What’s Next for the Aniblog Tournament?

The Aniblog Tournament ended recently, with Metanorn pulling out a much deserved win.

I thought the tournament was pretty damn good this year (aside from the fact that I lost 1st round wtf??). Still, people were bitching and moaning all over the place about all sorts of shit.

  • Voting Manipulation
  • Circle Jeck Popularity Contest
  • Too Long
  • Wtf is the tournament over? Stalled? Oh it’s back? Wtf?
  • Hey the voting style is all different now wtf???
  • Why is CSW disqualified? Wtf?
  • WTF???

So what’s next?

Most of the arguments, in my opinion, were retarded. Here’s how to solve most of the problems:

1. Have Qualifiers

Look at all of the professional tournaments out there. There’s always some form of qualifiers. You can’t just shove all 32 baseball teams into the playoffs and say “GO”. The World Cup doesn’t take teams from every single country and throw them all in one city to play soccer. There needs to be a way to break down the number of participants, and to do that, all sports playoffs/tournaments have some form of qualifiers. It breaks down a group into a smaller number of players who are close to each other in level/skill.

The Aniblog Tourney needs qualifiers.

What will happen with qualifiers? What questions/complaints will arise?

  • My blog didn’t make the tournament!

Well……tough shit, your blog isn’t as good as the other 96 blogs that made it. Get better.

  • The blog exposure isn’t as wide.

When’s the last time you saw St. Kitts and Nevis play a soccer game? Did you even know they were a country? Well they are, and they do have a team. Not everyone’s going to get the same amount of exposure, but every blog will be shown in the qualifiers to a degree. Plus, it’s the same for the current set up too. Metanorn got far more exposure than Eye Sedso, who lasted only one round. Did Eye Sedso complain? Sure, but only about how shitty his ISSS is. Plus no one should really give a fuck anyway (no one did).

  • How the heck can we make a qualifying round!? That’ll take forever!

Ah, no it won’t. Want a really easy way to have a qualifying round? Take a list of every blog you can find and have people vote for the top 96 (I think the length of the first Aniblog was perfect, but hey, that’s just me). This list can be left up as long as possible (I’d say 2 weeks to a month). And if it were up to me, voting would include hidden results, which leads me to my next point:

2. Polls

I thought that the way the polls were changed at the end (no more polldaddy/hidden results) fixed and improved a LOT of stuff.

  • The hidden results made the anticipation to see the final results a LOT heavier.
  • Voting manipulation, for now, seemed to diminish, and I base this on absolutely no facts.

Keep it, it needs no change.

3. Group Stages

I love the Fifa World Cup set up where the tourny starts with a round robin group stage setup to decide seeds. You can have each player play every other player in the group once in order to choose the top 2 or however many you want to leave the group, and then….you know what, google how the World Cup is set up. You know what? I’ll do that for you, cuz I’m so fucking nice:

World Cup Set-Up

Group stages, in my opinion, should be in the beginning of a tournament, because they cut out the elite of each group, and work to narrow the field by half, thus, all the people who say the tourney is too long or whatever, can just stick their thumbs right up their asses if they want to complain.

4. It’s A Popularity Contest

I don’t really see how this is a complaint. I mean, this is a popularity contest. Whoever gets more votes is the winner aka more popular.  Also, what’s so bad about that? If you don’t like it, leave.

Do I believe that this is worth all the time that is put into creating the Aniblog? Yes. Almost my entire current blogroll (rather, the blogs I’m subscribed to) was created from entries that I’ve seen in one of the 2 Aniblog Tournaments. I think the pros outweigh the cons for certain. Who ever heard of Silence is Golden until this Aniblog Tournament? I hadn’t. But it turned out to be a pretty damn good blog (not just because it had the balls to beat me).

Let’s keep it going. To 2014!


16 thoughts on “What’s Next for the Aniblog Tournament?

  1. nice fate/zero image. im watching the VN translated on youtube. but is freaking long… just the prologue is 21 9min long videos… so i will probably grow tired and drop it after it xD!

  2. I’ll say having a shitty blogs cool as long as people see it, respond, and looks nice. But I’ll probably enter the tourny next year assuming the polar shift bullshit doesn’t happen lolll.

  3. “You can’t just shove all 32 baseball teams into the playoffs and say “GO”.”

    I think this would be really good. Especially if “go” meant “beat the shit out of each other with bats until the last man standing’s team wins champion of baseball”

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