What’s Your Favorite Character Type?

Draft Week #1

Originally Written: April 22, 2010 12:40 AM

There’s a shitload of different character types out there. Many have been repeated over and over in many different ways, but they all keep the same basic concepts. For example. We’ve seen plenty of Yuki Nagatos out there; characters who don’t show emotion in their tone of voice or on their face. Of the many different character types out there, what kind do you like the most? Truthfully, I don’t really care, but you’re all probably dying to know which one’s I like, so…

Character Type #1: The Silent Type


This type of character would be the one I just talked about, which I refer to as the “Yuki Nagano Type”. Almost always a female, this type of character just can’t be bothered with pesky emotions or facial expressions. This makes them much easier to draw, and reminds me of a Far Side comic about a dog, which I can’t remember…..facial expressions of a lab? I can’t remember.

Character Type #2: The Eccentric

This type would be a typical Haruhi type. Why am I taking all of my examples from Haruhi so far? Because that show has several different character types in it, and when you think of “eccentric character” who doesn’t think of Haruhi Suzumiya? Torako from Hyakko also comes to mind, but there are many many more eccentric characters than just that.

These characters are, as stated, eccentric. The do things on whims, generally have ton and tons of energy, and are almost always happy (except for like….one episode or so).

Character Type #3: The Tsundere

Anyone who know me knows that this is pretty much going to glourify Rie Kugimiya, who is the best known for her tsundere characteres, from Shana [Shakugan no Shana] to Louse [Zero no Tsukaima] to Nagi [Hayate n Gotoku] to

Okay we get it…

So anyway, tsundere might be one of the most popular character types. They are generally known for hiding their emotions or not being true to them. They have a touch exterior, but beneath that, they are incredibly soft.

Character Type #4: Yandere

Oh here we go. This is the opposite of a tsundere. They act soft, but once you get to know them, they turn out to be psychotic as fuck. I always think of Rena from Higurashi, even though she technically isn’t a yandere. But that’s the type. Starts off loving cute things, ends up wielding a huge butcher knife and lopping people’s heads off.

Character Type #5: The Pussy

Go cry in a ditch.

This could be a male character of a female charcter. I generally think of a male character, because if a female is being a pussy then she’s simply seen as being ‘cute’, but if a guy is a pussy, which in most cases, he is, then it means he is a fucking pussy, as in: Perfectly Useless Sack of ShittY

Yeah, I just made that up. Yeah, it’s not the greatest.

I hate pussy characters because whenever I watch them I wonder why they’re always so afraid/crying. Just stand up and be a man with some balls and some willpower! Pussy characters love to roll over and die and that pisses me off.

Character Type #6 The So-Nice-She’s-Annoying-Girl

I’m looking at you Belldandy. No one likes a girl who agrees with everything they say. That’s boring. Honestly, You character types, who act like maids (or slaves) and only aim to please others piss me off a lot. It’s like you’re not really a character, you’re just an extension of the character that you’re trying to please. I don’t like you at all, but maybe someone does.

Character Type #7: The Tomboy

I’m a big fan of the Tomboy character. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but something about girls being depicted outside of their natural element, rather, their ‘assumed natural’ element, just gets me all fired up (in the pants)…..

No, not in the pants…well, yes in the pants, but more like….here:

In a girl, I like:

  • Short hair
  • Goth/punk looks
  • Girls who aren’t Caucasian
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Short hair
  • Short hair again
  • Short hair

Clearly, I like women with a little bit of zing to them. Less of the norm, more of the abnorm. Plus, a tomboy is like a girl who you can shoot the shit with and not have to worry about them getting all questiony with you. For example:

“Oh, your hair looks nice today.”

“What do you mean it looks nice today? Are you saying it doesn’t look nice on other days!? I’m so super offended for NO FUCKING REASON OTHER THAN MY VAGINA-“

(Headbutt to the ovaries) “FUCK YOUUUU BITCH!!!”

A tomboy might instead say, “Shut up you asshole.” which is totally hot. That being said, it makes it even sexier when they show feminine emotions, but this character type isn’t really based around sexiness or arousal.

Most tomboy characters are bad ass, and for the most part that’s why I like them.

Character Type #8: The Badass

If you think this needs an explanation, then leave this site now.

So that’s that. What character type do you like most? Is there one I forgot (probably)? Which one? What’s my favorite?


What is my favorite?


