My Aniblog Tournament Bracket – Completely Filled Out

Here we have the correct bracket for the Aniblog Tournament 2012. This is exactly how it will turn out (unless I change my mind on decisions, which is probable once I can see the blogs one on one).

I FINALLY found out how to make images click to enlarge. I’m sooooo stupid for not knowing this the past 3 fucking years.

46 thoughts on “My Aniblog Tournament Bracket – Completely Filled Out

    • That’s what I’ve got. Frankly, you’ve got an easy bracket I think maybe (I forgot the blogs of those you went against).

      I should mention that some of my choices were personal preference and others were who I thought would win certain matchups. It’s completely inconsistent.

      That being said, it’s fortunate that in choosing myself as the champ, I not only used personal preference, but also used who is going to win.

      I’m the best.

    • I breezed through 3 episode and then unfortunately ran into an episode where Happosai was the main character, and then I completely forgot about Ranma 1/2’s existence.

  1. I survived the first round? You are too kind.

    It’s either you or Baka-Raptor. If any of the committee member wins, that would be hilarious.

    • I do NOT want to see a group blog win. They’ve got like….6 people writing and I STILL put out more posts then them. I’d like to see a group blog last if they’ve only got 1 person writing.

      • true that. After all these years, I still prefer individual blogs. It just has more flares in it compared to the group blogs which if they ain’t careful, turned out to be a really big mess of incoherent shit. Though like you said, I do spare some love for some like Trazor, those Waffle boys and Metanorn

    • You got lucky the Green Bracket is known to me as the pussy bracket. In real life though, I’m sure Star Crossed is gonna win, which confuses me because it’s exactly like every other fucking blog out there like seriously what is the difference?

      • Psgels has good taste and a shit way of describing his opinions, which snares both people with good taste and people who like shit (i.e. most anime fans).

      • I could be a better episodic poster than him if I really wanted to. It’s just that writing episodics pretty much suck, and make anime wayyyy less enjoyable. I once tried to write episodics but then gave up pretty quick because it made watching anime feel like homework. I then went into a hiatus for a month – it fucked everything up.

  2. From your version of bracket, all depts were paid, all revenge were satisfied and all closed friends got parts of glory. I absolutely love it!

  3. You and TRazor predicts that I will 1up a blog of four authors. Interesting. Thanks.

    Let’s see how will this goes. To be honest, it is my honor to be placed as one of ghostlightning’s challengers. I never expected it.

    Come May, I hope we see each other in personal.

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