How Samurai Champloo Made Me Remember…How Awesome Anime Is.

Was this supposed to be written on a Sunday? Shit I’m already fucking it up.ou

These types of things pop up from time to time, and sometimes I look at them from a distance, but other times I’ll choose to get involved with these….what would you call them….aniblogosphere projects? Anyway, if I do decide to participate, then I’ll usually half ass it at most.

trzr23 started this string of posts, and at first, I wasn’t even interested. Why? The title, “Remembering Love” just sounds so corny to me. It reminds me of a girl standing on a cliff looking out to sea with a look of peacefulness and nostalgia on her face.

I hate images where a girl is standing on a cliff looking out to sea with a look of peacefulness and nostalgia. The headers of Beneath the Tangles have the same effect on me.

I’ve got nothing but respect for Beneath the Tangles. I just don’t like the headers.

Pictures or scenes that have the same emotional output as the above picture just rub me the wrong way. I feel like these types of pictures or scenes insist upon themselves. It’s like they’re trying to be inspiring or something. It’s tough to explain, but the bottom-line is that I just don’t like them. At the same time, I can’t think of a better name for these posts, so I pretty much just bitched about nothing for no reason.

Nice one, Glo. You suck.

Oh great, here we go again.

Thought I was gone didn’t you? You know, you still owe me a post. It’s been fucking years! Plural!

Dear God…do you want to put one out next week?

YES! Next week I-

Too bad keep waiting.

So anyway, after I grew up a little bit (and after reading kluxorious’s post) I decided, “You know what? This is actually a great idea. Why not indulge?”

So here we are. This is my post about how Samurai Champloo made me remember……ugh……love (bleh).

Samurai Champloo Kicked More Ass than Bill the Ass-Kicker

I started grinning like an asshole right when the opening credits started rolling.  The OP is one of the best OPs ever created, and I actually found myself rapping it to myself the other day at work. Once it started playing I could literally not stop grinning. I even played it twice before watching the actual episode, and I could not stop grinning for the life of me.

She was right!

When I heard the lyrics of Battlecry start playing, I was hit hard by a mixed wave of nostagia, excitement, anticipation, and more nostagia.

  • Nostalgia of “Wow! I had forgotten how awesome Samurai Champloo was!”
  • And nostalgia of “I remember everything about the time period when I first watched Samurai Champloo! God I was a little shit back then!” (well, I was younger anyway).

The episode I randomly chose was the one where they find some fake coins and Mugen and Jin use the money on prostitutes. The into was rapped by a Japanese version of Ol Dirty Bastard. How much better can a show get? How many shows can you think of where the main characters solicit prostitutes? Fuckin zero buddy!

I got that from here: CLICK

Samurai Champloo. Ahhh I remember it well. One of my favorite episodes in all of anime was the baseball episode, but honestly, you can choose any episode of Samurai Champloo and I’ll probably choose it over any episode of anything else any day.

What makes Samurai Champloo ass-kickingly fantastic? Well gee golly gosh I’m gonna tell you right now!

The fusion of hip hop culture and feudal Japan equates to a fusion of two of my favorite things in life (this is also why I love the baseball episode so much: I love baseball). I love fuedal Japan. I love anime. I love hip hop. I love the crazy characters. I love Kazuya Nakai AND Steve Blum as voice actors, therefore, I love the subbed version, and I love the dubbed version. I love Toonami, which is where I watched this (or wait… was Adult Swim I think)……either way, I love them both. If this weren’t enough, Samurai Champloo takes it a step further and adds the greatest choreographed fight scenes and an incredibly tasty fuckin awesome art style, which created one of the most unique and well done anime ever.

Mugen actually does graffiti in one episode when he tags a fucking town. Bad-ass (sort of).

There are not a lot of anime that try to incorporate different cultures into their story, and when it’s done, it usually makes for a damn good series. When it’s done by Shinichiro Watanabe (not to be confused with Shinichi Watanabe, who is also fucking awesome), it’s usually done perfectly. I could write a God damn novel on how the hip hop culture was integrated into Samurai Champloo. Heck, I could write a post filled with meanings and correlations that will make you shit bricks. But what fun is that?

As I’ve said, there’s been a lot of shows that try to incorporate a culture into their plot or storyline, and I’m not talking about a plot driven element, like baseball in Touch. I’m talking about something on the side. For example, the plot of Cowboy Bebop was not jazz, but jazz was incorporated into the anime with stunning success. Similarly, K-On does a great job incorporating elements of the useless cake eating culture into it’s plot, which is……oh wait, that is the plot.

K-On still sucks.

Everything about Samurai Champloo is hip hop, and yet, it isn’t hip hop. The background music is hip hop. The art styles include graffiti and collage. Heck, even the characters rap at times (like in this episode). Hip hop is almost it’s own character who breaks the 4th wall all over the place in Samurai Champloo, and that’s a big reason why I love it.

Then of course there’s the awesome characters, the great seiyu, and the superbly entertaining individual plots, not to mention the fact that subjects such as prostitution, drinking, and drugs are touched on in unique ways.

I could watch this shit all year.

EDIT: I proofread some of this. Then I stopped.

DOUBLE EDIT: I proofread the whole thing, but I added so much that I should probably proofread it again. I won’t though.