Malaysia Is Awesome

Trzr23 is an asshole. Because of him, I ended up writing a Remembering Love review of Black Lagoon, which is one of the greatest anime ever fucking made. After writing it, I ended up reading the manga, and after reading the manga (to a certain point), I ended up desperately needing to buy the entire series of Black Lagoon. I had to own it, to hold it, to make love to it. However, Box Sets for the entire series cost upwards of $300, which is completely ridiculous, and far above my price range for an anime that I’ve already seen, some episodes several times. So what could I do?

Enter Malaysia.

Or more like, enter ebay. Ebay is a good place, but it’s also dangerous, filled with con artists and crazy fucks who are looking to scheme you for a a quick dollar. It’s kind of like Roanapur from Black Lagoon. So when I saw that someone had listed “BLACK LAGOON SEASON 1-2 CHAPTER 1-24 END + 5 OVA DVD BOXSET” for only $34.88, I was hesitant to say the least. But then that nagging voice kept popping into my head:

“What if it’s the real deal though?”

There’s no way in HELL that it’s the real deal.

“But……what if it is?”

Eventually, curiosity got the better of me, and I bought the damn thing, figuring that losing $34.88 really wasn’t that big of a deal, even if I got back a shit dvd with one episode. I needed to take this gamble.

And so I waited.

And I waited.

I waited and waited.

When I was done waiting, I waited some more.


Okay this fucking thing is taking forever. Where the hell is this damn thing? Though I guess it would take forever considering it’s being mailed from fucking Malaysia, home of the kluxes.

Finally, today, on June 7, 2012 (I wrote this on June 7th, and as you can tell, it’s no longer June 7th..big whoop), I got it in the mail, encased nicely in a bunch of bubble wrap and awesome packaging.

Immediately, I tore the packaging apart and opened it up. The art on the box was awesome to say the least…do we have a picture by any chance? Ah! We do! Several, in fact!

The front cover looks like this.

After opening the box.

Inside 1

Inside 2

Inside 3

I didn’t put a picture of the back, because I forgot, but trust me when I say, “the quality of these pictures was professional grade. If all I got were this box with non-working dvds, I’d be totally fine with my purchase.

But Glo, that’s clearly not what the box set looks like. THIS is what the box set should look like. I think you got ripped off.

Hey dumbass, I did my homework. I knew going into this purchase that it wasn’t the ACTUAL box set. Or hey, maybe Malaysia just has a different box? I don’t know. But upon opening the box, I could tell right away that this wasn’t an official release. There were places for 4 dvds, but only 3 dvds. An official release would not only have the correct corresponding dvd slot to dvd ratio, but it also wouldn’t put an entire season on one dvd, because that makes way too much sense (and it probably means the dvd quality suffers).

So I popped the first dvd in. Menu screen pops up. A good sign considering the purchase. English subtitles are available. A great sign considering the purchase. THE DVD HAS ALL OF THE EPISODES AND THEY ALL WORK. FANTASTIC.

Very fantastic, as it turns out. Not only do the subtitles work and are quality, but the video quality, while certainly not HD, is still pretty damn good. Certainly better than streaming episodes or anything else you could find online, which is all I could really expect for 30 bucks.

Is it worth the $34.88 I spent (shipping was free)? FUCK YES. I got what I wanted, and that was a solid quality bunch Black Lagoon episodes that I didn’t have to download via torrent (cause you know…the whole torrent thing).

So, in parting, I’d just like to thank Malaysia, not only for their awesome looking stamps (of which there were 4 of on the package I received), but they were the only place that I could find cheap production of the series I wanted. Was it a lesser product? Yes. Was it 300 dollars worth of a lesser product? Hell no. Thank you Malaysia, for making cheap knock off shit that I can afford.

4 awesome stamps for my stamp collection! (Yeah, like I have a stamp collection. I’d have to beat my own ass if I had a stamp collection.)

(the person I bought this from apparently is no longer an ebay member haha)

Extra Shit

I’ve been trying to figure out what color I want my links to be. Mushy pointed out that they were grey, and I never really noticed it before. Yellow is indeed a dumb color, and so far I’ve settled on red, but idk.