Dear Anime, Please Stay, I Thought We Were Having Fun?

Lately, I’ve noticed several posts and lots of talk (especially with the whole SOPA/PIRA shit going on) that make it seem as if  anime is going to die forever shortly. For me, it honestly feels like a dark foreboding that foretells some kind of disaster. Is anime really going to die on me?

Here’s a few links that I felt were….less than appealing (not as posts, but the news they carried).

From SOPA/PIPA to ACTA – The G-Empire

And Everything Else Falls Down-In the Wake o Losing Megaupload – Black and Blue Socks

The End – 2DT

Brief Thoughts about the US Anime Industry and Anime Collection – Chikorita157’s Anime Blog

It’s mainly the first three that give me a sense of “oh shit wtf the world is about to end” feeling. First of all, 2DT is gone. Not going, but gone. Since I’ve started Eye Sedso, he’s been a force of the blogosphere. It’s just….it feels like the captain of a team, who’s been the captain for 50 years, has retired, and now the team is completely different. It looks different and it feels different. Still, good luck to him and everything, he’ll be missed (it’s not like he died or anything). But with his leaving the scape of the internet anime community has certainly changed. It was almost like when Theo left the Red Sox, but worse (says the die hard Red Sox fan….yeah).

The first two are worse. Dire, in fact. Direct Download sites are jumping ship like shit from an asshole. The only time….the ONLY time I download an anime video is through direct download sites like Filesonic (RIP). I’m  too afraid to get caught with a torrent again (it’d be a third strike for me). Direct download isn’t neccesarily safer at all (I’d think especially now), but it’s different, so I think it is somehow, and use this as an excuse to utilize direct download, which I do from time to time. It comes in handy actually.

Well, not anymore.

All I’ve got left now is streaming. Sure, Crunchyroll is pretty much a Godsend for me. Yeah I pay for it, but it’s not much, and the quality is crystal clear without ads. I love it. But they only play a select few anime from each season, and so there’s some that I have to watch streaming on other sites, site that not only may soon be disbanded (gulp) but have worse quality and dreaded ads, which always seem to appear at the worse times. Not only that, but now anime once streamed on megavideo have gone the way of the dodo. I could be fucked. Just to be safe, I’m currently downloading all of the Shakugan no Shana III episodes (I’m only up to 8, thank God filepost hasn’t left….yet). I refuse to watch shit quality Shakugan no Shana III. If I could, I’d just buy the whole season now (but that won’t arrive for 249432 years).

I feel like it’s only a matter of time before streaming sites are beaten down, and that will ruin me. I’ll be forced to all but quit anime.

And the manga! Shit! What if that goes too! I’m freaking out here guys. FREAKING OUT.

We need simulcast of all anime ever. And legal streaming of all anime ever from the past too. FUCK.


27 thoughts on “Dear Anime, Please Stay, I Thought We Were Having Fun?

      • Step 1: Download an IRC client. (I use Colloquoy on Mac, that tutorial suggests mIRC.)
        Step 2: In the IRC client, join the server “”. Then join the channel “#news”. (Exact instructions differ by client, but are not too hard. Usually a big button that says “Join Server” or similar.)
        Step 3: Search for the episodes you want via
        Step 4: Copy the text that the site gives you into the message box, hit enter

  1. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare. I wanted to vent my anger.

    However, when all hope is lost, there’s always irc! Which…I still need to learn how to use.

  2. I asked the question to many people about “What to do if you cant get your stuff (torrent, direct links, sharing sites, etc)

    Well, here are some silly answers for you…
    1- Sell my computer and instead buy a playstation.
    2- Order illegal dvds from Asia (the old fashioned way)
    3- Go to underground channels like MIRC (Again, the old fashioned way)
    4- Quit Hollywood, Quit Anime, QUIT THE FUC.*. Internet

    Here are your answers…Any contribution?

    We are going back to the XX Century, first half of it, when the government banned liquor and people had to drink underground. So pathetic!

    • I have too much of a life….what with:

      – Anime
      – Ceramics
      – Manga
      – Actual books
      – Working out
      – Work
      – School
      – Doing stuff with people
      – Dates with women
      – The need to run (different from working out)

      The list goes on but there’s not enough time in the fucking day.

      I’m just going to have someone illegally mail me anime.

