I called it.

I called it wayyy long ago.

I told you all many times that Mysterious Girlsfriend X would kick a whole shit load of ass, yet for some reason, whenever I’d read a Spring 2012 Anime Lineup preview, I’d see people writing MGX off as a “meh” series.

“It’s about drool? That’s weird I’m not going to watch it.”

“Looks like a typical fanservice anime.”

You’re all idiots. Clearly most of you were clueless when it came to understanding the shear awesomeness that is Mysterious Girlfriend X.

But still, even I had my hesitations about Mysterious Girlfriend X. Would Hoods Entertainment completely botch this series and turn it into a fanservice shit-show? Would the voice acting be good enough to represent the characters? Would  the writers and director do the manga justice?

Well it’s finally come, and guess what?

The first episode of Mysterious Girlfriend X was not a home run, it was a game-ending, world-series clinching walk-off grand slam. It was an Eli Manning touchdown pass in the last minute of the Super Bowl. It was a Spirit Bomb against all evil. It was perfect.


Perfect perfect perfect.

I don’t think you could cast a better cast of seiyuu.

Tsubaki is perfect (although to be honest, any normal sounding voice actor could do a good job with him). Urabe is PERFECT. I am SO satisfied by the job that Ayako Yoshitani is doing as Urabe that I may write her a letter expressing my happiness with her skills.

Except I won’t actually do that, but I am really happy with the way she’s voicing Urabe.

This scene stood out to me as fantastic voice acting. I loved it.


The directing is arguably the best I’ve seen in ages. Ayumu Watanabe is awesome. I could talk about why he does such a good job, but to get the full force of understanding, you really need to watch the episode yourself. But I’m going to get really specific for a second.

In the scene were Tsubaki finally asks Urabe out, we get a flash, quite literally, of Urabe’s underwear holstered scissors. They’re only visible for a tenth of a second, and that’s what makes it so effective. After that flash, nothing else is touched upon in regards to her scissors (at least not yet). It’s such a perfect bit of directing.

“Wait…were those scissors?”

“Why were they in her underwear?”

“Did I imagine it?”

No answers are given. It’s a small bit of forshadowing. “Why the fuck does she have scissors tucked into her panties, and what the fuck does that have to do with anything?”

Ho ho ho ho, you’ll have to wait and see my friend!

And the scissors are never even touched on or explained any farther. PERFECT.


What else can I say? How about the the art/animation. The animation is solid. As far as animation comes, it’s pretty much your standard stuff, but the art remains very true to the manga, which I LOVE. The 90’s feel that this show has kicks ass. I mean, look at Tsubaki’s room? His posters are just…

  • Star Wars
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Some thing with a smiling robot holding a naked girl

The smiling robot thing is all the way to the right (your right). I don't know what movie that's supposed to be. Also, loved how they called Star Wars "Star Mars."

All of his posters were movie classics from back in the day (hard to imagine that Star Wars is 35 years old), which I think is very much a mirror of the show’s style. It’s got a classic kind of feel to it due to the throwback art and amazing music.


Yeah, the music kicks ass. It gives the show almost the same feel that an animated movie has. In particular, a Studio Ghibli movie.

Did I just do that?

Did I just draw a comparison of a Studio Ghibli movie to an anime about tasting drool???

Fuck yes I did, now shut up and listen:

To me, Ghibli does a good job of incorporating real life feelings and emotions into their movies, and Mysterious Girlfriend X does the same. The scene above shows the class acting like any normal class would act. They’re messing around, talking, looking at porn… You know, the good things in life. The kicker? Nothing seems forced.

That’s probably the big thing here. Everything flows perfectly and nothing seems forced. And that comes back to the directing. In a time where a lot of shows seem pretty cheap and kind of cliche (Kore wa Zombie, My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, etc), Mysterious Girlfriend X is anything but cliche, and I’m not talking about the plot so much as I’m talking about the characters and their interactions.

Take Tsubaki. He’s a pretty plain character. He’s almost a typical male lead, but it works because he seems so natural. He’s believable, and that’s why Mysterious Girlfriend X is so damn fucking awesome. All of the characters are believable, even if they are tasting drool and cutting up signs with panty scissors and wearing underwear that limits their kicking ability so they don’t kill someone with their kicks, and  writing plays called “Mysterious Girlfriend Y” that happen to have the exact same plot as the mang- oh wait, we’re not even close to all of that extremely awesome shit.

