Torogai: The Most Bad-ass Tsundere

Moribito. Yeah, okay I know, it’s an old series, but I just finished it, gave it a well deserved 5 (it kicked ass), and now, I’m on my way. This isn’t a review, so much as it is a chance for me to talk about the oldest most bad-ass tsundere character ever: Torogai.

Some may leap and argue, “You nitwit! Torogai isn’t even close to a tsundere!” But these be fools, for I, an accomplished tsundere enthusiast, have seen through her tough shell of old, leathery skin, and glimpsed a version of Torogai from years past, where she was a young girl with a double ponytail and strutted with an airy attitude of self importance. The signs are so obvious.

The Height

Angry Eyes

The Attitude

The Badassery

What other character gets angry about their height so easily. She may be old, but she clearly has never gotten over her hatred of being short, a trait reminiscent of a myriad of tsundere characters. Take notice:

Okay, so maybe I’m reading too much into this, and maybe she’s just a crotchety old lady who’s fucking awesome in everyday, but if you picture Torogai as being about 120 years younger while you watch Morobito, then everything will fall into place. The way she talks to animals, the way she goes about her business……it’s totally obvious that she’s an aged tsundere.

What do I mean by aged?

Well, she’s not gonna get red in the face and stutter cliche lines like, “D-don’t misunderstand! It- it’s not like I l-like you you anything like that!”

She’s fucking 140 years old and then some. She’s been around too many years to still get red in the face. Fuck, she’s pretty much a walking corpse.

Oops, that was a lie. What I meant to say was that she’s 140 years and then some, AND SHE CAN STILL KICK FUCKING ASS.

Downing liquor, fighting monsters, not giving a FUCK? She does it all. In a land where the Mikado is pretty much a walking God, she DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK. She says what she wants, does what she wants, backs everything up by being better than everyone else at everything, and is generally awesome in every way possible.

Morbito might be slow moving most of the time, but it’s still fucking awesome. Torogai, you are the oldest bad-ass I’ve ever seen.

11 thoughts on “Torogai: The Most Bad-ass Tsundere

  1. tha fuck man! i just happened to start watching this one like a week ago. and just now you posted about it. kind of freaky.

    about the show i feel like it started good, then went all down to be slow and borring. now ‘seems’ it will start going up again. (capter 16 ATM)

    i will read this post after i finish the show. for spoiler concerns.

  2. I wish Balsa is a tsundere too. It will all make sense in the end if she is.

    And Moribito is indeed one of the few anime that I still remember the shits. I especially like the fighting scenes.

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