Mirai Nikki Quick Review

I say quick, but only God knows if this post will be quick…or should I say…only NORIO WAKAMOTO KNOWS!?


So Norio Wakamoto voices God, and is bad-ass as fuck. This anime is already good. I’m going to make a list:

The List of “Why Mirai Nikki is Awesome”

  • The Characters
  • About as good an ending as an ending could be in the given situation
  • Again, the characters
  • At least one BAM moment
  • Did I mention the fucking characters?
  • I’m going to talk about the characters real quick.

The Fucking Characters

The characters were fucking awesome. Why? Backstory, and plenty of it. We get a pretty good backstory on every character who is participating in the survival game….well, the important ones anyway. To be honest, the only thing I know about Eight is that she has a giant head and doesn’t look like a real person.

My name is Eight. I have no business being in this anime.

Seriously though, what the fuck was up with Eight and her character design? It was completely inconsistent with literally every single object in the anime. HER HEAD IS FUCKING HUGE!…….FUCK!

Giant heads aside, we had awesome characters left and right. The best character? HANDS DOWN NO QUESTION.

Minene Uryuu is one of my favorite female anime characters ever made. She’s completely bad-ass as fuck, to the point where she loses an eye, a hand (twice), get’s shot, and then, when she’s about to die, she decides to go ahead and blow herself up, except that she’s so fucking awesome that she instead is given powers by FUCKING GOD. This makes her even more bad-ass.

PLUS, she cried, and when a bad-ass cries, it’s awesome. Just that hint of vulnerability so perfect.

And then her backstory. I’m not quite sure how they managed to cram so much backstory for so many characters into the series successfully, but they did.

Minene’s is a terrorist who is….you know what? You know this shit I don’t need to explain it.

Next we have the psychopathic stalker wackjob Yuna. I love stalkers so there’s a plus right there. Wackjob insane in the membrane? Another plus. And the best scene was at the end, when she sees her past self and realizes how fucked up in the head she’s become.

This anime sure looks like a 5^^ to me! What could possibly bring this anime down? I mean, this anime was so fucking good that there is literally nothing you can throw at me that would change my mind about giving this anime a 5^^. There is absolutely not one single thing that could persuade me to drop the grade lower than a-


Once a pussy, always a pussy.

Becoming A Man

This show keeps getting better and better. Seeing a huge pussy finally take charge of his life and kill some mother fuckers is one of the most awesome fucking things ever.



So You Just Found Out You’re a Pussy

What do you do when you discover that you are a huge fucking pussy?

Some people cry, others weep, and some complain that they are failures at life.

But if you’ve just discovered that you’re a huge pussy whose afraid of your own shadow, here’s a few steps that you can take to make sure that you don’t get killed by some wack-job who decides that it would be a good idea to kill you.

Because that’s what happens to pussies.

5. Stop Moping

This pussy must smell bad.

There’s currently no one with you in the room, yet you’re still looking like you’re on the verge of tears. I’ve never seen such a pussy before in my life.

Listen, if you’re this big of a pussy, then maybe you’re beyond help, but if there’s a shred of salvation from this terrible affliction known as “I’m a fucking pussy,” then perhaps you can find it in a place called: Stop being an emo fuck.

I’m sure everyone remembers Winnie the Pooh. It’s one of the most famous children’s stories in history. Quick, name your least favorite character.

Someone just put this donkey down already

That’s right, it’s Eeyore.

Nobody likes this depressing fucking donkey, and do you know why? It’s because he always brings down the mood and sucks the life out of the story.

Tigger: “Hey Eeyore, we’re going to go out for some drinks! You want in?”

Eeyore: “I have cancer.”

And just like that, everyone’s day is ruined. What an inconsiderate piece of shit.

4. Be Social

If you don’t even talk to people in your class, that’s one thing, but if you put them off even if they’re trying to talk to you or hang out with you, that makes you a douchebag. People are going to start to hate you.

Being anti-social does two things:

1. It makes friendship impossible.

2. It shows that you have a small penis.

Being withdrawn is a typical side effect of being a pussy. Usually, when you refuse to give the light of day the light of day, it shows that you’re scared, embarrassed, or afraid to make yourself known to the world for whatever reason. That’s how rumors start, and that just makes you even more of a pussy.

