Ano Natsu de Matteru: You Don’t Need GLASSES to Watch THIS Anime! (get it?)

Why and how did I start watching this? The answer: Crunchyroll.

And right next to it is ANOTHER anime I need to start watching....GET IT!?

It was just up there. The poster for the show had been staring me in the face for like….a month. Sooooo I finally decided to check it out annnnnnnd it looks good so far.

It reminds me a lot of Ano Hana, especially with the art, which is exactly the same in every single way. The main character looks exactly the same from the hair to the glasses. He has experienced the death of a parent (in this case, both of them). Fuck, even the abridged versions of the names sound similar: Ano Hana vs Ano Natsu. In fact, the only real change is that with Ano Natsu, instead of a ghost living with a kid we have an alien. With big boobs. And glasses.

Everyone has fucking glasses.

Who could hate a show where everyone wears glasses?

Glasses are fucking awesome.

I’m going to make this post about glasses.


Did I talk about glasses? Did I mention how I came to love glasses on a girl? Maybe I tiptoed through the subject when I endorsed the great manga, Yankee-kun to Megane-chan (megane being the word that was the reason for which I read it in the first place).

Here’s a few notes on glasses:

  • Asians look absolutely amazing in them.
  • I’d totally fuck a girl in glasses.
  • Thick framed glasses (the ones that say, “look at me, I’m a hipster,” can make a girl look hot, but hipsters should jump off a bridge (who the fuck likes hipsters? Answer: not even hipsters).
  • I’m not going to talk about guys who wear glasses, because I don’t give a shit about guys who wear glasses.
  • In anime, a girl in glasses can make any show better. The only higher way to improve a show could be lesbians. And lesbians who wear glasses? DON’T EVEN FUCK WITH THAT SHIT! (just kidding, you should totally fuck with that shit! Here’s looking at you Sasameki Koto [I yearn for another season])
  • …..
  • …..
  • I’ve decided to pick up the manga for Sasameki Koto. Meaning right now. Gonna have to end this post, but I’ll leave you with this:

1. Some new post ideas you may see someday from me: Top Ten Glasses Girls in Anime, Post on OPs, Anime Viewing Guide of Awesomeness, and a bunch of other bullshit (key word from earlier in the sentence being you “may” see someday).

2. And of course……



Eli Manning is no longer playing like a pussy! He can move in the pocket and isn’t afraid to take a hit anymore! Little Eli is all grown up!!! AND THE BEST QB ON EARTH!!!!

That game was un-fucking believable almost EXACTLY like the last Super Bowl, nay, the last two times these two teams faced each other. The Giants always score with less than a minute to play. AWESOME.

Also, being one who keeps heavy tabs on the Hartford Whalers, I know someone (sort of) who ran into Bettman (NHL Commish) at the Super Bowl, and he queried about when Hartford would get an NHL team back. His answer: When the arena in Hartford improves.



18 thoughts on “Ano Natsu de Matteru: You Don’t Need GLASSES to Watch THIS Anime! (get it?)

  1. Everybody knows that glasses fetish is the supreme fetish. And I’m not just saying that because I myself wear glasses. …Okay, maybe just a bit.

    And I suggest waiting and then doing a marathon for Another. You’ll probably get the most out of the show that way.

    • I also, on occasion, wear glasses. Nice thick black framed ones (apparently those are the only kinds of glasses you can buy nowadays.

      I’ll wait for Another day then…(God I’m funny).

  2. Ha, I wear glasses. I’d get my eyes lasered but apparently they have to cut open the film over your eyeball so AAARRRGHHHH NO WAY

    I’ll take a look at Ano Natsu! It’s surprising how nobody expected it to be any good, but all the blogs I’ve seen recently are singing its praises.

    • I want to get my eyes lasered bad. It takes like 2 minutes and you don’t feel anything. My friends dad got it done and he loves it. The only reasons I don’t want to do it is:

      1. Sometimes I like to wear glasses.
      2. $$$

      It is good, better than my shit computer, which has trouble playing anything because it’s so old and slow.

      • Yeah we get adverts on TV and in the newspapers all the time: “Have your eyes lasered! It’s only £450 (per eye)!”

        Because, you know, I’d save up £450 and get one eye corrected at a time.

        Oh dear. Time for an upgrade, mayhaps. My laptop is running really slowly too recently.

  3. 1. Glasses fetish
    2. Giants fan, despite rooting for the Whalers
    I don’t know if I can read your ISSS anymore. I’m sorry it had to come to this.

      • don’t tell me you are watching this show…

        It’s not like I dropped it, I have all the latest episodes. I just don’t feel like dealing with the clicheness atm is all.

      • Clicheness? This anime is really well done clicheness doesn’t matter. If you drop a show because of it’s clicheness than technically you should drop all anime forever.

      • that makes sense but alien girl with big boobs ends up with the weak ass protagonist… like i said in my first impression post, if the pairing is different then i might consider picking this up again.

      • That’s….not exactly it. Plus whatshername is fucking awesome, the short girl with the body of a typical tsundere (Remon). She just screws with everyone for her own enjoyment and they all have no clue. And I have a feeling that she knows Ichika is an alien.

        I don’t feel like this is your typical alien meets/lives with boy anime. Plus I actually kind of like the main character Kaito. He’s not really a pussy, I mean, he’s been untested. He’s kind of just….normal right now I’ll admit, but I like it.

        Another thing I like is the huge ass love triangle….trapezoid? Rhombus? Incomplete shape?

        Everyone likes someone else, and everyone kind of knows it. It’s a fucking hectic love triangle with tangents flying off at acute and obtuse angles of all sorts! It’s a damn mathematical equation where you can’t find a value for x because x is y and y is three girls! Talk about your mind blower.

        I love everything about this show and about the explanation I just wrote. I wish I included this in my post.

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