Spring 2012 Anime Preview

My previews always suck. This one, however, is packed with important information. First, I’m going to get the obvious out of the way.


I feel like there’s a lot of shows in the MUST WATCH section that people are undervaluing or underrating for whatever reason. I’m not quite sure why, but let me tell you honestly, these shows are going to rule.

Nazo no Kanojo X (Mysterious Girlfriend X)


I had a good amount of doubts about whether or not Hoods Entertainment would be able to pull off Nazo no Kanojo X without fucking it up and turning it into some shitty tits and ass show. This studio is known for…well…..all of their shows are fanservice shittiness. I was also kind of nervous about the seiyuu, particularly Urabe’s seiyuu, Ayako Yoshitani. Of course, I knew that she could do a good job voicing Urabe, but didn’t know if she would.

But that PV put all of my suspicions on hold, and completely erased others. Not only does Ayako seem to have Urabe’s voice down perfectly (I honestly couldn’t be happier), but from from the few scenes I saw, it looks like the art style and scene layouts are identical to the manga. It’s almost like they took the art right out of the manga and just added color and motion (for example: the drool scene). This leads me to believe that Hoods has read my letter and complied by not fucking it up with fanservice (I mean, there will be some because the manga has some, but not much and not blatantly stupid).

Now, let me be honest when I say that this anime is easily one of the top 5 anime out there this year. Not Spring, but the whole God damn year. For me personally it’s probably number one, but I can’t expect everyone to agree with that.

Still, if you read the manga just like I do, then you know that this anime is going to be very very very good. Yet everywhere I look bloggers seem to be  undervaluing Nazo no Kanojo X, either because they’re making assumptions in that it will be a fanservice laden show with no depth, or because they simply don’t know enough about it/what to expect.

This is a must watch show. TRUST ME (or die!).


Here is a show that I’m adding to my own personal must watch list. That being said, I am a fan of zombies (especially girls who are zombies), and I have read the manga, so perhaps I’m a bit bias. It really is a good manga, but at the same time, I can see how this might end up turning out to be kind of meh. Studio Deen….meh. The manga however is really good in my opinion, and the characters are really enjoyable to watch (read about).

Definitely a must watch, but I can see this kind of fading for me. The art in the manga certainly seems better than what the anime has to offer, at least according to what I’ve seen from the PV.


I don’t need to tell you that this is going to kick ass. Wish they had just finished it in one go though.

That’s all I have for the MUST WATCH category. Usually I only have 3 must watch shows in a given season (otherwise the title of “MUST WATCH” loses it prestige and meaning).

On to the next category!

I’ll Probably Watch This

These are the shows that, most likely, I’m going to watch, unless some crazy, unforseen event happens like I die or lose my eyeballs. Yes, I did just knock on wood. Anyway, I’ll be watching the following shows:

Queen’s Blade: Rebellion

It’s back! The show that’s so bad it’s good, then got literally good by the end!

Don’t write off Queen’s Blade for being a blatant fanservice anime, which is is completely. I hate blatant fanservice shows, but Queen’s Blade is the one exception. The writing actually got pretty good by the end of the 2nd season, and this season  I hope for more of the same (and there’s no Reina!!! REJOICE!).

I will be watching this!

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Another show where I’ve read a good majority of the manga. It’s a very solid manga, but honestly, it’s nothing mind glowingly great. I’ve got a good feeling about the anime though. The art looks fantastic and when you couple that with an already solid story, usually you get something great.

I’m looking forward to this one!

Shows I May Watch or Look Interesting

Last but not least I have shows that I’m thinking about watching, or they’ve at least piqued my interest.


I really can’t put my finger on this one. It has the feel of Arakawa Under the Bridge, some zany characters, and it’s A-1 pictures, and any studio who shares a name with steak sauce is a winner in my book.

Looks like it could be pretty damn good, but I want to see some girls in my anime.

Hyou-ka: You Can’t Escape

Fantastic animation? Check.

Fantastic director? Check.

Possibility for a good story? Check.

If I see any God damn cake I’m fucking out.

Kore wa Zombie wa Desu ka? Of the Dead

I’m already not looking forward to the fanservice, but this show is still decent, so I’ll probably end up watching the second season (mainly because of a certain female necromancer).

I still haven’t seen a lot of sequels though. I have yet to see the second seasons of Arakawa, Baka to Test, and I’m even behind on Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima!

I’ve really become a piece of shit.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Another Crawling Chaos

This one I’ve kind of pulled out of my ass. I heard the term “deity” thrown around when talking about this show, and I like girls with silver hair (like a certain female necromancer), so this show has piqued my interest. I like that word….”piqued.”

Another plus is that It’s being streamed on Crunchyroll, so I’m all set!

Well, that’s it. All the other shows look stupid.

So happy about how Mysterious Girlfriend X looks, and I LOVE the animation!

What show are you looking forward to the most and why? (Give me a reason to watch it!)