I guess the tomboy? No wait, bad-ass. Hold on, tsunderes. Wait a second…..where are the stalkers on this list? FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKK.

I must say, the tomboy might be my favorite. I always root for them in shitty harem anime, and they can be badass too.

Extra Shit

So this is the first post of Draft Week, where I post a whole bunch of shitty, old drafts, unaltered, for you all to see. I’ll probably post about 5 posts this week total. If I can upload one every day then I might do that, but I’m a busy guy.


27 thoughts on “What’s Your Favorite Character Type?

    • I’d agree with this. I like Tomboys in real life really….well I like them in anime too I guess. The badass character is always good. I forgot lesbians…..shit.

  1. For me, the archetype of a character doesn’t matter. I like any kind of character as long as they’re given a proper treatment, yes, even the useless male lead can be likable when done right (meaning not Shinji).

    • By the way, you forgot the BRO character. I think that’s the best kind of character out there. BRO characters don’t necessarily have to be male.

      • Bro characters suck. They only even exist because of the following logic:
        1. Anime fans are pussies who will never be true bros
        2. Anime fans, however, are still attracted to bros’ friendly demeanor and easygoing personality
        3. Anime fans are simultaneously intensely jealous and bitter towards bros for having social skills and getting girls
        4. Therefore the main character will always be a pussy who gets the girl for no reason, and the bro will never get the girl.
        What a sad, twisted existence.

  2. Of these? Real life: Tomboy. Anime: Badass.

    Although by far I prefer characters who aren’t easily pidgeonholed, and fkeroge is right: there are still some support roles that aren’t being represented (not that it really matters).

  3. i loled so hard at the pussy character example! shinji the grand-father of all pussy male leads! we can find it on all places. for example in Mirai Nikki lead, (good for us he becomes bad-ass at the end) those character gives me a sense of ‘o god why this shity char is the fucking lead…’

    another tomboy example i really like, is that vampire-ninja girl on Kore wa zombie desu ka? i noticed she even refers to herself using ‘ore’ AFAIK the ‘most male’ japanese self personal pronoum.

    i always remember how the blue haired Zero no Tsukaima girl is almost a perfecto copy/clone of Nagato.

  4. You don’t like white girls?! RACIST!

    My favorite type… ummm… ….. for girls, the nice type — but not like THAT BITCH Belldandy — just a genuinely nice/sweet person who gets flustered and bashful occasionally. (This is a very rare type to be done correctly) I also like the badass type, the femme fatale type (film noir style), yandere, full out psychopaths, dumbfucks, overly serious types, cool nee-san types… and megane.

    As for guys, I like the suave/charismatic guys, the guys who always look irritated, the badass, the guy who isn’t really a badass but he’s still kind of A badass, the silent type, the shopkeeper type, the gentle nii-san, the energetic nii-san, oyaji, dumbfucks, ‘cool prince’ types, ‘cold queen’ types, overly serious types, tsundere, assholes, mad scientists, teachers, psychopaths… and megane.

    I feel like I’m still forgetting something… well, too bad for you!

    P.S. I only like “perfectly useless sack of shitty” characters if it’s done purposely to show character development and growth. That goes for any character who has some sort of gigantic, annoying flaw. Tsundere doesn’t count because they still retain their fucking stupid tsundere bullshit, albeit to a lesser degree.

      • I FUCKING FORGOT YAKUZA AND YANKEE TYPES!! I FUCKING HATE LIFE AND EVERYTHING IN IT! They technically fall into always irritated/badass, but still…

        While I’m at it, anyone with any sort of dialect is usually good. And the sly, niko niko types who always have their eyes closed and are fucking trolls.

        Also, nerdy types and super geniuses… and the type that seem stupid/lame but are actually super wise/knew everything all along/super powerful but never revealed it because they were lazy or jaded or because of plot. And the world weary/jaded type in general (but they still have some sort of mission or incentive that keeps them going; not crybaby pussy types who roll over and die).

        All of these could be applied to either ladies or gents.

      • Why doesn’t this stupid gay blog make a proper reply chain?

        Anyway, I forgot another type: DROOPY EYED GUYS!! I don’t know what it is, but that constant extremely lazy/troll expression is too good.

    • Upon reflection that I might come off like a homo, I felt it was necessary to inform you that I am indeed, in fact, a young maiden. It’s fine with me if people think I’m a guy, but not if they think I’m a gay.

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