Moderating Comments Makes You a Pussy and a Communist, But Mainly Just a Pussy

There’s a lot of blogs out there that like to moderate comments. Most of the time, these blogs will let you know, “Hey, I’m just warning you, I will moderate your comment if you say something negative.”

These blogs may even give you reasons why they choose to moderate your comments.

– “I don’t want any negative discussions.”

– “I’d rather focus on positives of the subject matter.”

–  “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

– I just came back from the beach, and my vagina is literally FILLED with sand!”

Let me put this gently. If you take the time to moderate comments, then you are a giant vagina and a communist…oh wait a second, that’s my title. I don’t really have to repeat myself do I?

What the fuck is wrong with a negative comment? If someone wants to say, “Hey, your ideas suck and you’re a fucking fuckhead,” then who are you to say they can’t?

“It’s my blog I say what can be said. People shouldn’t act like jerks, that just makes them immature.”

No, you’re just a pissy little bitch who can’t take criticism, and that’s honestly all it really comes down to.


You’re afraid that you’re not going to be able to respond to anything that’s said to you. You can’t take the heat, so you close the kitchen. That’s not how you become a world class chef.

“But what if I get hundreds of comments that are just people hating on me for no reason?”

Well, then you should retort and make them all look foolish. Or if you can’t then you should probably get the fuck out of blogging because it means you suck at it. Only communists oppress comments or opinions of people they don’t like, and when you moderate or delete comments saying something along the lines of, “Hey, your site’s a piece of shit and you’re a faggot,” then you’re being an idiot, because it’s really easy to make people like this look stupid. Not only is it easy, but it’s also really really fun to do. Heck, I’ve written whole posts dedicated to ripping new assholes to people who write stupid comments. It’s a very good way to relieve stress.

Here’s where I come in.

Being an ISSS, Eye Sedso kicks ass, and has an awesome comment policy of: Say whatever the fuck you want. I won’t change it, and I’ll put it up. However, if you can say whatever you want, then I can do the same, and I will not hesitate to tear an asshole in the side of your face.

This post seems angry, and it’s because I read some site policy and it reminded me how much I hate comment policies that don’t allow certain comments.

Pussy shit.