Go have a few beers with some people and make some mistakes. Getting arrested is a huge social booster. When you get pinched by the law for whatever reason (spraying graffiti, stealing some clothes, running an underground dogfighting circuit), it shows that you have moral fiber.

Knows a thing or two about moral fiber.

It also shows that you have a personality, confidence, and a nice, big set of balls. Girls like that [probably].

3. Don’t Rely on a Girl With Pink Hair

Relying on a girl is one thing, if it were a girl like Revy or Michelle Rodriguez.

This is her happy face.

But fuck, you’re relying on a girl with pink hair. This move makes you look like a total bitch. Not only are you clueless about how to be a man, but you have to rely on a girl with the most girly type of hair to save your ass. For the record, no, real men do not wear pink. And as if that weren’t enough, the only thing she seems to be helping you with is running away.

Granted, there are times when you should turn tail and run, like when you notice your refrigerator is out of hot sauce.

When you need hot sauce, you need hot sauce.

The bottomline is, when you see a dude cowering behind a girl while grabbing her arm in a scared position, you just immediately think, “Wow, what a pussy.” It doesn’t exactly help your curb appeal. Although there are some males who rely on women for pretty much everything.

They’re called babies.

2. Stop Running Away From Girls

He would have pissed himself at seeing hearing this girl talk, but he already pissed himself earlier when the girl next to him sneezed.

Scenario A: A girl brandishes a knife and tells you that she’s going to cut off your dick and throw it into a meat grinder. She also has a gun.

In this case, it might be good to run away. The threat to a man’s genitalia is not to be taken lightly, and the gun prevents the man from preforming a swift, disarming headbutt to the ovaries.

Scenario B: A girl greets you with, “Good news, I’m pregnant!” A headbutt to the ovaries can solve this.

Other than that first scenario, there is no reason to run, because running means that you’ve already given up.

Take an argument with a girlfriend for example. When you argue, you don’t just give up. You argue to the death, even when the proof is staring you in the face, because once you stop arguing, you’ve lost the argument. As long as you keep arguing, you’re still not wrong.

The same can be said for running. Don’t be a pussy. Man your ground. As long as you do that, she won’t dare attack you. In fact, the girl in question will probably be so turned on by your manliness that she’ll strip immediately and ask you to have sex with her, to which you will reply, “No thank you.”

She’ll look dejected, but then she will thank you for your time, gather her clothes, and leave.

1. Stop Writing a Diary

You know writes diaries? 11 year old girls. You know else writes diaries? Fucking no one.

Makeup and stickers and ponies and myspace.com!

The only boy I’ve ever seen with a diary was Doug Funny. To be honest, I’m not sure if that’s the right way to spell his last name, mainly because I don’t give a fuck about Doug Funny. I could go look it up, but I already told you that I don’t give a fuck about Doug Funny.

I remember hating that show because Doug was one of the lamest characters in history. He was a Type B pussy. He wasn’t a class A, in that he never cried or anything…well, not as much as a Type A, but he did get down on himself and freak out about a lot of stuff, so he was still a pussy.

The good news was that Doug had a superhero alter-ego in Quail Man. The bad news was that Quail Man was an introverted pervert who liked showing off his underwear.

Keeping your streets safe by scaring the general public back into their houses.

That’s the only other man, both fictional and non-fictional, that I’ve ever known to have a diary. No other self respecting man should have a diary, unless he is a scientist, and that’s more of a scientific journal. The fact is that if you’re a pussy who has been involved in any strange “kill-that-person-before-he/she-kills-you” games because of a diary, then maybe you shouldn’t have had one in the first place.

NOTE: I have finally started Mirai Nikki, a show I’ve looked forward to since the first chapter of the manga came out (which I didn’t read). Yukkii needs to get some balls fast lest he ruin this anime like whatsisname ruined Deadman Wonderland (I forgot his name because he’s such a pussy).

Apparently his pink haired body guard gets fucking awesome (she’s already shown to be arguably the biggest wack job in the show), and I LOVE her attitude towards killing, so I still have high hopes that this show will be pretty good, but with a pussy like Yukkii as the main character, it will never be great.

I should also note that this post only has little to do with Mirai Nikki and more to do with pussy main characters. I hate them.

