Here We Go Again – Aniblog 2012!

It’s officially April, and that means it’s time for the long awaited Aniblog Tournament to begin again!

Of course, the world was shocked and incredibly depressed when I somehow lost to AnimeYume in the 3rd round two years ago, but I vow to do much better this time around. Since I can’t insert an image and then make it expand when you click on it, I’m only going to highlight the section of the bracket that I’m in, and here it is:

In case that’s still too hard to read (it is), here is the full bracket listing:

Click this sentence, which will bring you to a page filled mainly with other blogs that are inferior to my ISSS, but will probably somehow beat me by one vote.

This bracket is INTENSE. During the first aniblog, it was a pretty normal bracket set up, but now we’ve got groups and colors all sorts of crazy awesomeness; and I LOVE IT.

If you remember the last tourney, you might recall that I talked a whoooollllleee bunch of smack talk. Some blogs and former blogs that have now turned to absolute shit also decided to copy me, some with success, others…not so much. Let’s face it, some people know how to talk smack (through hard truths and tough, constructive criticism), and others do not (resorting to calling the other blogger a homosexual, and then coming out of the closet in real life only a few months later [just called out one of my good friends, but it had to be done, he’ll understand if he reads this]).

Regardless, the point I’m trying to make is that smack talk is kind of played out. This year, I’m going with a new approach, but I won’t let you in on it until later on (it’s not even that good of an approach either……actually it’s pretty stupid, but that makes it funny to me). And sure, I’m still going to criticize my opponents and talk a bit of smack, but that’s going to be added in as a side note in most cases, unlike last year when it was the main f-


GLOTHELEGEND IS BACK AND ON THE ATTACK TALKING SMACK AND SMACKIN BACK. (but seriously, not talking much smack this time around, I’ve got a new plan, and I love it when a plan comes together).

I am SOOO pumped I can’t wait.

Let’s take a look at my bracket, the Yellow Bracket, the color of gold.

First thing I notice right off the bat is that if I win my first competition (and let’s face it, I’m not going to lose), I get to be in a group with Sea Slugs, who will learn that even a small market ISSS like Eye Sedso can be dangerous when treate as an underdog. I should be able to dispatch them easily, but just for fun, let’s say that they MURDER THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE GROUP WITH EASE, and I end up runner up (Shinmaru is in there too though yikes). Look above. Whose up top with a bye?

It’s none other than my wife of sexual lust, kluxorious!

She was mysteriously not present in the past aniblog tourney, assumably because she wanted to size up the tourney to see if it was worth her time (note: apparently according to my spell check, assumably isn’t a word. No problems; SHAKESPEARE THAT SHIT MAKIN UP WORDS).

Notice that glourious kluxorious has got a bye as a first time entry.


If she could win her group stage, and I could somehow become a runner up in mine, then WE COULD FACE EACH OTHER, WHICH WOULD KICK ASS. (I’m still kind of mad that I wasn’t able to whoop up on oballer’s blog last year in the tournament).

Then I started reading comments, and a comment by Canne caught my eye:

Wait a second, you’re afraid of blogsuki, seaslug, ani-nouto, and seanver……but not me?

Apparently, I am being severely underrated. However, TheBigN knows what’s up:

TheBigN clearly saw my name in the Yellow Bracket, and realized that everyone who doesn’t have an ISSS (everyone) is in a heap of trouble.

Give me the crown now!

In Reality

Yellow Bracket is like a fucking all star bracket Jesus Christ. I can see why I’m in it. I’ll assume that I’m the 17th seed in this entire tournament since I didn’t make the top 16 (if only I beat Anime Yume last time…..I deserved a win)!

Anyway, really REALLY excited to get things started!!! PUMPED!!!! (plus Mysterious Girlfriend X, Sankarea, Fate/Zero, and THE NEW FUCKING AVATAR SERIES are all coming out this month!!! FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!


39 thoughts on “Here We Go Again – Aniblog 2012!

  1. Well I can’t deny this was the most entertaining aniblogtourny related post I read today. Good lucky buddy but with your attitude you got this! I’m stuck with the psgel green group so I gave up on life the moment I saw my position.

  2. Interesting to see how the Yellow Bracket compares to the others. There do seem to be a lot of talented bloggers in there, which makes my happy and sad considering I’m in there too. I’m getting a greater understanding of just how much effort it will take to avoid getting my ass kicked by Shinmaru.

    • One thing is for certain, I am not a blogger, but an ISSSer, so I stand alone. ME AGAINST THE WORLD! I LAUGH AT SOCIETY!

      Shinmaru knows how to kick ass, true, but I have some tricks up my sleeve!

  3. I trust you to handle the Yellow Bracket. Take care of the Blue Bracket while you’re at it. I have no interest in battling some of these sissy princess blogs in the finals.

  4. ‘Yellow Bracket is like a fucking all star bracket Jesus Christ’
    Best quote of the month and possibly of all time.
    I meant to mention you later (which is after I beat Seanver and ani-nouto and defeat blogsuki and destroy animeyume). Sorry glo, there’s slim chance of your rematch with animeyume, haha!

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  6. What’s surprising is I only learned 2 hours ago I was entered in this tournament. I honestly had no idea this existed until now. Well, I’m happy to be well known enough to at least enter.

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  8. Yellow, the color of urine. I don’t know why we’re not in the bottom brackets, considering we weren’t in the last aniblog tourney, nor can I think of anyone who reads my blog other than me… Man, I love me.

    I’m kind of bummed because I wanted to kick maskatips’ ass. This mecha guignol may give me trouble because he has clinchers in his posts, and an actual conclusion; whereas I just end up on an off-tangent run-on sentence with no end in sight. What was I talking about?

    • Yellow: The Color of Pee was going to be my original quote, but it wouldn’t be accurate. I’m getting the gold. But yeah, matchups never seem to work out the way you want them, but that’s okay. I’m curious to know the actual seedings and what type of format they used to pick the seedings.

  9. If you don’t win this there will be riots in the streets. There will be blood, massacres, blogtastic outrage. And a lot of crying. On my part. Watching Fairy Tail will alleviate my sorrow, which will persist until you do win. I will chain myself to this laptop, so fervent is my devotion to you. Don’t be creeped out or anything >:D.

  10. For the record you’d better be prepared because even if I can’t beat you in the actual tourney (unless it hapPUNS that I reach the finals), I can at least PUNch you in WRITING BETTER SMACK TALKS. This otou-san and his PUNy blog don’t even stand a FRACTION OF A CHANCE against the of PUNwer (ok that was bad) of having an aPUNdance of HORRIBLE PUNS

    p.s. I really hope you’re participating in aniblog betting. if you aren’t, you officially suck

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  12. I was actually kind of hoping I’d be included in this contest so I could write a post about how little of a shit I give about it. Might do that anyway actually.

  13. well, at least you got the sexual part right LOL

    The tourney came at a bad time since I am extremely busy nowadays and hardly has any time to produce/write something good for the blog, or watch anime for that matter. I haven’t even checked the blogs that I would end up against. Even if I win that, having to go up against animeyume… LOL instant KO!


    I have none.

    Or is it?

    Like you said, the yellow bracket is epic. Shit is going to get real! I can’t wait to see the face off between you and Baka-Raptor

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