turn into some super fanservice bullshit, and even though there were a couple of heavy fanservice scenes, I felt like it was mainly just good entertainment as a whole, and stood true to the manga (which I subsequently stopped reading once the anime started).

Now, as for my favorite character, I had a tough choice between Yozora and no one else. It wasn’t until the last episode when I realized that Rika is actually the best character (with Stella being a close second and Yozora dropping off completely). The reason why surprised me.

I recently talked about the greatness of Marina Inoue, who was the seiyuu for Yozora. But Rika has the best seiyuu in the show in Misato Fukuen, who I do not know, though she’s voiced several prominent roles. As Rika, she’s always screaming and full of emotion. It’s superbly entertaining to watch, but whenever Rika got airtime, I became captivated by her perverted screaming, puns, and other shit like that. AWESOME.

Especially loved by me was the small, underlying continuous story of Yozora and Kodaka’s past. It wasn’t overpowering at all, in fact it was almost invisible, but it was just apparent enough where you always got excited when they started talking about it. And Yozora’s big hair change at the end? AWESOME. I immediately want more. All in all, it was a very solid anime. Nothing too memorable, but very solid.


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Bill wishes he had no friends so he could be elligible to join Yozora's club.

Extra Shit

Yeahhhh Extra Shit.

So I’ve been posting at an insane rate lately, and I’ve been DEVOURING anime and manga. I’M BACK!

School just started and I don’t think I’m going to have time to breathe this semester. Could be a hiatus coming up or I might just fail out instead. God damn Education courses….they’re all full of busywork that takes forever. I KNOW ALL THIS SHIT ALREADY FUCK YOU EDUCATION PROGRAM YOU’RE USELESS.

I could teach the fucking program myself.


Will be watching much anime this weekend. GO GIANTS!


12 thoughts on “Boku wa tomodachi ga Sukunai: Bangout

  1. Haganai surprised me quite a bit. It did occasionally devolve into boring drama, but it was mostly amusing throughout, and I came out with a positive impression of the show. Not the best thing since sliced bread, but it was a good thing to look forward to each week.

  2. I saw that the Giants beat the Packers. A good game to be sure. If you go on hiatus just remember that I’ll always be here, lurking around your posts…

  3. Shit! I decided to poke around with my wang and I discovered this. I was going to tell you to read it, but figured you probably already had, so who looks like an asshole now, asshole?

    That said, the anime adaption was pretty bad. Start reading the manga again. Or you could be a totally bad dude and read the light novels. Actually, read the manga anyway. The mangaka is fantastic at facial expressions, paneling, pacing, expressions, art, and other stuff. In the volume releases, Maigo includes the coverslips, and the author likes to draw the characters in a bunch of famous styles. This guy is a champ.

    In any case, Haganai is awesome, and it does seem like a series a lot of people would blow off because it looks like typical harem bullshit… but that’s the point; it’s a deconstruction: what would probably actually happen in this sort of ‘harem’ set up in real life.

    Well, you could even say that it’s an inversion — usually the male lead is a boring piece of shit “nice guy”, and all the girls are (supposed to be) likable. Meanwhile, Kodaka is actually a genuinely nice person, but at the same time, still a regular guy. The girls, meanwhile, are all assholes… though that isn’t to say they aren’t likable. Indeed, this is probably the first series I’ve ever read where I genuinely like all of the characters. Even the brother-con little sister and the loli! Holy fuck!

    Another thing I’ve noticed in regards to inversion, is that this actually seems like a genderswapped shoujo harem, with the faults cranked up to 11. Yozora is the main jerk guy, only instead she’s a huge asshole, Sena is the haughty princely type, with haughty being taken to an extreme, etc.

    This is definitely a series that actually deserves all the love it seems to get (at least in Japan), though I’m sure most of it is because the covers for the light novels have Sena’s tits hanging out, and due to her love of dating games, but, whatevs.

    I’m not sure who my favorite girl is… I think it’s whoever is currently on the page; I like them all that much. That said, I think the best ‘match’ for Kodaka would probably be Rika. And then Yozora and Sena can hook up!!

    • I’ve fallen behind on this. The manga is definitely better (usually is), but I liked the anime too. Thought when compared to other adaptations it actually did pretty well.

      But yeah I do have to start reading the manga again. Light novels confuse me because I’m fucking retarded so that’s out.

      Fucking time. I don’t have any.

      • You’re not allowed to like the anime if someone says it was bad!! Actually most complaints were about how much of a creeper it was; if Sena was talking it’d do a slow pan up from her thighs up to her face, instead of just focusing on her face. SHE IS JUST A YOUNG GIRL, JAPAN!

        Light novels are like, words, and, text. Baka-Tsuki has them as plain text format without the images if that’s what’s confusing… or… uhh… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        Kill everyone you know. Then you’ll have plenty!

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