Yukawa Is Terrible at Reading Comprehension

As an asshole, my site gets a lot of comments from people who are all in a tiff, and end up writing something in a sad effort to make it seem as though their opinion matters, when really, it doesn’t.

I’m sure you all remember rose_darkangel? Or that other guy?

Anyway, this latest dipshit might make these two look like geniuses. Enter Yukawa.

Yukawa is an unfortunate person who has failed every reading comprehension examination he’s ever taken. Eventually, he had to drop out of middle school at the young age of 18 because he couldn’t keep up to other students when the time came to read Johnny Tremain.

Yukawa’s unfortunate problems with  reading comprehension aren’t just held to school books either. It’s a fact (literally, it’s a fact), that Yukawa has a serious issue when it comes to understanding blog or ISSS posts. Here’s a recent comment that Yukawa wrote on Eye Sedso:

Now, after re-reading this twice, I became convinced that this was SPAM. I mean, no actual person could have written this, right? It completely misses the point and half of it is almost incomprehensible.

But the purpose of SPAM is usually to promote something through use of annoying, shitty comments, and while this comment indeed fits that criteria, it’s not linked to something dumb like grass seed or house insurance. In fact, it’s not linked to anything. Not only that, but Yukawa also cites specifics from the post in question (to a small degree).

Now, extreme spelling and grammatical errors aside, this is a comment that, under normal circumstances, I’d probably just reply with a short jab that would make Yukawa feel stupid, completely reassess his life choices, and probably offer to be my lifetime slave to make up for his stupidity. But that’s not enough, because Yukawa’s response to my post took stupidity to a whole new level.

Let me explain this. Here’s the post in question:

Click Me, for I am the post in question!

What is this post about? In a nutshell, I wrote this entire post talking about how awesome Usui was as a character (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), yet Yukawa seems to have interpreted it in the complete opposite way. Time for a break down of this embarrassingly terrible comment.

Me? An idiot? Okay, I’ll accept that. But the next part is terribly structured. I don’t get the exact point of story lines? You don’t seem to get the exact point of an exact point. I mean, the exact point of the post is to shed light on how awesome Usui is, and you can tell that this was my exact point when I wrote:

“This show is awesome. You know why? TAKUMI USUI.”

My exact point could not be more clear, and I have no idea how you could have possibly misconstrued that.

Yukawa then wrote: “I’m worse than those mentally impaired ones.”

Are you saying that I’m worse than mentally impaired story lines? Yes. That is the exact point in accordance with the way that your sentence structure is set up. You’re clarification is terrible and your sentence structure makes even my writing look good.

This paragraph makes me want to jump out a window, and all dead English teachers turn in their graves.

I get what you’re trying to do with the first sentence, but when you write using the past tense, you don’t have to change every word to past tense. Note: It was easy for you to criticized the whole character of that guy you called Usui… the word criticized does not need to be past tense, you already clarified that this was a sentence in past tense when you used the word “was”. Wait….why the fuck am I giving you English lessons? Kids, stay in school and don’t do drugs.

If I were actually criticizing “that guy I called Usui,” then yes, it would be quite easy. I mean, all I would have to do is write something like, “Usui’s whole character sucks.” and I’d have succeeded pretty well. I might even put it in bold and italicize it if the mood strikes me. But tell me Yukawa, what is “the real thing about him?” Is the author keeping important character information from us? Clearly you have the inside track to this knowledge, and I think it’s pretty fucked up that you aren’t sharing it with anyone else. Or perhaps you are the creator, since “only the creator of [Usui] knew him.” I mean because if you weren’t the creator, that would imply that you don’t know “the real thing about him” either, and that you’re just talking out of your ass.

But hey, who am I to judge. After all, according you you, creators of manga make it an exact point to keep information from the reader, because God knows they don’t want their readers to know anything about the manga that they’re reading, and especially not the characters. They’re always trying to keep us readers in the dark, just to get us mad!

Okay, first, this creator. In this case, it’s Hiro Fujiwara:

This is the creator that Yukawa has been going on about.

You’re saying I don’t have a place above her imagination, meaning that her word is absolute, and she is God.

