Vote Eye Sedso, or You’re a Moron

Well, it’s that time again, time for the AniISSS to come rolling in (a little bit earlier than last year for some reason), and that means it’s time for me, Glothelegend, to kick some serious fucking ass. First, the strong points (are there any weak ones? Answer: NO) of yours truly:

  • I’ve got enough badassery to fill at least three large crisco containers.
  • I’ve got the gall and brass balls to call you out if you suck at something, or what’s more, if you’re a moron.
  • Have you seen my character page? Yeah, where else have you seen something that awesome. Answer: Nowhere
  • I’m sexy as fuck (in writing. AND IN LIFE).

Now, time to meet my competitor:

Eye Sedso

First of all, I’d like to point out that the author of this site is arguably the biggest tool on Earth. His writing is:

  • Inconsistent
  • Contradictory to itself
  • Devoid of good spelling
  • Devoid of really anything of interest at all.

This site is so all over the place that I think I’d rather jump off my roof than read one more post from this ass-hole. I mean, really, you talk about how you hate feminists, but then you go on and on about lesbians and how woman are the best. What the fuck make up your mind dude. You’re a pussy.

Another thing  I noticed when I was reading the Vagtastic Voyag- oh I mean Eye Sedso, was that the background and header are the same as mine. Way to copy me ass-hole. Clearly, you’re aiming to be just like me, otherwise you might be able to develop some original ideas for once.

You’re a dick and I can’t wait to destroy you in this tournament. After all, I won last year without even trying.


16 thoughts on “Vote Eye Sedso, or You’re a Moron

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  2. This is the reason the ISSS is the worst thing on earth. It’s an abomination of egos and attacks when the aniblogosphere should really be about friendship and harmony. “A chance for people to explore new blogs” my ass. I hope you have fun winning this worthless pile of shit that doesn’t even mean anything. I hope you winning will make you feel good at least. Wow, how pathetic.

  3. Ha! Motherfucker, I voted for eye sedso, so fuck you and your shitty ISSS. This site is so lame it may as well be a blog.

  4. Freud will be over to talk with all your personalities once they have calmed down.

    btw: ISSS stand for ‘Ignorant Stupid Silly Shit’ :P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    oh, I voted for Eye Sedso #1

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