AniISSS Tournament 2012

Well, it’s that time of year again. Just like the Aniblog Tournament, it’s time for the ISSSblog Tournament, which is a tournament created just for ISSSers out there who like to blog. It took me a long time this year, but here is the final bracket:

Click to enlarge. It can be difficult to see all of the participants.

Last tournament, Eye Sedso managed to win only because the other finalist was immediately disqualified for not being anime related. Can he repeat? Vote down below. Voting ends in 2 days.

You may ask yourself, “What is an ISSS, and how is it different from a blog?”

An ISSS is an acronym for an Information Sharing & Storage Site. It’s exactly like a blog in every way, except that it’s better, in that the writers really don’t give a fuck.

13 thoughts on “AniISSS Tournament 2012

  1. If you think Eye Sedso overwhelmed Eye Sedso 3/1, you’re sadly mistaken. In actuality it was a dead heat, ~2 of Eye Sedso votes were scripted in by yours truly courtesy of Tor. I think it was slightly less than the ending difference, but I’m not sure as I didn’t record the exact numbers.

    The biggest joke is that the organizers were left completely in the dark about this, even with nearly 1/3 of one side’s votes being fake. I wasn’t even trying to make it difficult for them to detect, doing in two fairly ditinctive surges that lasted 30-40 minutes each day.


  2. I voted for Eye Sedso because it’s a whole lot better than that crappy blog Eye Sedso. The choice should be obvious to anyone with eyes and decent human judgment.

  3. Didn’t vote for either one. They both suck. Ones a pussy and ones an asshole…..wait, I’m making fun of them both, what does that make me? A dick?


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