IRC: Is This Right?

Like, is it supposed to take this long? I heard that it was faster. That sucks I guess.

The Big Hour aka La Hora Especial aka Glothelegend

Does that look right though? I just wanna know if I’m doing it right. This GUIDE helped me a LOT.

Either way, it looks like I’m FINALLY on the IRC bandwagon, even if it does take over an hour to get one episode of anime, as opposed to 20 minutes on a direct download (RIP).

I can’t even watch fucking streaming anymore it’s all gone. I’m going to cry.


20 thoughts on “IRC: Is This Right?

  1. It’s not immediately obvious what you’re doing wrong, but the answer is, no, you should not get speeds that slow from XDCC. I’d try another download from a different bot and see what happens. If it’s still the same, maybe check your firewall settings to make sure mIRC is allowed.

  2. Did you try port forwarding? It can increase your XDCC speeds quite substantially. Pardon me if this was already mentioned in the guide, because I can’t access it (I don’t have an account).

    Also, welcome to IRC/Rizon. Feel free to pop by my channel at #isoani if you’d like

  3. Am I to assume by your “La Ultima Hora” nickname that you also have South American blood in you, or am I getting my hopes up for nothing?

    Anyway, you can call me whatever insult you want after this question, but, what’s IRC have to do with downloading?

    • No, my friend is a minor in Spanish and gave me that nickname for certain reasons of which a person would normally be proud for, but not I.

      IRC is like…a chat thing, and you can “chat” with say….the IRC channel for a popular fansubbing group and send a message that’s something like:

      /msg Kyuubi|Firianoch xdcc send #150

      and a bot automatically send you the video. It’s really easy and awesome.

  4. You really can’t find streaming or direct downloads for anime anymore? I think you’re doing it wrong. Everything on Veoh and Videoweed is still up, not to mention the half a dozen other less well-known players commonly used by anime sites. I’ve been downloading and streaming all sorts of stuff since Megavideo went down and I haven’t noticed any difficulties in finding what I want.

    Then again, it is always nice to know that if special interests have their way with our governments we can fall back on IRC…

    • Veoh only has so much…..I haven’t used it in ages. Most anime sites all have videos that have been removed. Maybe I am doing wrong….whatever though, IRC means good quality and I HAVE the videos.

  5. I’m glad I figured out iRC before all this shit happened… the downloads can be resumed and it’s a helluva lot faster than torrents. I’d much prefer IRCs to DDLs, cos my laptop likes to shut down randomly and it makes you wanna rip your hair when you’re 90% done downloading. Only… through DDL’s I had everything. IRC doesn’t *sob*

    I guess anime is still lucky to even have IRC option, most other kind of shows don’t. (at least from the experience of hours of searching for those CN cartoons & British dramas :-/)

    • I feel like a lot of stuff is still available if not through IRC then surly through other means. What I mean is: If it’s not on IRC, it’s probably up somewhere and doesn’t need to be subbed anymore or something. Fuck I’m tired I have no clue what I’m talking about anymore.

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