The same can be said for you though, you don’t have a place above my imagination, so it looks like you should shutthefuckup! Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You’re a contradiction to your own advice. On Eye Sedso, I am the creator, NOT Hiro Fujiwara. NOT Yukawa either. That’s why I am entitled to say whatever I fucking want to say, and that includes pointing out how much of a fuckin moron you are.

Although I do sometimes criticize my site, that’s not why I made it….oh wait, I think that you were trying to say that I made this site just to criticize it, and by “it,” you mean the creator’s imagination (well, according to your structure). STOP TALKING IN RIDDLES!

Anyway, you’re really going to try and talk to me about respecting someone’s opinion?


A) Don’t have to be respected. They can be debated. In Hitler’s opinion, all Jewish people should die. But hey, you explain to the world that we should all respect that, you Nazi anti-Semite.

B) Can be made about fucking anything. You didn’t seem to “respect” my opinion, otherwise you wouldn’t have written this terribly structured comment telling me that I was wrong for my opinion, which by the way was an opinion that I never even made.

That’s right, you’re bitching at me for something that I didn’t even write. How stupid can you get? Answer: Not much stupider.

Zero no Tsukaima F – Another Rie Kugimiya Chapter Closed

Rie Kugimiya is my favorite seiyuu in the entire universe. I am actually married to her, but she just doesn’t know it. Well….actually I’m married to kluxorious, but you know how us men be.

I remember back in the day when I simultaneously discovered Shakugan no Shana and Zero no Tsukaima (Shakugan no Shana’s cousin) at the same time. I immediately became convinced that I had discovered the greatest tandem ever, and gave both anime well deserved scores of 5^^, my highest honor.

Years later, both franchises decided to air their final seasons at the same time, which of course, made me very happy/nostalgic.

Shakugan no Shana finished with a very good final season, wrapping up…well…..everything that could possibly be wrapped up. I was happy with the show as a whole, and extremely happy that the full story was able to be animated. I then looked to Zero no Tsukaima to accomplish the same thing.


What a complete shit-fuck of a season that was.



Fucking hellshitcuntfuck. Yes, that is now a word. It has to be a word, because it’s the only thing that can properly describe this season.

Was it more of the same? Yeah. Trust me, I’ve seen the previous seasons, and I know that they all leaned to the “stupid fanservice” side, but this shit was fucking stupid.

There wasn’t actually too much fanservice, as it seemed to me that the writers decided to up the ante when it came to the stupid factor. I’m not even going to take the time to descibe in detail all of the things wrong with this show, so I’ll just make a fucking list:

  • You’re really going to add MORE girls to Saito’s harem? Fucking kill me.
  • What the fuck is up with Louise? You LET these girls hit on your man, AND you even remain FRIENDS WITH THEM. If this show were real life, Louise would have literally murdered every single character in this show.
  • When did Siesta become so trashy?
  • Tiffa is a whore. I really wanted her to die.
  • In fact, none of the “good guys” fucking died. Really? Through all the wars and shit, not one fucking person died. They couldn’t even kill the fucking sword! PUSSIES! KILL TIFFA. HER TITS ARE TOO BIG!
  • I hate Tiffa.
  • I guess technically that priest dude died, but he was new and I thought he was going to be a bad guy anyway. He was kind of a douchebag too.
  • Lousie should have had lesbian sex with that girl who was raping her back when this season didn’t suck.
  • Speaking of last season. What the fuck? They took all of the characters from last season (you know, the plot that was actually interesting?) and killed them all off in the first 2 episodes? Why? THE WHOLE SEASON SHOULD HAVE BEEN ABOUT THEM!!!
  • This season was about a big mean dragon. I remember when I wrote anime plots in elementary school.
  • Hi, my name is Louise, and I’m a fucking moron. I’m going to send Saito back to Japan, because I’m FUCKING STUPID. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOU STUPID FUCKING GIRL. If I were Saito, I would have SLAPPED THE SHIT out of Louise for doing that to me.
  • What a fucking coincidence. There happened to be an eclipse in Japan at the exact time Saito needed one. Do you know how rare full eclipses are.
  • Still, even if I were to believe that, how the fuck did Saito just waltz into a military base and steal a fighter jet. Like are  you fucking serious?
  • You know one of the only things that I wanted to see was Saito FINALLY get back home to his parents (and their subsequent reactions). Did we see that? NO. NO REACTIONS WERE GIVEN OR SHOWN. DID HIS MOM BAWL HER EYES OUT? DID HIS DAD BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM FOR NOT CALLING TO TELL THEM WHERE HE WAS FOR A GOOD YEAR OR SO? WHAT THE FUCK.