It's about time someone animated you.

Mysterious Girlfriend X kicks ass, and it only gets better as the show continues. If you’re thinking about dropping it, don’t. If you’re thinking about picking it up, DO. If you’re not sure, go jump off a cliff and then watch this show/read the manga while you recoup in the hospital you sad sad sack of shit.

God this show is awesome. I can’t wait to throw it on my top ten after it ends (if it remains this good).

I’m not bias, I’m just right.

43 thoughts on “Mysterious Girlfriend X: WATCH IT NOW OR YOU’RE REALLY REALLY STUPID

  1. Before this I completely forgot that The Day The Mars Stood Still and Star Mars were a thing. Those posters were probably the highlight of the episode for me, and that’s saying a fucking lot considering that this had me completely floored with awe. Fuck I hope it keeps this up.

    • I feel like it’s only going to get better. The directing and voice acting has already proved to be awesome, and honestly if you’ve got that you’ve got a good show not matter what.

  2. It’s one of the shows I’ll be blogging this season, along with Saki Achiga-hen. I like Saki a lot, so Mysterious Girlfriend X being one of my blogging choices shows how much I liked it.

    • I knew it was something awesome (I’ve never heard of it but I probably have and just can’t put the name and the movie together. I’ve definitely seen that robot before).

    • Yes you’re friend is an idiot.

      You sh-….I mean your friend should read the manga first and then afterward watch the anime, because yo- I mean he will be able to withstand the urge to marathon.

      Note: Usually I need to marathon awesome shows. I can’t wait for the next episode it’s too hard for me.

      However, because I read the manga and already understand the awesomeness of Mysterious Girlfriend X, I already know what awesomeness is going to happen in the show (plot), so I can wait for the next episode.

      Sort of.

      I’ve watched the first episode 3 times already I’ve never done that with any show ever.

  3. No wonder background music is brilliant, the composer also worked behind all Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei seasons. This one is in capable hands from all aspects. I was rather surprised the dialogue was quite natural and genuine.

    • Saki Achiga-hen looks pretty, but I think I’ll hold off on making any judgement calls because I’ve been consistently wrong with so many things lately. All I know is that I liked the manga. It’s basically the story of an underdog mahjong team from another prefecture aiming for the nationals. The main two girls were friends with Haramura Nodoka back in grade school and think the best reunion set-up with an estranged friend would be to face off in the Nationals; vice just calling her over the phone or taking the train for a hour and visiting her.

  4. Are you worried about how the director will handle the later portions of the series? Like most people, I think the manga sort of went to shit during/after the idol arc. I like what I’ve seen so far, and I want to believe that Ayumu will tackle the lackluster later chapters well.

      • Sorry, but I really can’t agree. The Idol arc was more than a year of character development followed by them going straight back to the status quo. Not saying they need to hurry up and have sex or anything, but to go through so much and then go back to struggling with giving hugs, let alone kisses, feels awkward. If that whole idol thing hadn’t happened, it wouldn’t feel so strange that they’re still at level one.



  5. Lmfao! Your post made me really laugh.
    You made a point with the Pantyscissors move. It was so subtle but so perfect. Anyone else would have probably scene the panties and something random in there too and ignored it.

    • I’m glad you really laughed and didn’t just pretend to laugh like all these other posers.

      It was a perfect bit of directing in a perfect show. Also, I have perfect judgement.

  6. “It’s about drool? That’s weird I’m not going to watch it.” this is also my statement.

    I gave this one a thumbs down without even starting to watch it. My mind was insulted.

    So, you mean that I should read the manga first before watching the anime (sans bad judgment)?

    • Both the manga and the anime are incredible. Anyone who doesn’t give this a chance and dismisses it as bad without even understanding the plot needs a swift kick in the pants as far as I’m concerned.

      Fuck, I don’t think Kids on the Slope looks any good, but I’m still planning on checking it out. I’ve learned never to judge a book by it’s drool.

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