A List of Shows I’ve Watch in the Last Month

Ready? Here it is:






The end.


23 thoughts on “A List of Shows I’ve Watch in the Last Month

      • i just finished it. and i like it, like a LOT! good well into grade A on my scale. I liked the animation quality, the badassery of Emiya kiritsugu, RIDER is the fuking BEST! among other things. by comparison I grade Fate/Stay Night a B.

        also i just watched Ulimited Blade Works. and i feel mixed about it: Emiya Shiro is NOT a complete useless pussy (is in fact pretty badass). but it felt like they left out a lot of the story to fit it in a movie length. it all felt rushed from moment 1. if you ask me this story whould have fit better on a full anime series. (maybe not 24 ep, but how about 12 or 13?).

        im also curious about the third (an last) alternate story, called ‘heavens feel’. as it focus on Sakura. an under featured character with big potential.

        whats your oinio about UBW movie? how about a post f it?

    • Every summer my need to watch anime almost vanishes completely. Fact is, when you work at a camp with your friends, there’s always a LOT of parties and shit to do at all parts of the day (fun shit). People who work at camp are WILD when it comes to parties too.

  1. I should have known the main reason you didn’t pay attention to shows recently was because of Summer Vacation or real life issues. If it’s a fun reason, go fuck your brains out with random lunacy. If it’s serious, your followers can wait a while longer for another one of your vintage rants.

  2. Pfffft. I haven’t watched any anime in over two years, and my viewing was sketchy for a long time before that. I just don’t give a shit anymore. You’re one of only two anime blogs that I still follow, partially out of habit, partially because you’re sometimes funny. Eventually everyone realizes how worthless anime is, and then moves on to other things. Personally, whenever japanese animation comes up in a conversation (not that that happens too often) I say something along the lines of “Oh, you mean like that stuff from Studio Ghibli!”

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