Maria + Holic Has the Best Music Ever

FINALLY I can post something NORMAL. Time for you all to hear what I’ve been obsessed with the past 2 weeks.

I learned this when watching, and loving, the OP/ED for episode 6 of Maria + Holic Alive. The video below, however, is not that OP, yet….just listen to it.

The only thing wrong with this OP is that the steps don’t match the beat, which annoys me a lot to be honest, but the song is so awesome that it doesn’t matter.

Let me put it this way:








She’s got the girly voice at times, and what I really love is the deep voice that she brings out and totally just KILLS IT. I literally could not stop listening to her awesomeness. And the ED on the final episode? AWESOME. I can’t for the life of me find that ED which SUCKS because it had awesome animation and a BRILLIANT song (again, Yuu Kobayashi).

EDIT: After many many many many troubles, I’ve at least found the song. I’ve been trying to find a download of the episode so I can put the fucking thing up myself but that’s apparently impossible I can’t even find a torrent. What’s the world coming to??? Anyway, here’s the badass song:

And here’s the regular ED, which is okay, and at times awesome:

I couldn’t find the Matsurika version of the OP (with animation), which is AWESOME, but still, here’s the musical version, though I like the animation because all of the characters are covered with cutouts of Matsurika’s face, and it’s funny. The OP in question is from episode 6, so if you want to see it’s awesomeness you’re gonna just have to find a steam of it and watch it.

Matsurika is the best.

Hell, even the first OP was awesome:

Can we bring this back for a second?

One of the greatest OP/ED tandems in anime history. Yeah, I said that. I like the ending and it even has AUTOTUNE (I despise autotune).

Lest we not forget Gundam Kanako.

As for the actual show – I loved it. I gave the first season a 4, which basically means solid but nothing special, yet for some reason I LOVED this season. I found it to be one of the most entertaining shows I’ve seen in a long time. It broke the 4th wall at the right times, had complete randomness, side randomness, side jokes, hard to notice animation side jokes…..this was a typical awesome SHAFT bang session, and I ate up everything they threw at me (even the awesome seiyuu).


(Grading Scale Here)

Consider this a preview post for my Top Ten Shows-That-Have-Good-Music countdown. I’m expecting a lot of SHAFT too Natsu no Arashi had amazing OPs…

Oh God this post is going to be……awesome.

My love for OPs has been re-affirmed, I may even redo my top 50 OPs or whatever I did years ago.