Yukawa Is Terrible at Reading Comprehension

As an asshole, my site gets a lot of comments from people who are all in a tiff, and end up writing something in a sad effort to make it seem as though their opinion matters, when really, it doesn’t.

I’m sure you all remember rose_darkangel? Or that other guy?

Anyway, this latest dipshit might make these two look like geniuses. Enter Yukawa.

Yukawa is an unfortunate person who has failed every reading comprehension examination he’s ever taken. Eventually, he had to drop out of middle school at the young age of 18 because he couldn’t keep up to other students when the time came to read Johnny Tremain.

Yukawa’s unfortunate problems with  reading comprehension aren’t just held to school books either. It’s a fact (literally, it’s a fact), that Yukawa has a serious issue when it comes to understanding blog or ISSS posts. Here’s a recent comment that Yukawa wrote on Eye Sedso:

Now, after re-reading this twice, I became convinced that this was SPAM. I mean, no actual person could have written this, right? It completely misses the point and half of it is almost incomprehensible.

But the purpose of SPAM is usually to promote something through use of annoying, shitty comments, and while this comment indeed fits that criteria, it’s not linked to something dumb like grass seed or house insurance. In fact, it’s not linked to anything. Not only that, but Yukawa also cites specifics from the post in question (to a small degree).

Now, extreme spelling and grammatical errors aside, this is a comment that, under normal circumstances, I’d probably just reply with a short jab that would make Yukawa feel stupid, completely reassess his life choices, and probably offer to be my lifetime slave to make up for his stupidity. But that’s not enough, because Yukawa’s response to my post took stupidity to a whole new level.

Let me explain this. Here’s the post in question:

Click Me, for I am the post in question!

What is this post about? In a nutshell, I wrote this entire post talking about how awesome Usui was as a character (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), yet Yukawa seems to have interpreted it in the complete opposite way. Time for a break down of this embarrassingly terrible comment.

Me? An idiot? Okay, I’ll accept that. But the next part is terribly structured. I don’t get the exact point of story lines? You don’t seem to get the exact point of an exact point. I mean, the exact point of the post is to shed light on how awesome Usui is, and you can tell that this was my exact point when I wrote:

“This show is awesome. You know why? TAKUMI USUI.”

My exact point could not be more clear, and I have no idea how you could have possibly misconstrued that.

Yukawa then wrote: “I’m worse than those mentally impaired ones.”

Are you saying that I’m worse than mentally impaired story lines? Yes. That is the exact point in accordance with the way that your sentence structure is set up. You’re clarification is terrible and your sentence structure makes even my writing look good.

This paragraph makes me want to jump out a window, and all dead English teachers turn in their graves.

I get what you’re trying to do with the first sentence, but when you write using the past tense, you don’t have to change every word to past tense. Note: It was easy for you to criticized the whole character of that guy you called Usui… the word criticized does not need to be past tense, you already clarified that this was a sentence in past tense when you used the word “was”. Wait….why the fuck am I giving you English lessons? Kids, stay in school and don’t do drugs.

If I were actually criticizing “that guy I called Usui,” then yes, it would be quite easy. I mean, all I would have to do is write something like, “Usui’s whole character sucks.” and I’d have succeeded pretty well. I might even put it in bold and italicize it if the mood strikes me. But tell me Yukawa, what is “the real thing about him?” Is the author keeping important character information from us? Clearly you have the inside track to this knowledge, and I think it’s pretty fucked up that you aren’t sharing it with anyone else. Or perhaps you are the creator, since “only the creator of [Usui] knew him.” I mean because if you weren’t the creator, that would imply that you don’t know “the real thing about him” either, and that you’re just talking out of your ass.

But hey, who am I to judge. After all, according you you, creators of manga make it an exact point to keep information from the reader, because God knows they don’t want their readers to know anything about the manga that they’re reading, and especially not the characters. They’re always trying to keep us readers in the dark, just to get us mad!

Okay, first, this creator. In this case, it’s Hiro Fujiwara:

This is the creator that Yukawa has been going on about.

You’re saying I don’t have a place above her imagination, meaning that her word is absolute, and she is God.

The same can be said for you though, you don’t have a place above my imagination, so it looks like you should shutthefuckup! Shut. The. Fuck. Up. You’re a contradiction to your own advice. On Eye Sedso, I am the creator, NOT Hiro Fujiwara. NOT Yukawa either. That’s why I am entitled to say whatever I fucking want to say, and that includes pointing out how much of a fuckin moron you are.

Although I do sometimes criticize my site, that’s not why I made it….oh wait, I think that you were trying to say that I made this site just to criticize it, and by “it,” you mean the creator’s imagination (well, according to your structure). STOP TALKING IN RIDDLES!

Anyway, you’re really going to try and talk to me about respecting someone’s opinion?


A) Don’t have to be respected. They can be debated. In Hitler’s opinion, all Jewish people should die. But hey, you explain to the world that we should all respect that, you Nazi anti-Semite.

B) Can be made about fucking anything. You didn’t seem to “respect” my opinion, otherwise you wouldn’t have written this terribly structured comment telling me that I was wrong for my opinion, which by the way was an opinion that I never even made.

That’s right, you’re bitching at me for something that I didn’t even write. How stupid can you get? Answer: Not much stupider.