What a piece of shit. I was not impressed.


(Ratings System Here)

Bill murdered the shit out of this subpar anime.

Jormungand is Not Like Black Lagoon

First of all, there’s been a lot of comparisons between Jormungand and Black Lagoon.

All of these comparisons are dumb.

They’re nothing alike. Sure, they both have guns and shooting with a cast of zany characters. That’s pretty much where the comparisons end for me, and even the zany character point is a stretch for Jormungand, whose characters so far aren’t really all that zany.


Unarguably the best character in the series so far.

While both have zany characters, Jormungand’s characters seem far more one dimensional (though to be fair, it’s been one episode). EXAMPLES:

Black Lagoon had some BAD-ASS FUCKING CHARACTERS (not to be confused with characters who are bad at ass fucking).

Revy kicked ass.

Roberta kicked ass.

You know what? Pretty much everyone did. And we also had awesome personalities like Rock, the salaryman turned Outlaw/Pirate/One Bad Mother Fucker. The list is endless, as every character has a unique/badass history/personality. There’s a lot of backslashes in that paragraph, which just proves how zany/badass all of the characters are.

By comparison, Jormungand has a few good characters, but many of the people working for Koko are normal soldiers with little personality. I mean sure, you’ve got Johan, a bad-ass kid with a revenge wish, but he’s really……well…….he’s fucking boring as shit.

And sure, you’ve got the insanely awesome lesbian/eye-patch-girl/large-breasted/knife-wielding girl with a thing for Koko, and then Koko herself. But shit. That’s about it so far. I mean, even Koko, who definitely kicked ass at times (like the sniper scene which was awesome), seems kind of off in terms of character personality. Something just doesn’t seem right. She seems forced in the same way that Mio from K-On seems forced.

Yeah, I just compared Koko to Mio, but let it be known that Mio is 408383895 times worse than Koko will ever be, because Koko at least has flashes of BAMFS, or Bad-Ass Mother Fucker Syndrome. I also have this disease, and it kicks ass.

See what I did there with that last sentence? Genius.

Now for the worst comparison of all, yes, worse than the Mio comparison. What can be worse than that? Only one thing:

To me, Jormungand is not similar to Black Lagoon, but a better comparison would be to compare it to Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom, a Bee Train series that was okay but still managed to have a shit ending and be boring as shit at times. I hate Bee Train; all of their shit sucks. I somehow gave Phantom a 5. I dropped every other one of their shows. In all honesty, Phantom should have been a 4, in fact, I’m going to change it. If Jormungand goes the way of Bee Train shows, then I fully expect Johan to discover that it was Koko who sold the weapons that killed his parents, and then fight Koko until one or both of them are dead.

That comparison scares me, but it’s dead on. Very similar animation and very similar color scale; everything is grey and boring, though at least it’s not bright stupid colors like Lotte’s Toy and Zero no Tsukaima (which I love despite the colors). Another similar trait is the very similar character styles (Johan looks just like a character out of Phantom in both appearance and personality).

The episode was not bad, but it wasn’t all that great either. If the rest of the series is filled with carbon copies of this episode, then I’m going to get bored fast, and that’s coming from a guy who loves the FUCK out of shows that feature guns, blood, and violence. They should include more scenes like this one:

This was awesome because it was so unexpected. This kid is too emotionless I'd rather see a kid who simply loves to kill people, and does so.

Johan is boring. You can’t be bad-ass if you don’t show that you love to kill. Some maniacal laughter while shooting would be a great touch. Perhaps introduce a catch phrase like, “Fuck you fucking fuck.” Did I steal that from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? I don’t know….is Rooney Mara hot as fuck? YES AND YES.


I called it.

I called it wayyy long ago.

I told you all many times that Mysterious Girlsfriend X would kick a whole shit load of ass, yet for some reason, whenever I’d read a Spring 2012 Anime Lineup preview, I’d see people writing MGX off as a “meh” series.

