Important AniISSS Update! Eye Sedso Disqualified for Vote Manipulation!

Unfortunately, Eye Sedso has disqualified for voting manipulation, which means that Eye Sedso wins the entire tournament……

……is what I would say, except that we have a late entry (we accept entries anywhere we can get them, late or on time).

O-New has officially declared himself an ISSS, which means, by definition, he is an ISSS, which means, by definition, that his site is better than a blog no matter what (even if people were to hate on him or the fact that he might be married to someone like say……I don’t know……kluxorious).

So what does this mean?

Another round of voting of course! I know that all of you have been following the AniISSS Tournament with pleasurable gusto as it is one of the most widely known tournaments with the biggest following….bigger than the Olympics and Super Bowl even! Yeah! Believe it or not!

Anyway, due to this late entry, the third AniISSS Tournament (the second over the course of a week) will now take place!!! (there will be no other late entries probably maybe). The bracket, which has been a joint creation of two ISSSes, and which has taken 4 years to make somehow (even though this idea was only just recently hatched) is as follows:

So there you have it. Two amazing ISSSes gunning for the final spot in a long, arduous tournament filled with winners and losers alike, but hell, the point was for us all to gain knowledge of new, exciting ISSSes, of which there was one.

So the new voting is as follows: Having Eye Sedso been eliminated and BANNED from tournament play forever (just made that rule up), the new voting will be Eye Sedso vs O-New for the finals:

Eye Sedso vs O-New

I wrote this when I was drunk last night. Drunk…off 4 drinks. Wow I’m a pussy.