  3. God I hate anti-piracy laws. Old companies who refuse to update their business models trying to censor the Internet. If content creators provided easy, comprehensive, accessible, and reasonably priced streaming services that allowed me to watch all the stuff I pirate, I’d be there in a heartbeat, and 90% of piracy would disappear overnight. But they won’t, because their profits will never be as high that way as they are now, and God knows they can’t cut any of those platinum parachutes for their executives. Innovation is the cornerstone of the free market, and if these companies want to have a successful niche in the free market, they need to innovate and not rely on draconian legislation. Honestly, the fact that they refuse to innovate makes me want to pirate more stuff just to spite them.

    BTW, in my opinion anyway, Crunchyroll is a pretty awful service. No more than 300 D-List shows punctuated with several rounds of advertisement per episode, and just to watch those episodes in a timely manner without ads is, what, five dollars a month? Sorry, but at those prices, for that service, I’ll be giving my money to Netflix and continuing to pirate my anime.

    • I actually don’t mind piracy laws, but wtf how else am I supposed to watch anime??? They need to make a site similar to crunchyroll that has EVERY FUCKING ANIME EVER INCLUDING SIMULCASTS THAT HAS DIFFERENT PAYMENT PLANS AND AT HIGHEST IS LIKE $130 YEARLY (about $11 per month not bad).

      I like crunchyroll.

  4. I feel your fear, Glo. I was too afraid and insecure to even think about it and thus I pretend and continue to see the world through rose tinted glass. When and if the day such as that arrived, I’ll deal with it accordingly (most probably involved a razor blade and a wrist =p).

    I still can’t believe 2DT is gone T___T

  5. You know, this really is a perfect example of what companies are slowly trying to do. They realise that people will watch legal streams because it’s simply easier and are willing to spend the money to get it. Just now they’ve got to go and do it. You are american though, most stuff streams in your country, whether through Funimation, NicoNico, AnimeTV etc. No such luck over here

  6. I’d be quite happy to pay for something that actually offers worldwide distribution in the same vein of CrunchyRoll. People, in my experience, pirate because it’s a complete crock of shit in the internet age that we have to wait for licensing agreements and DVD authoring and all these other things to come through, or wait a week, or months for a TV episode to show up on a channel in our country?

    I mean, in the UK, we have Sky Atlantic, and I tip my hat to them, because they broadcast Game of Thrones a day after the US, as well as a host of other HBO shows. But FX and others… broadcast shows like True Blood and Dexter what seems like an age after the US. The only recent ‘simulcast’ from them was The Walking Dead season 2.

    I just think piracy really could be curtailed if we got rid of borders when it came to DVDs. I’ve heard stuff like anime DVDs for region 2 being delayed because the French or the German dub or subtitles weren’t ready… =_=

      • Probably won’t happen in our lifetime, though… didn’t CrunchyRoll say they were going to start releasing some shows/movies on DVD? I haven’t heard anything from them since, except for more stuff about simulcasting.

        I wish there was a site that featured all the anime ever made. So much. I wish we had Hulu in the UK. Just scrolling down through the list of anime on Hulu makes me jealous. *harrumphes* 😦

  7. The sad thing is that they’re not even targeting anime. They probably don’t even care about anime, since it’s not made in America or anything, and the only American companies who profit from it are distributors. Y’know, if you think outside of capitalism and having to make money, distributors have no point. After the Internet, everything can be distributed easily, and with so many fansubs and scanlators, localization won’t be a problem. But money’s the key point here, and why would anybody make anything if they don’t get money from it?

    Not that money’s bad or anything, but just that this entire SO(PI)PA nonsense just stems from money, money, money. Sigh…

  8. I got into anime in 2002, and didn’t even know about streaming until 2007. For 4 years, that meant either watching anime on TV, or buying it on DVD at 30 bucks a pop. Fuck all that. Don’t wanna go back.

    • That sucks and personally, I don’t rewatch a lot of shows. I mean, sure I’ll go back and watch some shows, but there’s only been a handful of them really. And of course when it’s on tv but still……..I don’t want to pay money for a show if I’m never going to watch it. Plus it takes too long and it sucks.

      BUT, I would GLADLY pay to watch anime simulcast/online. But sites like Crunchyroll (which I love), have a very limited amount of anime, and some anime (like Fairy Tail which I tried to start [Rie Kugimiya]), only has episodes up for 30 days at a time….are you kidding me?

  9. I just want to crawl into a corner and stay there until it’s over. I still remember the days before I realized you could stream anime that left me panting as I saved 25 dollars each month for an Inuyasha DVD…never again dude…

  10. I still stream, mostly with older series that I don’t particularly mind seeing in crystal clarity and won’t likely see on American shores for anything less than a semester’s tuition, but it’s still a little scary to have all this going on that affects DDL and such. I’ve been meaning to get the hang of IRC for awhile, so maybe now’s as good a time as any…

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