“It’s about drool? That’s weird I’m not going to watch it.”

“Looks like a typical fanservice anime.”

You’re all idiots. Clearly most of you were clueless when it came to understanding the shear awesomeness that is Mysterious Girlfriend X.

But still, even I had my hesitations about Mysterious Girlfriend X. Would Hoods Entertainment completely botch this series and turn it into a fanservice shit-show? Would the voice acting be good enough to represent the characters? Would  the writers and director do the manga justice?

Well it’s finally come, and guess what?

The first episode of Mysterious Girlfriend X was not a home run, it was a game-ending, world-series clinching walk-off grand slam. It was an Eli Manning touchdown pass in the last minute of the Super Bowl. It was a Spirit Bomb against all evil. It was perfect.


Perfect perfect perfect.

I don’t think you could cast a better cast of seiyuu.

Tsubaki is perfect (although to be honest, any normal sounding voice actor could do a good job with him). Urabe is PERFECT. I am SO satisfied by the job that Ayako Yoshitani is doing as Urabe that I may write her a letter expressing my happiness with her skills.

Except I won’t actually do that, but I am really happy with the way she’s voicing Urabe.

This scene stood out to me as fantastic voice acting. I loved it.


The directing is arguably the best I’ve seen in ages. Ayumu Watanabe is awesome. I could talk about why he does such a good job, but to get the full force of understanding, you really need to watch the episode yourself. But I’m going to get really specific for a second.

In the scene were Tsubaki finally asks Urabe out, we get a flash, quite literally, of Urabe’s underwear holstered scissors. They’re only visible for a tenth of a second, and that’s what makes it so effective. After that flash, nothing else is touched upon in regards to her scissors (at least not yet). It’s such a perfect bit of directing.

“Wait…were those scissors?”

“Why were they in her underwear?”

“Did I imagine it?”

No answers are given. It’s a small bit of forshadowing. “Why the fuck does she have scissors tucked into her panties, and what the fuck does that have to do with anything?”

Ho ho ho ho, you’ll have to wait and see my friend!

And the scissors are never even touched on or explained any farther. PERFECT.


What else can I say? How about the the art/animation. The animation is solid. As far as animation comes, it’s pretty much your standard stuff, but the art remains very true to the manga, which I LOVE. The 90’s feel that this show has kicks ass. I mean, look at Tsubaki’s room? His posters are just…

  • Star Wars
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Some thing with a smiling robot holding a naked girl

The smiling robot thing is all the way to the right (your right). I don't know what movie that's supposed to be. Also, loved how they called Star Wars "Star Mars."

All of his posters were movie classics from back in the day (hard to imagine that Star Wars is 35 years old), which I think is very much a mirror of the show’s style. It’s got a classic kind of feel to it due to the throwback art and amazing music.


Yeah, the music kicks ass. It gives the show almost the same feel that an animated movie has. In particular, a Studio Ghibli movie.

Did I just do that?

Did I just draw a comparison of a Studio Ghibli movie to an anime about tasting drool???

Fuck yes I did, now shut up and listen:

To me, Ghibli does a good job of incorporating real life feelings and emotions into their movies, and Mysterious Girlfriend X does the same. The scene above shows the class acting like any normal class would act. They’re messing around, talking, looking at porn… You know, the good things in life. The kicker? Nothing seems forced.

That’s probably the big thing here. Everything flows perfectly and nothing seems forced. And that comes back to the directing. In a time where a lot of shows seem pretty cheap and kind of cliche (Kore wa Zombie, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, etc), Mysterious Girlfriend X is anything but cliche, and I’m not talking about the plot so much as I’m talking about the characters and their interactions.

Take Tsubaki. He’s a pretty plain character. He’s almost a typical male lead, but it works because he seems so natural. He’s believable, and that’s why Mysterious Girlfriend X is so damn fucking awesome. All of the characters are believable, even if they are tasting drool and cutting up signs with panty scissors and wearing underwear that limits their kicking ability so they don’t kill someone with their kicks, and  writing plays called “Mysterious Girlfriend Y” that happen to have the exact same plot as the mang- oh wait, we’re not even close to all of that extremely awesome shit.

It's about time someone animated you.

