Top Ten Sensei List

Draft Week #2

Originally Written: December 24, 2010 12:51 PM

What inspired this? Or rather, who? I’ll tell you who. Ryusei Nakao did, with his portrayal of Kodama from TWGOK.

#10 – Pani Poni Dash

Rebecca Miyamoto

To be honest, I kind of ran out of senseis.

She’s not the best character in PPD, Ichijou is, but Rebecca wins the ten spot over someone like Negi-bozu (yeah, I said it) because she supplies the show with hilarity in the form of her

#9 – Moyashimon

Haruka Hasegawa

She’s the girl right in the middle……….of one of my fantasies.

Okay, so technically, she’s not a teacher, she’s a deciple of the professor, and technically, I’d like to rail the shit out of her.

Hey, she wears a lab coat, right? And she’s a graduate, so close enough. Still, that’s why she’s so high on this list, she’s not a real professor.

#8 – Lucky Star


What can I say? I think her pathetic life is kind of funny an slightly arousing….well, it’s funny anyway…

#7 – The World God Only Knows

Kodama Ichirou

Not by a hair on your chinny chin ch- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT THING???

He’s a dick and he hates Keima. Keima is smarter than he. It’s fun to watch Kodama fail at life.

Plus his fucking chin and baller outfits.

#6 & 5 – Azumanga Daioh

Nyamo & Yukari

Personally, I like Yukari’s complete non-teacher-like attitude, which puts her at #5 in front of Nyamo, who is awesome in her own right. But don’t think I’m done with Azumanga Daioh just yet…

#4 – Fairy Tail


(Warning, the song is not that great, but the video is a video)

Okay, I had to update this part of this list to include Ur. Not only did she turn herself to ice in order to kill an unkillable monster, but she had a streak of Izumi Curtis in her that made me have to change my pants several times. Too bad Fairy Tail is average at best. Rie Kugimiya….why…..why are you forcing me to watch this? I’d rather read the manga…

#3 – Azumanga Daioh


Need I say more? One of the most retarded, hilariously awkward teachers ever invented.

#2 – Fullmetal Alchemist

Izumi Curtis

Simple housewife my ass.


Izumi is arguably the most badass sensei ever. The fact that she’s a character in FMA, a series filled with badasses, should tell you enough. The fact that she kicks ass in FMA says more. She’s a simple housewife with big tits who will beat your ass, and she’s trained in the mountains. Not any mountains though, brutal, fucking cold mountains.

#1 – Great Teacher Onizuka

Eikichi Onizuka

Sorry, but when it comes to teachers, Onizuka takes the cake. He’s every bit the badass that Izumi is (well, almost), except he teaches actual students in an actual school. If I ever did half of the things that he has the balls to do, I’d be fired in a day. But you know what? I does it all for his students.

Extra Shit

First of all, I really wrote a post on Christmas Eve? Second of all, was TWGOK really animated in 2010? I may have added that in an edit a while back….anyway…

Okay, so I changed one thing, but I only had 9 people when I wrote this (apparently I didn’t finish), so I added one. I didn’t mess with anything else though (except to change numbers above the added Fairy Tail character).

What about you guys? Favorite sensei?