Aniblog Tournament Round 2: Yellow Bracket is Fucking Stacked

Yeah, another Aniblog Tournament Post.

Well the first round as you all know is just a way to get all of those crappy blogs out of the way, and now the real tournament starts. You know, the second round, aka the round that I’m actually involved in. The Champion Begins his run now! I’m referring of course to me, and everyone else can suck my dick.

So pumped.

Not only am I beginning my assent to the top, but a lot of blogs that I love are getting involved, but there is one matchup that I’m going to watch carefully, and that’s Chii vs Kluxorious.

Not only are both bloggers totally in love with me, but both of them fall under the category of “Glothelegend’s Top Ten Favorite Blogs.”

So damn….who do I pick???

Duh, of course I’m voting for kluxorious. She’s my wife till death do us part and all of that! But still, what a matchup. Could be the best of the entire tournament, until I play kluxorious, then Baka-Raptor in the finals….and when I get revenge on yumeka……Yellow Bracket is fucking stacked unreal. Check these names out:

The fucking All Star Jesus Christ Bracket of Death

Wait a second, apparently kluxorious and chii are having a 3 way with seven, which is pretty hot, but also annoying as fuck because it takes away votes from my sexy wife.

Vote for my sexy wife, because Eye Sedso.

Haven’t pulled that Eye Sedso line out in a while it felt good.

I should mention that voting won’t start for a while…..this post is timed horribly. Maybe I’ll re-post the exact post in a few weeks time with some edits to add other blogs from the “Fucking All Star Jesus Christ Bracket of Death” that I want to win.

NOTE: There were a lot of good blogs in the first round that lost, the first paragraph is clearly just me being me.