The Best SPAM in the World

Dear Spammers,

So you want me to approve your SPAM comments on this glorious ISSS? Well, even when it’s completely CLEAR that you are SPAM, that doesn’t mean that I won’t post your SPAM. Viruses? Bah, who’s afraid of those things? Not I! I’ve had the same computer since 2003! (*knock on wood*).

The problem is, all of your SPAM is stupid shit. Usually some incoherent jumble of random words that can sometimes be interpreted as a statement of some kind, but usually not.However, sometimes, there is one of those gems that I just HAVE to share with the world, and so:

First of all, that pun is FUCKING AWESOME. Are you serious right now!? This is some EXCELLENT SPAM WORK!

And if the awesomely shitty pun (the worse a pun is the better/funnier it becomes), the ending sentence is so random and hilarious that I literally laughed my ass off (though I first encountered this pun-SPAM back in February).

If all SPAM was like this, I’d be approving a shit-ton of comments (well, no, I WOULD collaborate them into a post showcasing the best SPAM though).