Itoshi no Kana: Kana Getta Good Manga With A Ghost-Girl For Once!?

Not much to say about this manga, other than…


Wow, three times in one chapter? In real life: Impressive. In manga: THE OPPOSITE.

I think I picked this up longgg ago and forgot about it. For good reason too it seems.

I remember thinking, “Oh this manga looks cool, it has the plot that I always wished would happen to me in real life!”

Today I picked it up again, and dropped it immediately after reading one page. What a piece of fucking shit. Every chapter page is the same as the previous one. The ghost fucks the kid and then they both love each other. It’s everything that sucks:

  • Sappy
  • Repetitive
  • Boring
  • No dialogue besides “Oh I love you, Daikichi!” “And I love you’re boobs, Kana!”
  • The worst continuous plot ever (it continues to suck)
Let me put it this way:
You know those sickening couples that you see in public, who are all over each other as if they’re alone in the world, and all you want them to do is get the fuck out of your eyesight? This manga is like reading that for it’s entirety.
Piece of fucking shit.



15 thoughts on “Itoshi no Kana: Kana Getta Good Manga With A Ghost-Girl For Once!?

  1. Is this a hentai manga? I’m too fucking lazy to look this shit up. If it is, I don’t see why you expect a plot. That doesn’t make sense. If it isn’t… well… you already summed it up pretty good right there.

    This is why I rather read yaoi XD

    • I don’t think so. There’s slight plot but the sex scenes aren’t like….graphic.. It’s mostly just nauseating yuppie “let’s all get along and be happy” shit. Except for the part where the author insinuates that the ghost girl killed herself by slicing her tits off (I dunno why she had that be the cause of death it clashes horribly with the rest of the manga).

      Yaoi is still worse I’m sure.

      • No, I’m just sick of heterosexual hentai. I suppose it’s figuratively means I don’t want to see the sight of any penis other than my own. I SHOULD BE THE ONE BANGING THOSE HOT BROADS! Something like that.
        Anyway, I don’t like any kind of H other than Yuri.
        As pathetic as it sounds, I only watch 3D porn for sex tips…as retarded as that may sound to you.

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