23 thoughts on “Spring 2012 Anime Preview

  1. More or less, my list looks similar. I know I will probably watch: Queens Blade Rebellion, Nazo no Kanojo X. Medaka Box, Upotte!!, Fate/Zero, Kore Wa Zombie, and Sankarea.

    Might add: Acchi Kocchi, Jormugand, Accel World, and others if things interest me. If not, might just wait on them until later. Subject to change. Probably might check out Lupin III as well, but most likely will wait for it to finish airing.

  2. No Uchuu Kyoudai or Sakamichi no Apollon? Glo I am disappoint.

    Hyou-ka has that same stupid Kyoani derpeye shit that I hate so much. It’s like they can’t animate anything anymore if the characters don’t have K-ON eyes.

  3. Ye seriously, you need to put Sakamichi no Apollon on that fucking list right now. The director Watanabe made Bebop and Champloo, or are you too interested in shows like Queen’s Blade that you don’t even know what they are?

    • I’ve never seen Cowboy Bebop of Samurai Champ- Oh wait, what’s this here on my Top Ten List?


      Samurai Champloo is number 6? Out of 200+ anime that I’ve completed? Spike isn’t dead you say?

      I like Watanabe, but that anime just doesn’t look that interesting to me. I despise coming of age stories.

      DESPISE COMING OF AGE STORES. (I wish I could make that bigger).

      I do like jazz though.

  4. Hey Reed, please don’t be disappointed, we are just like a family in here. what has been the problem of your disappointment? let us to know about, so that we can support your ego… I just want to help for my anonymous friend..

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  6. Man, I can’t believe you won’t consider Zetman for your list, if it’s executed correctly, it should be good! Otherwise, the list is about the same, though I share many, many fears about Tasogare….

    • Tasogare is gonna be hit or miss. As for Zetman, I know nothing about it, but it sort of has the feel of Deadman Wonderland, which could have been good but turned out to be meh, and Wolverine and all those marvel adaptations, which never really got my interest. I’ll see what people say about it later on.

      • Read the Zetman manga now. It kicks ass and is nothing like deadman wonderland or those marvel adaptions. The anime looks awesome from the first episode but it’s heavily condensing the manga (apparently it covered like 12 manga chapters) and changes some very obvious things to speed up the anime. The fight scenes are actually awesome and for once, a change from most recent action anime…

        How is Jormungand not on your list? More Black Lagoon is always a good thing. It’s by White Fox who have pretty much only made great shows so far (Steins;Gate was their last one). Also same director as Katanagatari.

        Medaka Box is a solid manga and I have a feeling Gainax will make it even better.

        The first episode of Uchuu Kyodai (Space Brothers) was great too.

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  8. I like Maybe’s artwork, but Tasogare Otome Amnesia is not a good manga. It had my hopes up near the beginning because the first chapter was amazing, but since then it’s been on a slow downhill slope. But what do I know, I’ve only read five volumes.

    I think Queen’s Blade Rebellion is going to be awesome. I’m liking the new cast of characters, especially Annalotte, who was trained by Alleyne. This should allow some of the more up-and-coming voice actresses to find their place in a over-saturated market.

    I… think Urabe’s voice is not bad. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

    The only anime I’m looking forward to is: Saki -Achiga Hen-.

    • To be honest, I stopped reading Tasogare Otome Amnesia after about 12 chapters….but I still liked all the chapters! I just forgot about the manga since I’m currently reading about 40 different titles.

      I refuse to watch a different Saki when they haven’t even made a second season for the first one. I WANT A FUCKING SEQUEL NOW! SAKI KICKED ASS!

      • That’s why this show will work. As you know, I hate sequels, and I fucking hate prequels even more. Achiga-hen is neither. It’s the story from the other side of the tournament bracket. We all know everyone will lose horribly to Miyanaga Teru’s team, but at the very least we can start associating faces with school names; if anybody could learn to pronounce them. I just want to see the ghetto school full of those chicks in hoodies and corn rolls.

        Besides, I like underdog stories. Even stories where the underdog loses. Oh, and I want to see more Sukoyan-pro.

  9. The fact the Zombie Show got a 2nd season makes me both sad and unsurprised at the same time. I’m checking out some of the dumb ones (Because that’s just who I am) and from the ones you mentioned:

    Queen’s Blade 2
    Kanojo X
    Fate/Zero 2nd half.

    • I didn’t mind Kore wa Zombie. I mean….Eu can’t hate it. (get it? Eu?)

      Queen’s Blade looks like it’s going to be just as awesome as the first 2 seasons I’m excited (though more excited for Nazo no Kanojo X of course).

      • There’s no doubt Eu is the best and imo, ONLY good thing about the show. I’ll also admit the “vassal” (I refuse to call the male lead a zombie) is okay when he’s serious. However, those two minor traits aren’t enough for me to like this show when I can’t stand everyone else. Did I ever tell you harem is the one genre I can easily be enraged by? I don’t know if they enrage me to your daily level of anger, but this one made me want to hurt somebody.

        Anyway I’ll check out Kanojo X by your recommendation. It’s either that or Medaka Box. I’ll decide after 3 episodes of each to keep one, both or neither.

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