I’m Getting A Sex Change

It’s tough to admit this, but I, Glo the Legend, am officially getting a sex change.

Soon, this will be me!

Let’s face it; it’s no secret that I LOVE yuri in all shapes, sizes, forms, and styles. I’m arguably one of the biggest yuri fans out there. And so, I’ve decided that I just can’t go on living as a man.

When I think of all of the beautiful lesbians out there that I can’t touch, it just makes me go crazy! Such a curse to have a penis and balls! Why couldn’t I have the vagina? Why couldn’t I have the boobs?

Yes, it’s been a dream of mine since long ago to be a woman. Beautiful and voluptuousness, with a pouty vagina and heaving breasts. The main reason is sex. I’ve always wanted to press my boobs against the boobs of another. Always wanted to have a girl insert her fingers ever so gently into my vagina. I’ve always wanted to touch a girl and hear her proclaim something along the lines of, “Is this weird? We’re both girls!”


And come December 2nd, I’ll be able to do just that.

Yes the surgeries and necessarily hormonal injections will take several months to turn my rippling, manly, muscular body into a femine beauty, but it will all be worth it for me to become a raging lesbian. Just the thought of it makes me ha- wet.

Besides, I’ve had enough sex as a man to satisfy my needs. I really wanna throw on a strap on and take some girl to the house, and then have her do the same to me!

And don’t even get me started on all of the cute clothes I’ll be able to wear! Victoria’s Secret, here I come! I’m going to buy all sorts of fancy thongs and lingerie and dresses and tight fitting yoga pants that make my ass look nice. I’m so excited! Can’t wait to have a girls night talking about…..whatever it is girls talk about! (Men have no idea! I’ll finally find out!)

Women’s bathrooms? I’ll finally know what’s going on in there! Do they really have a room like this:

Can’t wait! XOXO

20 thoughts on “I’m Getting A Sex Change

    • I one time did walk into the women’s bathroom in highschool. Then I got in there, realized it wasn’t the boys bathroom, and as I left, I walked into a smoking hot, extremely confused girl. Felt kind of awkward.

    • Subtlety is a whore who’s been banged so many times that I want nothing to do with her. I think it’s funnier to make completely blatant April Fools posts. Maybe I’ll remember April Fools next year (I forgot this year after all).

  1. I am so looking forward to Moyashimon 2. After seeing it a few months ago and left in complete awe (And hungry for more yuri, which it’ll hopefully deliver. I doubt it but who knows?) and wanting more, the news of a 2nd season was a godsend.

    BTW, Kaede Sakura is the best character in Kampfer. Screw Natsuru, the male one anyway.

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