Manga Monday: Living Game

Living Game is a manga that I just found about a simple man who works in Tokyo, and lives and a tiny apartment. But things are suddenly looking up!

He gets a nice, new, big apartment! What joy!

His office, which was always cramped with his coworkers and their equipment, is getting a nice, new, big office! Rejoice!

Then it all goes to shit, the new offices pretty much become the leaning tower of Pisa and can’t be used, and so his boss decides to move all of the work to his apartment. When I say “move all of the work” I mean literally everything too. I’m talking about the desks, computers, phones, materials, and even the God damn staff.

And this guy agrees for whatever reason.

And it gets even more nutty from there.

Soon thereafter, 15 year old female intern moves in too, except unlike the other staff, she’s going to actually live there. Keep in mind that she’s 15, and he’s 25. She is also apparently really hot, despite being only 15 years old. I fail to see how this could be possible, because all of the 15 year old girls I’ve seen look like children, but hey, it’s a manga.

Anyway, this creates awesomeness for 3 main reasons.

1. Watching Fuwa Struggle Against His Urges

Fuwa would love to pound the shit out of this intern (Izumi). He’s honestly a pedophile in the truest since of the word, Izumi has the body of an adult.

Somehow, everyone seems to encourage them two hooking up. Yes, this manga is full of weird pedophiles who should be locked up. In fact, after 3 volumes, there’s been 2 couples listed where their age difference was 10 years, and that doesn’t count Fuwa X Izumi (you can just tell that it’s going to happen eventually though).

10 years? That’s okay I guess.


No it isn’t, especially when the girl is underage. There are laws for that!

This is sort of a repetitive joke throughout the manga. It's funny cuz it's true.

That would be like me dating one of my students. Granted, I’m not a teacher yet, but I have taught lessons to High School level students, and let me tell you, they are:

A) Small.

B) Mentally Immature.

Adolescent teens are too young to be involved with someone that old….that’s why there are laws concerning minors.

But whatever, this is a manga, so it’s all good. Hell, Kagome from InuYasha was 15, and there’s no WAY that she looks 15. I’ve said this before but she looks closer to 20. Still, it’s pretty funny watching Fuwa struggle against his urges and keep reminding himself that Izumi is 15 so he can’t have sex with her.

2. Fuwa x Izumi

Maybe it’s because it’s so controversial, but another reason why I liked Living Game was  seeing the development of the potential couple that is Fuwa and Izumi. It starts off innocently enough, but then grows in different ways as the story continues. I’m not going to say how or whatever.

3. Art

I loved the old school art. Of course, this manga was created way back in the ancient early 90’s, so that’s a given. Ahhhh the 90’s. Everything was better in the 90’s….

One Thing I Hate

The characters are always looking for their “place.”

I can’t tell you how sick I am of hearing a character say,

“Well, she’s just looking for her place.”

“Yes, I need to find my place too.”

“I’m just trying to create a place.”

JEEEZ JUST SHUTUP. You’re looking for a place we get it already stop repeating yourself and mentioning your damn place 2049393 times every chapter. And as the story progresses the word “place” is used more and more. By the end, I’m pretty sure they said the word “place” at least once on every single page. Give it a rest.

The last few chapters were also kind of weak, but nothing bad.

All in all Living Game turned out being a solid manga. It wasn’t amazing or anything. More like a good read. Not terribly long but not short (10 volumes I think). The ending was solid, but the last several chapters were kind of weak due to the overuse of the word “place” and the sheer stupidity of Izumi for acting like a spoiled brat. She is NOT ready for a relationship if you ask me.

But hey, it’s a manga.


(I literally took off points just because of the overuse of the word “place”.


8 thoughts on “Manga Monday: Living Game

  1. “(I literally took off points just because of the overuse of the word “place”.”

    I hate when this kind of thing happens in manga because I can never tell if it’s the fault of the author or if the scanlation group just got lazy. Do I actively hate it or do I just ignore it?

    Arbitrary decisions about how to experience content ftw.

    • Yeah I know what you mean. To be honest the scans weren’t the best in terms of editing. A bunch of misspelling and things of that sort, spelling doesn’t really bother me.

      I’m pretty sure the word “place” was used by the author though.

  2. He’s not a paedophile for wanting to ‘bang the shit out of the intern’. Obviously it’s not morally right, but paedophiles like 5 year old girls. What he’s called is an ephebophile. Get ya facts straight, son.

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