A Breakthrough For One Piece

As you know, I’ve been catching up on my One Piece lately (was on episode 377 a week or so ago, now I’m on episode 459 or so).

Now this post has literally nothing to do with the episodes, but it’s still a breakthrough for One Piece.

Most shonen anime (Bleach comes to mind especially), usually have pretty decent OPs. I mean, Bleach is WAYYYY above any other anime in terms of awesome OPs, but still… One Piece, however, seems to have the shittiest OPs on the planet. I would rather have someone slap me in the face with their dick than watch a One Piece OP, and trust me when I say, I have no intention to be slapped in the face with a dick of any sort.

But comes episode 459 or something near there, and finally, after like….12 OPs that all sucked immense shit, One Piece delivers it’s FIRST good OP that I generally like:

I love the guitar in the beginning. Whenever a guitar slips in one or two slurs into the mix I like it. For an example, see “Feels like Teen Spirit.” The song itself sucks, but that one part when the beat drops and the guitar slurs, it’s awesome, so I like the song kinda.

This One Piece OP is similar. The song itself isn’t anything that great, but the guitar slurs are awesome, and I really like the chords used. It reminds me of a Chatmonchy song, and as you all know to be a FACT by now, Chatmonchy is the best.

On a side note, the amount of quality OPs has really gone downhill in the last few years…..what the fuck?

On another side note, One Piece kicks ASS, but I wish I read the manga due to the super slow pacing of the anime. I’d rather have the anime writers throw in a filler side arc here and there that takes up a good 30 episodes, and then continue at a normal pace.