Mysterious Girlfriend X kicks ass, and it only gets better as the show continues. If you’re thinking about dropping it, don’t. If you’re thinking about picking it up, DO. If you’re not sure, go jump off a cliff and then watch this show/read the manga while you recoup in the hospital you sad sad sack of shit.

God this show is awesome. I can’t wait to throw it on my top ten after it ends (if it remains this good).

I’m not bias, I’m just right.

Here We Go Again – Aniblog 2012!

It’s officially April, and that means it’s time for the long awaited Aniblog Tournament to begin again!

Of course, the world was shocked and incredibly depressed when I somehow lost to AnimeYume in the 3rd round two years ago, but I vow to do much better this time around. Since I can’t insert an image and then make it expand when you click on it, I’m only going to highlight the section of the bracket that I’m in, and here it is:

In case that’s still too hard to read (it is), here is the full bracket listing:

Click this sentence, which will bring you to a page filled mainly with other blogs that are inferior to my ISSS, but will probably somehow beat me by one vote.

This bracket is INTENSE. During the first aniblog, it was a pretty normal bracket set up, but now we’ve got groups and colors all sorts of crazy awesomeness; and I LOVE IT.

If you remember the last tourney, you might recall that I talked a whoooollllleee bunch of smack talk. Some blogs and former blogs that have now turned to absolute shit also decided to copy me, some with success, others…not so much. Let’s face it, some people know how to talk smack (through hard truths and tough, constructive criticism), and others do not (resorting to calling the other blogger a homosexual, and then coming out of the closet in real life only a few months later [just called out one of my good friends, but it had to be done, he’ll understand if he reads this]).

Regardless, the point I’m trying to make is that smack talk is kind of played out. This year, I’m going with a new approach, but I won’t let you in on it until later on (it’s not even that good of an approach either……actually it’s pretty stupid, but that makes it funny to me). And sure, I’m still going to criticize my opponents and talk a bit of smack, but that’s going to be added in as a side note in most cases, unlike last year when it was the main f-


GLOTHELEGEND IS BACK AND ON THE ATTACK TALKING SMACK AND SMACKIN BACK. (but seriously, not talking much smack this time around, I’ve got a new plan, and I love it when a plan comes together).

I am SOOO pumped I can’t wait.

Let’s take a look at my bracket, the Yellow Bracket, the color of gold.

First thing I notice right off the bat is that if I win my first competition (and let’s face it, I’m not going to lose), I get to be in a group with Sea Slugs, who will learn that even a small market ISSS like Eye Sedso can be dangerous when treate as an underdog. I should be able to dispatch them easily, but just for fun, let’s say that they MURDER THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE GROUP WITH EASE, and I end up runner up (Shinmaru is in there too though yikes). Look above. Whose up top with a bye?

It’s none other than my wife of sexual lust, kluxorious!

She was mysteriously not present in the past aniblog tourney, assumably because she wanted to size up the tourney to see if it was worth her time (note: apparently according to my spell check, assumably isn’t a word. No problems; SHAKESPEARE THAT SHIT MAKIN UP WORDS).

Notice that glourious kluxorious has got a bye as a first time entry.


If she could win her group stage, and I could somehow become a runner up in mine, then WE COULD FACE EACH OTHER, WHICH WOULD KICK ASS. (I’m still kind of mad that I wasn’t able to whoop up on oballer’s blog last year in the tournament).

Then I started reading comments, and a comment by Canne caught my eye:

Wait a second, you’re afraid of blogsuki, seaslug, ani-nouto, and seanver……but not me?

Apparently, I am being severely underrated. However, TheBigN knows what’s up:

TheBigN clearly saw my name in the Yellow Bracket, and realized that everyone who doesn’t have an ISSS (everyone) is in a heap of trouble.

Give me the crown now!

In Reality

Yellow Bracket is like a fucking all star bracket Jesus Christ. I can see why I’m in it. I’ll assume that I’m the 17th seed in this entire tournament since I didn’t make the top 16 (if only I beat Anime Yume last time…..I deserved a win)!

Anyway, really REALLY excited to get things started!!! PUMPED!!!! (plus Mysterious Girlfriend X, Sankarea, Fate/Zero, and THE NEW FUCKING AVATAR SERIES are all coming out this month!!! FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!