Introducing The Greatest Webcomic Ever

Recently I heard about a webcomic called Chimneyspeak, and decided to check it out.

Little did I know, it’s the most AWESOME SHIT EVER CREATED.

I honestly don’t even have to explain WHY it’s so good. I could show you one page. Just one, and you should IMMEDIATELY read it.

But I’ll hold off. First let me tell you the premise (or what I know from what I’ve read so far).

It’s set in England. Scummy, crime infested England. The language is one reason why I LOVE this comic but I’ll get into that later. First, the premise. As the website states. Chimneyspeak is all about “Bludgers, Cracksmen, Nobblers, Dippers, Lushingtons, Flimps, and Coopered Ladybirds.”

I have no idea what a single word of that means, so I’ll just say that Chinmeyspeak is bloody awesome.


Lots of bloody.

It’s got gore, but none of the gross gore. The good thing is that the comic is cartoony, so seeing someone’s throat slit is really no bigger deal than seeing Daffy Duck get his bill blown back. In fact, it makes blood a HUGE situational helper.

For example: When see someone get cut in half, instead of thinking “Gross” or “Uggh”, you think, “THAT’S FUCKING BAD ASS SHE IS A BAD ASS.”

Who is “she” you ask?

Well, I tried to stave off as long as I could, but I must now release the first screenshot, which does a GREAT job introducing the best character in the history of History: Chelsea Grinn.

Let me recap:

  • Pretty girl turned psychotic murderer? Check.
  • Body completely scarred up depicting that she does not give a FUCK? Check.
  • Talks to herself? Check.
  • Heavy need for revenge that drives her more insane? Check.
  • Kills people? …

Oh you better BELIEVE CHECK.

See what I mean where the blood just increases the badassery?

I LOVE the art in thi- what’s that? Okay fine one more screenshot, but then we gotta keep it movin.

Anyway. The Art. I love it. Some characters are small, like Elgie the assassin who Chelsea is trying to kill. It reminds me a lot of Invader Zim, which is the best art fucking ever.

I REALLY want to see this made into a movie (live action). I don’t normally say that EVER, but this would kick ass. It would probably kick so much ass, in fact, that theaters would explode. THAT’S AWESOME.


NOTE: I should note that they’re are lesbians and nudity. Though not much really, and who the fuck has ever complained about lesbians?

EDIT: I forgot to talk about the language. It’s that old school British shit. REAL awesome.

8 thoughts on “Introducing The Greatest Webcomic Ever

  1. All of the spelling mistakes in the dialogue had me initially convinced that I wasn’t going to bother reading it…

    But then I saw your note at the end about lesbians.


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