Ghibli Studio Can Do No Wrong: Whisper of the Heart

Draft Week #3

Originally Written: December 8, 201o 11:30 PM

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Time for all of you to get raped by a bunch of posts about Ghibli movies,whether you like it or not. I’ve decided to review almost* every single Ghibli movie that I can find. I was going to go in order of ones that I’ve watched, but considering that I just finished Whisper of the Heart, why not start there while it’s fresh on my brilliant, under-appreciated mind?

Whisper of the Heart

After watching Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works yesterday the other day, Whisper of the Heart becomes the 40th anime movie that I’ve seen. Makes me wonder just how many different movies I’ve watched in my life. Must be well into the hundreds.

Synopsis: The story centers around Shizuku, a girl in junior High School who doesn’t really know what to do with her life, and has a bunch of shit going on with boys. Basically, this means that she’s completely average in every way. One thing unique to her is that she actually likes reading, and by “likes reading” I mean she’s a fucking freak. This girl reads every God damn thing she sees.

“Hey, Shizuku, wanna go [insert most awesome thing ever here]?”

“No thanks Yuko, I’d rather RAPE THE LIBRARY!”

But hey, I used to love reading too, so I can see where she’s coming from here. In fact this movie really made me want to start reading again. Not coincidentally, this movie also really made me want to start playing viola again. There was a lot of nostalgia in this movie.

Anyway, one day, she notices the same name, Seiji Amasawa, is on almost all of the library sign out cards located in the books she reads. She immediately searches for the person. Oh wait never mind, she chases a cat instead.

I’ve heard of dogs using the subways, but cats?

But wouldn’t you know it, chasing this cats leads her right tooo…..

Yup, you guessed it! An antique shop! And it’s there where she meets an old man and a statue of the Baron, who was also a character in another great Ghibli movie (apparently the sequel/spin off to this film): The Cat Returns (it had Peter fuckin Boyle and Elliott fucking Gould voicing characters, to name a few. There was a great cast in that movie, but I’ll go into that when I review it.)

Anyway, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but the main point of this movie would probably be about finding oneself and discovering who one is. A pretty dumb sounding premise to be totally honest.

My Opinions

Take a look at the pillows on the right side of the screen. Eh? Eh?

First of all, I should mention that I almost always watch Ghibli movies in dub. I like what Disney does with them. Unlike dubbed anime, the voice actors and actresses actually don’t suck. That being said, the first thing I did when I watched this was criticize the voice actress of Shizuku. Just for little things like, “Oh I think her face showed a different emotion then how she voiced Shizuku in that scene.” That being said, I only did that once, and actually liked how Brittany Snow voiced Shizuku. In fact, the voice acting was pretty good all around.

Whisper of the Heart had all of the normal things that make a Ghibli film amazing. The animators as usual did a great job creating fantastic art and breathtaking views. Absolutely stunning if you ask me. I’ve always found that Ghibli movies never seem to have a weakness in animations quality. They really do a better job at it than anyone else, in terms of capturing the essence of what a film is supposed to be like. They do a great job delivering the concept of film to anime. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it sort of does to me, so moving on.

One thing that I felt was good, yet a bit flawed, was the story. It was a very good story, but there were probably two things that I found fault with. The first being in the scene above, and I’m not talking about the pillow-penis. In this scene, Shizuku is talking about how she’ll never be good enough for Seiji, and how she sucks at life and will never find out what to do with herself. Then suddenly she pops her head up and decides that she’s totally fine, and she’ll work hard to be a writer. What? Really? That was quick. I’ve never seen someone go from “I suck at writing.” to “I know, I can be a writer!” so quickly. I thought that the scene itself was a little bit rushed. And Yuko didn’t even do anything, she just sat there.

On the opposite side, while I felt that this scene was rushed, I felt like everything else was a bit slow. Nothing really developed, and I never really got emotionally connected with the characters. I mean, the characters themselves were good, but something was missing in the story. To me, there was no real conflict in this movie, or I should say, the conflict in the story was a bit weak. Maybe just not my cup of tea. I realized this probably somewhere along the time when I started adding my own crude dialogue to the movie, the same way they do in Mystery Science Theater 3000. Btw, I’m not going to put a link for Mystery Science Theater 3000, because if you don’t know what it is, then you suck.

But still, I did enjoy the movie, and I did feel like it had a lot to offer. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t labeled this post, “Studio Ghibli CAN do Wrong,” which I clearly didn’t do. It was a very good movie, and the flaws within it were pretty minor. It doesn’t get a 5^^ from me, but I will allow it to receive a quality


* = some of the movies just suck to much and are so uninteresting that I’ll just shove them into some round up post at the end of everything.

 Extra Shit

So, clearly I won’t be “raping” anybody with a bunch of Ghibli Posts, but yeah, Ghibli is pretty damn good. I just watch that Borrowers thingy and it still managed to be good despite me having watched some shitty British version.

Regarding this post…not really liking the large amount of swears or use of the word “rape.” There was also some pretty poor writing. I’d give this post about a B-/C+.

Also, in case you were wondering, the pillows are a penis and balls. Just look at them.