Chatmonchy, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

It is a terrible, terrible, tearful day. Or I should say, it was in September. This is what I get for

A) Not being able to acquire up to the minute information on Chatmonchy (in English at least).

B) Not checking as periodically as I usually do for new information on things such as new albums.

The last time I checked up on one of the BEST BANDS EVER was back in sometime last Spring (2011) or maybe early summer, though at the time I became obsessed with The Birthday Massacre, and listened to nothing but them all summer, by fall, ceramics had begun again, and I started getting obsessed with Led Zeppelin and newer stuff like Awolnation (they’re okay) and shit, and it wasn’t until today that I:

A) Became really really happy when I discovered that they had put out a new album, YOU COME, way back around the same time I got obsessed with The Birthday Massacre. Then, reading the  wikipedia page farther (my main source of Chatmonchy which is SAD), I saw the WORST FUCKING THING EVER.









I’m embarrassed that I didn’t cry immediately on the spot.

And you know what really sucks? Their album (which is now their Final Album), kicks serious fucking ass. I guess they at least went out on a winning note (THEY NEVER HAD A LOSING NOTE THOUGH WTFFFFFFF)

I don’t have any words right now I’m in complete disarray. Devastated. Why is this happening!? WHY KUMIKO!?!?!?!?!?

I can’t even put any pictures into this post. (EDIT: I WENT BACK AND DID THAT SHIT….RESPECT)

I have to stop now.

I’m so depressed.

The irony is so sad from that video…

Thank you Chatmonchy for all of your incredible music. I’m going to miss Kumiko, but look forward to seeing what Chatmonchy will be like in the future…you know…..with NO FUCKING DRUMMER WHAT THE F-

10 thoughts on “Chatmonchy, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

  1. Hi! I’m a biiig Chatmonchy fan. Would you like to be caught up?

    -Eriko and Akiko have continued as a two piece. Akiko plays drums now and Eriko switches between guitar and bass during live shows.
    -They’ve released two singles as a two piece band, both in February, and have plans to release another single in May. They also released a best of album spanning the time period from 2005-2011 with a collection of their singles and a few other previously released songs. There are videos for the two new singles:
    Mangetsu ni Hoero
    Terumae Roman
    -The single to be released May 2nd is entitled “Hatena” and is being described as a garage rock number.
    -There was a final DVD released called Naruhodo that contains a live concert with Kumiko and a documentary of the tour promoting the You More album. It reveals that Eriko and Akiko took the news of Kumiko leaving *hard.* They were broken up about the news just as much as you and I were, if not more!

    I’m a moderator for the Chatmonchy fan forum Shangri-la and while I haven’t personally been as active there recently, I still check in and can see the others are still holding down the fort quite well with all the new info in English. The address is

    Since Chatmonchy got an official Facebook page, they’ve usually been breaking the big news there in English before other sources. The address there is, as you can probably guess,

    I’m glad their record label staff has continued to keep the Facebook page maintained, because it means they still care about their presence in the English-speaking world. It was set up shortly before their U.S. tour in March 2010 and has been pretty regularly updated ever since.

    Thanks for blogging about Chatmonchy!

    • Watching that video for Mangetsu ni Hoero (a song I do like) was just…..I feel like someone has died… It’s gonna take some getting used to for me.

      To draw a parallel, Chatmonchy without Kumiko is like Blink-182 without Travis Barker.

      Akiko is so hot I wish I could just….

  2. I can kind of sympathize your sorrow right now but I don’t have a favorite Japanese band and today it’s very difficult finding a band in the West to like for obvious reasons.

    Hmm, when did I feel sad over the breakup (Or negative change) of a group I’ve idolized? Can’t think of one right now but I’ll be back when I do.

  3. Try their newest album, henshin. I swear, I was mentally prepared to be disappointed with kumiko gone but they actually pulled it off! Let’s just hope kumikos makes an appearance now and then.

    • I’m still in the vein of, “maybe she starts to miss being in Chatmonchy and gives it another go in 5 years.”

      Until then I can deal with the Henshin type flow.

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